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Eye - All Seeing Eye

Updated on May 11, 2011

All Seeing Eye

I have been having a little bit of writers block the last couple of days, I just don't seem that inspired and my laptop crashed, however, I was walking in town and saw a poster with the 'All Seeing Eye' on it, I am sure you have noticed it seems to have been a popular theme over the last couple of years so I decided I will discuss this.

Many conspiracy nuts associate the all seeing eye as a symbol of satan watching over all of mankind and they believe that the powers that be use this to gain power over everyone. I will dismiss this theory with a simple and concise comment; the wealthy and secret societies such as the Free Masons/Illuminati have no interest in the occult but they claim to possess wisdoms from Ancient Egypt.

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All Seeing

The ancient Egyptians were excellent astronomers and had a great knowledge of mathematics and the world around them, I once saw a documentary that high-lighted how they would usually only live until around 40 years old so they would absorb information more quickly. The dimensions of Pi have been found within the great pyramid, ships have been reconstructed from depictions of long distance journeys on temple walls and evidence even suggests they were mapping coastlines by using scale measured using the constellations as guidelines, but you won't learn about this knowledge from mainstream media.

So what did these all seeing pharoahs know? Ancient Egyptian society prospered for several thousand years and that is why it is also sometimes known as the eye of prosperity. Many American churches include the all seeing eye in stained glass windows but then why do they continue to place it within a pyramid shape?

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Back to my original comment in the first paragraph which was why have we seen an influx of eye related images within the media over the last few years? Why is a Free Mason symbol used to represent the national treasury? Do we want these people to have this much influence on the way the country is governed?

Why is the letter 'i' being attached to regular everyday items such as a computer, phone or MP3 player? One such advertisement I saw for a mobile phone tariff a few years ago include a huge billboard which said register for the 'I-Mode' package.

Another government funded project in the UK 'Business Eye' was to help local businesses advertise themselves and get set up properly, but what was intimidating about the advertisements again was that giant billboards included a huge 'Eye' and it felt as though I was being watched.

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Illuminati All Seeing Eye

Some people claim it is the Eye of elightenment, in this case why is it being associated with trash TV such as 'Big Brother' in the UK? Childrens TV shows such as the Incredibles and Monster's INC and the list goes on.

We also see the all seeing on the CBS TV logo and the UK has ITV, are we watching the world through our own eyes or has big brother got his eye on us and is making sure we only see what he wants us to see? I will leave the answer for you to decide but a lot of speculation surrounds this question, make sure you don't believe the hype!

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