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Eyes: Open Them So That You Can See

Updated on March 27, 2016

Who Told You

This seeing things that is there or not there, has been a major problem since Adam and Eve. They ate something that made them aware of their nakedness. Up until that point, God was cool with the fact that they had no clothes.

They were naked, and he didn't mind.


They were naked, and God did not mind.

This All Started This Morning

It's rainy today. It's one of the first rains we've had. Otherwise, it's been cold, and snowy for most of the last few months.

Rain is wet, but it's making the grass green. The birds are hopping around, picking up pebbles, picking up dry grasses and getting ready to make those first eggs. The robins are here, so we're going to have more snow, but spring is just around the corner.

Yes. It has to snow three times on a robin's back to have spring. It's not a verified truth, but simply a patience thing. We don't know which robin, which snowfall, or how many times.... it's just a 'three times' thing.

I Was Staring Out the Window

Yes. Just staring. Taking in the expanse of creamy, green and milky texture of my yard and the foggy rainy texture of it all.

It looked like just grass. But, then, something moved and caught my eye. It was little birds. I hadn't seen them until they moved. They blended in.

Yes. You couldn't see them right away.

In the Bible There Are Words

There are words in the Bible that refer to opening your eyes.

Or having your eyes opened. Or not being able to see. Or being blessed because you believe and you have never seen.

Or, being caught knowing that you can see, and not wanting someone, like God, to know that you know.


The problem started when we tried to lie to God about what was going on. It was the first cover up. They could see each other's nakedness and they tried to cover it up.

Up until then, they weren't aware of it.

Kids are still like that. They are unaware of the fact that they are naked. They are unaware of the fact that others look at them if they are running around without clothes.

Unaware. Not seeing it. Oh, and while I'm on the subject, I think old people are like it, too. There are millions of people in nursing homes that have gone back to square one. I think they know the truth and are just waiting.

They can see.


Education, whether you learn it from your parents, teachers, friends or someone on the street, is not present before you are told about it.

It is not common sense. It is trained, learned behavior.

We call it being civilized.

Seeing in the Bible

How many places does it talk about seeing, in the Bible?

I don't know for sure. I just know that seeing is mentioned a lot.

Phrases like their eyes were opened and they could see, open their eyes so they see, blessed are those who believe and have not seen - for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Today Is Easter

By now, the Easter bunny has brought you your basket, if your parents do that for you. The real reason that you get that basket is because today is the day that Jesus was alive after three days of being in the tomb.

Yes. The reason behind today is because Jesus was no longer dead.

Today is a good day. Today is an anniversary, so to speak, of the rising of Jesus.

Yeah, you can say Rock on, Easter Bunny, but remember that you wouldn't have that basket if someone hadn't seen Jesus some 2016 years ago.

Happy Easter to You

May you enjoy your jelly beans and chocolate bunny even more this year!!!


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