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FLOOD - How to Overcome it

Updated on September 29, 2015
Flood may happen every where, especially at the places whose rainfall intensity is higher than the average.
Flood may happen every where, especially at the places whose rainfall intensity is higher than the average. | Source
No one knows when flood will happen precisely.
No one knows when flood will happen precisely. | Source
We must be able to take every lesson that we have undergone.
We must be able to take every lesson that we have undergone. | Source
Can we do some actions to to stay away from the disaster ?
Can we do some actions to to stay away from the disaster ? | Source
There is no limitation of the places that can be attacked by flood.
There is no limitation of the places that can be attacked by flood. | Source
Flood may happen anywhere..!
Flood may happen anywhere..! | Source

Some ways to overcome Flood

Flood is a disaster that hit many cities or regions in the world at every arrival of rainy season every year. From year to year this disaster does not reduce in intensity, even higher, even there are some big cities in the world have been foreseen as a whole to be soaked by water in a couple of years to go. We need not blame anyone with the occurrence of this disaster, our sufficient introspection of each to see whether we have contributed to the disaster coming or not, then find the actual roots of the causes to be followed up, is the thing that need to be done.

Maybe, many experts in forestry blames that the reduction of forest sites whose function to absorb the stock of rain discharge as the major cause of flooding in many places in this world. When examined further, all of it do have a point, but what efforts have been made by the concerned government to preserve the forests in question?

The implementation of reforestation may have been a lot done to reduce the effects of flooding, but apparently it was not so much help. Seeing this condition, I am called to to express my ideas to solve this problem. Regardless of whether or not the parties authorized realize or appreciate what I would suggest, at least, whatever I would write could be such consideration for them sometime in the future to anticipate the disaster that would follow. Especially at the time of this writing I created flooding everywhere in many regions in Indonesia, and in many other parts of the whole world. Of course, the application of the idea / theory can be done later on after the floods recede or when the drought strikes.

If we look further, the floods that have undergone the areas mentioned occurred naturally; regardless of the size of the reduction of deforestation or bad things that have been done by few irresponsible people in many places. How come ? Because the main cause of all this is the fully state of water discharge flowed to rivers, from upstream to downstream. Maybe at the upstream of rivers forests or farm lands are the mainstay to pull back the rain stock to flow back into the ground, but what about at the downstream area of ​​the river ? We can not just blame deforestation as the main cause of this flooding, but we must also see the increasing number of facts that are made from the development of many buildings in many places is also the trigger for the reduction of the places that should have been taken as the place to absorb water to send back to the ground, for the concrete buildings surrounding have prevented the water to set back into the ground; consequently, all rain deposit discharge enormously flowing to the rivers. And the river, on where the accumulation of the water from the rain accumulated before finally flowing to the sea, have certain size which only can accommodate a certain volume of water. Well, if the rainwater that entered the river no longer in accordance with the capacity of the river, it is the time for flooding everywhere.

Improving drainage is only a little step to address on this problem, because the water channel serves only to drain the water from one location to the river that eventually empties into the sea. For normal rainfall, dredging, or ditches or ditch improvements will be helpful enough to channel flows of water that is accumulated from the rain, but the big rain conditions, precisely on this situation will make the river more quickly overflowed for the water volume is getting full shorter from all directions. On the other hand, the efforts of making the lungs for the cities (green areas in many cities on where there are many trees planted), do not work much to reduce this problem, because if we assumes the flood as the water in a bucket, the one that will be absorbed by the urban forest is not more than just one cup, while the remainder will overflow everywhere; become a great flood.

To make the water of the rain can go back into the ground instead of flowing to the rivers or streams, there is one way to do that is by building / digging/ wells container for absorbing the accumulation of the rain in all places. The wells can be made on two kinds of locations; at some points along the water channels and at each building site in every region. But one thing to remember, the well in question should not be casted intact but shaped like a bulkhead sparks of a kerosene stove, punch in all of its surface, so that the overall water into these wells will be directly absorbed by the soil.

Along with an article which once published mediated this problem some time ago that suggests a discourse to raise taxes on the use of underground water for those who use bore well which seems to reach a depth of 250 meters. It is only a made-up reason among the frustration parties who are unable to increase the quantity of underground water. In fact, with the increasing number of those who make the wells drilled, the more rapid circulation of underground water of the old with the new, and until now I've created this article, I've never heard of dry wells in Jakarta or other cities in the world as well due to the condition that lower water land continues to be consumed by public, especially the well made at the places closed to the location of surface water (like river, lake, pond, and so on). And actually, automatically, it also will be a bit much will minimize the amount of flooding that would occur in a region, because the ground water that has been sucked, will be replaced with the new ones; from seepage of rainwater and other surface water (like the water on flowing rivers, lakes, pond, wetland, etc.) are re-grounded. If, however, the authority obstruct the people to take advantage of this underground water, this liquid will be stagnant in the soil. And this situation is not a good one, but will harm many; the water that should be returned into the ground smoothly, will be hampered a bit much due to no spaces to fill in the earth. As a result, it will only flow on the surface which ends later in disaster; flood. This means that the ground water should be used, and in conjunction with this, we also have to make every effort to prevent water that is already in use to be replaced with the new supply.

Behind all the facts above, it also must be remembered, in dry season, particularly when the long dry season, continuous exploitation of underground water reserves will indeed be able to drain out the availability of the source of life on this one, but this situation will only occur until the arrival of the rainy season while afterwards. And in time of the rainy season, the water discharge below the soil surface will be replaced. And once again, this condition will only occur at the location on which the underground water exploitation are far away from the accumulation of the surface water.

The problem now, in many regions, especially in urban areas, water catchment areas that will be the media to restore the surface water into / down the soil decreased. The remaining locations that could become a place of natural water catchment areas only have a water surface as mentioned above, such as locations that are along the river or channel that is not made permanently (casted). However, the amount of water discharge that can be absorbed by the soil at such sites is very little in quantity if we compare with the surrounding area which have already been filled with buildings that shut out the land surface as well as eliminate the natural places that will increase the water reserves in question. To overcome all these wells are needed procurement function to return the excessive discharge of surface water into the ground.

If only we could make a 1x1 meter sized wells with a depth of 20 meters, then the well will be able to accommodate 20 M3 water discharge to the brim. From my observation on such wells, the water accumulation in the wells usually will not be full in any rainy seasons if the water flow is sufficient to be derived from a single location in a particular area. That is why these kind of wells have to be built in all places. If these wells could be built in each and every location that the extent of 1000 M2, in the area of ​​1 million m2; if we can make 1000 the well, which means 20,000 M3 of water can be returned to the ground every hour (if the land need time about 1 (one ) hour to absorb all water from the well of this absorber). You can count by yourself, if the well can be built in every 200 m2 area, much water will be able to be returned to the ground in much shorter time. It would have more leverage to be gained if the parties who have authority in this case can realize the wells that have a greater breadth and depth. If the realization of these wells can be done by the government in more structured, in terms of , in, and amounts in each place in this country (calculated based on the local needs, depending on the amount of rainfall in the region every year), I believe its existence can avoid the places where the wells are constructed from a large flood.

As the first step to realize this project, can be started through a step of priority from areas on where the government buildings, either which have already built or that will be developed, then in areas that are owned by private property whose large > 999 m2, then come to the community overall. Admittedly, the provision of facilities like this will take a quite a lot budget if it is addressed to the government, but if the government can issue such regulations or even laws that govern the procurement of the wells, where the location of the building located at 1000 M2 or if possible at 200 M2 sites must have a rain water absorbent wells like this (especially in the areas prone to flooding), then the procurement will be addressed by the respective owners intended location. And one more thing in mind is, financial losses that must be spent to build the infrastructure were not the worst when compared with the losses caused by the natural disasters, either by the government itself or by the people.

If the spread of the wells can be realized, the benefits will be gained, beside being able to take us away from the flood that will hit, the water of the rain accumulated / absorbed through these wells will ultimately increase the underground water reserves in the areas of the wells. Practically, if the upstream areas of procurement produced these wells, then those who are on the river downstream will be easier to get clean water from dug wells.

One more thing that must be considered in making this rain water reservoir, the relevant parties will also have to provide adequate safety for each well, so it will not endanger others. And making the wells that formed in the spark bulkhead at kerosene stoves is a secure form from the collapse of the wells due to the earthquake that happened a lot in certain countries.

When we talk about when the best time to make this water absorption wells, the answer is in the dry season. Because when the rain occurs, the wells will function instantly.

Flood is indeed unfortunate, for some classes of a punishment, there also is the plague, Exams, and there is also a function as a warning to mankind (Let us just say them in an acronym, BPER-D (Bala, Punishment, Exam , Reprimand, and Disaster). Bala is the plight that befell someone who has not sinned, but since he had many close / hang out with the sinners, he is exposed to the sap when the people nearby are punished by Allah. Punishment in terms of flood (or it could be another disaster in general) are the misery further put on those who are sinners. Exam is the bad event that befall a person who is loved by Allah that His purpose is to look at what proximity to his Creator. While the Reprimand is a bad event imposed by Allah to a person / group of people whose way of life has somewhat deviated from the ones that have been lined on, so after getting the reprimand he / they will return to the straight way. And lastly, the Disaster is the bad events that befall a person / a group of people (creatures) , which is already worth / time to happen. For instance, if deemed the cause of the flooding is due to indiscriminate felling of forests everywhere, and therefore blockage of water channels scum, this is disaster, because it is appropriate to occur. But behind all of Allah's purpose to provide the disaster, there is no prohibition for us to try to counteract all the disasters that come, as long as we can. There will be no outcome before we do certain efforts.

From all exposure that I have mentioned above, a conclusion can be drawn, to avoid flooding, do not let the rain water flows into the river / sea, but make it flow into the ground, and to apply it, the best way is to make the wells which absorbing the water of the rain.

Payakumbuh, 2 May 2010

(I have written this writing long time ago, tried to send to some mass medias but not published)

A well, not only function as the place to get ready stock consumed water, but at once can function to overcome the flood.
A well, not only function as the place to get ready stock consumed water, but at once can function to overcome the flood. | Source
The existed of a well also can beautify the design of a house if it is placed properly.
The existed of a well also can beautify the design of a house if it is placed properly. | Source


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    • profile image

      Asif ali 

      4 years ago

      I like it


    • profile image

      yashraj bisoyi 

      4 years ago

      oh! god what an excellent and cute answer.

    • profile image

      little beauty bisoyi 

      4 years ago

      i am now very happy because i can do my project.

    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 

      7 years ago from Pakistan

      Extremely pain taking hub. Hard work involved in this hub is quite obvious. It is the duty of each individual to take care the things which could safely prevent us from the natural disasters.

    • Abhaque Supanjang profile imageAUTHOR

      Abhaque Supanjang 

      8 years ago from Kumango - Batusangkar - Sumatera Barat - Indonesia

      It's nice to see your comment, Professor; thank you. I hope this hub will give idea to the ones who are responsible in taking care the flood disaster in every country.

    • munirahmadmughal profile image


      8 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

      "Flood How to overcome it?

      The hub is rich in information, analytical in approach, and scientific in treatment of the problem.

      The idea thrown by the Huber is commendable and may be availed anywhere in the world or in artificial laboratories of the scientists. There is nothing for a human being save that for which he struggles hard. This struggle when positive activity brings boon and when negative activity causes embarrassment.

      Our own body is a small world having all the events that are come across by us in the universe we live. How balance is maintained naturally or by other means are all experiences that may be applied in the external.

      World has experienced the value of inter-connection in the computer chip system and there is a mobile in the hand of every one and the same much silent world seems to be awakened and speaking world with a speed having no limits.

      Floods come and go. There is a Supreme Controller. His laws have got value.His laws have got inter-connections. His laws have got effects, favourable and adverse. Give those laws any name, it is their observance that will bring normalcy and it is their deviation that will cause abnormalcy. When He is forgotten, we break the link of creation with the Creator and misuse, abuse,overuse, non-use the potentials gifted and kept within us by the Creator. The blessings from above and from underneath all are in His Control. All knowledge comes from Him. Hence we must all join in glorifying Him with His praises and go on working sincerely on the projects to remove the pollution and hazards of all kinds from the face of this earth.

      The hub has floated a good idea and how the world takes it is within it own option. There is no compulsion in any affair in the world to be hanrnessed by the free creation except the warning that this freedom is with responsibility imposed by an all vigilant and all powerful Creator whom we owe every thing and He owes us nothing. Yet He loves us andis Kind, Merciful and is pleased to pardon us if we come back to Him with all sincere repentance.

      May God bless all.


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