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Updated on March 6, 2010


Every born again believer is given a measure of faith by God in the person of the Holy Spirit. How we use that faith is a willful and deliberate choice. We can choose to abide in scripture or not to abide. We can choose to put the words of the world first or to put the word of God first. If we receive what we sow and we sow what we speak. How much does it matter what we speak? According to scripture it does matter. Jesus said out of the heart flow the issues of life. If you sow death into your heart by what you watch, read, and or hear - you will speak death out of your mouth and reap death in your life. Death can take many forms it can be death of job prospect, death of your finacances, death of your family relationhship, and the death of your health. But you can choose to speak life by watching, reading and listening to good things that build up your faith. Good things are not limited to the bible. Of course all good things start out there. But you can watch good movies that are not violent or sexual, you can read books that are not advocating bad or loose morals. You can choose friends that share your beliefs. You can have friends that are not Christian. God will not tell you where or when to use your faith, unless you are asking and listening for His answer. If He gave us all the anwers without our being involved then faith would not be required. FAith is the substance of things hoped for that are not seen. We believe in Jesus because someone told us about Him. Then at some point (hopefully) we verbally ask Him to be LOrd and Savior once we did then we became born agan believers and God in the person of the Holy Spirit gave each of us a measure of faith. We are called to go by faith not sight. The word also tells us to live in the world without being of the world. We are called to live in the world around us without letting the world change us. We are not called to shut ourselves off from the world. Also we are not called to judge the world. God gave judgement to His son Jesus.

Check out these related scriptures: Hebrews 11:6 John 3:16 Roman's 10:17, Roman's 10:9 Roman's 12:3 and Luke 12:3

Have a blessed week everyone. May the Father bless each of you above anything you can ask or imagine, in Jesus name Amen.


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