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Updated on November 28, 2012

Faith Not Mental Assent



The principles of creation or the fundamentals of life are irrevocable and cannot be violated but man by the reason of science and discoveries has not come to agree to this truth. Science has not in any way disproved the existence of God. Jehovah is God: the sovereign God who made the heavens and earth. One may ask; what is Faith? Simply, is the access to the GRACE of GOD or the only medium of reaching out unto God, but now God and his faith have turned to a fiction; and man now believes more in logic and reasoning than believing in God. In essence man has missed God in reality. God cannot be found through logic and reasoning but through the TRUTH (Holy Bible) and what is the truth? It is the word of God or anything God say, not religion or gods. It is most important to note that, no mater how a fact or an idea has been widely accepted; it does not make it to be the truth. Let’s have it in our mind that is only the truth that settles all controversy not our ideology.

Again man with all his wisdom and knowledge, science and technology can not claim the creation of life. The fundamentals and the truth about life reside in God, irrespective of our belief as a man. When your belief, as man is not in line with the creator; man you have missed it, regardless of your supporting ideas and evidences he has not approved.

In the book of creation (Bible Genesis 1) we understood that herbs and plants came from the earth: and plants can never and will never isolate itself from the earth and lives, why? Because the creator commanded the earth: let there be, or earth produce herbs and plants and it was done, and they understood their source without argument.

Subsequently, we established by the word of God of creation, that the fishes came to existence from the waters. And fishes have not and will not isolate themselves from the waters and live. It has not being in record that fish has ever jumped out of waters and lives: simply because, water is there source and they advise themselves to abide within their boundaries.

Ironically, man that came from God or whom is the upspring of God derives a lot of joy in isolating himself from God and equally thinking that he is living, probably because of his wisdom and knowledge, science and technology, logic and reason, certificate and degrees, mostly to gratify his insatiable pleasures. In fact man took advantage of God contrarily: simply, because God did not make man like robot. The pot has no right to question and disbelieve the existence of the potter: knowing that, the prove of its existence means the existence of the potter.

Faith in him is not a fictional nonsense but a living reality. Man may it be known onto you, that you can do nothing against the truth but for the truth (11 cor. 13:8). The creator of life gives only two options: good or bad, blessing or cursing, and what we enjoy is the result of the choice we make today. If you don’t plan to succeed you have invariable plan to fail. There is no vacuum or in-between, the truth you don’t believe today, might have been the truth that will save your life at the end of time. Now that you are, alive you have the chance to turn this opportunity to your favor. How? Accept JESUS as your LORD and savior today. When you do this you have accepted the way, the truth and life.

Faith Not Logic


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    • profile image

      Cranfordjs 6 years ago

      How do you know all of this?

    • gracefaith profile image

      gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great work. voted up.