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Eye of the Hurricane

Updated on July 13, 2011

Where is God in the Storm

In my car, I am a karaoke superstar. I love to listen to uplifting music and sing at the top of my lungs. The other day I was listening to Way-FM and heard the new single by Me in Motion, "Eye of the Hurricane" and my mind started racing, thinking about the amazing analogy of how God gives peace amidst life's storms.

It may not be as powerful of an analogy for anyone who has not lived through a hurricane, but I distinctly remember quite a few hurricanes I have experienced here in Florida. In 2005, hurricane Wilma came our way and was said to be headed straight for my town. My family knew the storm was coming so we packed up a few important things and headed to my great uncles on the north-east coast. He has a gigantic house equipped with all the latest and best hurricane protection. We knew that if we went there, we would be protected from the storm. We made our escape to a safer place, a strong fortress, to wait out the storm.

We hung out for a few days in the lower level of his house. Although there was a big storm coming we were able to enjoy the company of one another, play pool, shoot darts, play cards and just have an enjoyable time. Although there was a raging storm outside, we were able to have a good time inside the protection of the fortress. It was interesting to watch the storm from inside, since one of the hurricane shutters wouldn't go down and we could see the storm through a large hurricane proof window. With sheets of rain beating the ground and a howling wind bending palm trees nearly to the ground, I still felt safe.

Then came the mid-point of the storm, the eye. In the eye of the hurricane, there is a time of peace before the next round of chaos. During the time the eye passed over, we went outside to assess the damage, to see how things were going, then to get ready to go back into the shelter for the second half of the storm. After the eye had passed, we knew we were on the upswing, that the storm was on it's way to being over. In the eye of the hurricane, we no longer had to be holed up in the fortress. We were able to venture outside yet still be safe. 

Life is full of storms. God says He is our fortress. We can have peace inside despite the chaos outside. We can enjoy life everyday even when the storm is raging. We can be surrounded with strength to be fortified to go out in the storm. And in God's presence, we can always be in the eye of the hurricane, able to go out, live our lives, and yet still being safe. And in the eye of the hurricane we know we are halfway out of the storm.


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    • short and sweet profile image

      short and sweet 6 years ago from Southwest Florida

      Thank you for your comment. Don't compare your faith to anyone! The Bible talks about how faith as small as a mustard seed gives great power, because the faith is not about the person who has the faith but in whom you have faith, so faith in Jesus, even what seems tiny, is huge! It helps me to write about daily life experiences and how it reminds me of my faith, it keeps me focused :) And I hope it blesses others as well.

    • profile image

      basil4lyf 6 years ago

      Beautiful piece and great story. Even thoug i might not be as strong a christian as you seem to be, i believe we should use our daily experience to represent the power and mercy of God. As you have already stated, he is our fortress where we are safe from the turbulence of life. Great hub