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FREEDOM - its True Meaning

Updated on August 17, 2015
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My true faith in Christ Jesus, our one and only Master in this life, leads me as an instrument of the Holy Spirit, 'divine logic' is truth.

"Sadly, 'gossips' in what is true in evil can never free us, but God's words in eternal truth, free us forever"

"You are My All in All" from YouTube - Living in Jesus is where 'True Freedom lives'

'The story is familiar' and the 'Human Nature' Alibi

Yes, how 'familiar' can the story on above link be to you?

Seems familiar?

Just "a variation from the story with a black man and a white woman" in it, perhaps, and this link may present to you a better picture: "The Racist Air Passenger - unproven." as others may have received it on their emails?

Both are clearly of a similar variation - the given stories may have been made up - but the message of truthfulness in both ways is what strikes me most, where the unpleasant, selfish, arrogant, and obnoxious person, thinking that he was deserving a better treatment, ended up embarrassed as the smart flight attendant successfully avoided confrontation and duly rewarded the innocent passenger, a victim of circumstance facing the grunt of a difficult passenger, with an upgrade, into a more comfortable and pleasant environment and seat, to the delight of the passengers.

Alas, many times, are we not confronted with similar situations, facing the ridicule and condemnation of eccentric and self edifying individuals, or a society which has lost its self-respect by NOT prospering godly ways and NOT upholding true, lasting and meaningful freedom?

As one commented, "These stories are unproven to be true and they stir up divisive emotions against other parties. If we start hating Muslims the same way that some people hate blacks, does that make us any better than Hitler who hated the Jews? ... Bigotry is sad."

I know, but calm down and hold your horses, let us be careful on our deductions and judgment.

If there is bigotry siding to what is pleasant and noble, as what the flight attendant did in similar given instances, what would make one siding with the difficult person make of us?

Many times, we hear of some people label others names like 'bigots,' 'discriminating,' 'racist,' 'hypocrites' or 'stupid' but do we not see how others may label us the same way because of their upbringing, their way of life or culture?

Try looking at yourself at the mirror and honestly scrutinize your being, how many times have you become the same person you have labeled others to be?

Only the pure in heart, those who may not harness malice against others and prefer to enlighten and guide using God's fitting words from the Holy Bible, may come out worthy instruments of the Lord to glorify our Almighty God and Father.

This is when good Samaritans come out ironically misunderstood, as villains in the movie of life.

They may have all the good intentions, but sadly, are people listening to them?

Or do they come out 'under fire' instead, and become victims of a hostile environment who refuse to listen to the truth out of their vent emotions and their wounded pride?

How many times do we see these happen?

Some may retort, "Oh come on, let's leave the sermon to the priest or the pastor in church worship, or a counselor at the proper time and right venue, this bores me."

"It's human nature," so comes the quick justification ... to keep doing the wrong things over and over again? Really?

Or it is just taking things for granted in one's callous and incorrigible mind?

Is it not rather a fallacy to equate 'human nature' to doing things wrong habitually?

God never created us humans primarily to go against His will, rather, to learn to humble ourselves to Him and learn to give back despite our free will, made in His image and likeness, and He wants us to have freedom, to feel His love, and to show others His kind of love as well, not act like robots, right?

And through it all, it is the Holy Spirit who continues to guide us to the truth in God's words where immorality and disobedience to God's commands is but sinful.

Whatever is sinful can lead, sooner or later, to more confusion and brewing trouble.

"In our overly tolerant and liberal society nowadays, I can see how darkness can ruin more relationships, and I continue to pray that all may be guided to spread the light of truth in Christ Jesus, that more may see the wisdom of following godly ways."

"In everything that we do, we are accountable to God and man."

Whatever happens has to happen, Everything is in God's 'divine plan.'

It is the Holy Spirit that guides me to enlighten.

Judging is of Jesus.

I am not Jesus, but the Holy Spirit, where Christ is, makes one an instrument of God's love in us, with what is true in God's words, where God's truth sets us free.

We may not see God who is spirit, but he finds ways to make us feel and see his power in many ways in our life, in our hearts and spirit, to guide us to what is righteous and so beautiful in our being, for it is eternally truthful, it is God's love in us.

Becoming a false witness to what is untrue and tolerant to what is evil may just lead us to more trouble and confusion, while we may stay lost in darkness.

Two Kinds of Freedom

Going back to our featured posts above, I can understand where the preceding comment and others projecting a similar concern may be coming from.

Some people may consider some sent emails as sometimes offensive to others, but, whether this story is true or not is NOT, for me, the main message, as many sent emails may not always be true although they may project a reality taken from an experience or two.

Looking at these things positively with an open heart, we may help enrich our lives in a way pleasing to all who see learning from the experience and faults or mistakes of others, on top of our own mistakes, as something that nurtures honesty within ourselves, in our hearts and souls, and where we are made whole in the acceptance of the truth in growing from our iniquities and sinfulness, and with all these, we may grow unhampered spiritually.

We may always look at each email with scrutiny and doubt, but is it conveying a deeper message of love, care, freedom, truth and justice?

Or is it just meant to malign and ridicule? You're right, it all depends on how one looks at it, true?

While God loves all of mankind, whatever religion, color or creed, all of us He has created.

As we pray for further enlightenment, may we refrain from selfishly teaching others to be tolerant of wrong doings, lest we so desire to always fall short of God's grace and glory, and find ourselves being constantly reminded to go back and be renewed as an abiding and willing instrument of The Lord, where we may see ourselves pained as we see pain and hurts in others for taking the wrong path, and in His calling, may we at once recognize and acknowledge that He, in Jesus, comes our true Lord and Master.

Anytime as one may be called and asked, 'Who is your Master? Is it God or Mammon, is it love for life, freedom and justice, or love for violence, hatred and destruction, is it loving what is true in the Holy Bible as the Divine Words of God or some other beliefs which disrespect the human body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit by propagating self destruction of any by suicide or deliberate violence and encouraging similar practices that bring about death to many, even to the innocent (as in terrorists activities where even children and the youth become hapless victims: such as many horrific Madrid bombings since 1974 from Wikipedia, 2005 London train bombing, 2011 Tucson, Arizona shooting from USA today, 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting rampage from CNN, the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing from New York Times)?

"Which freedom lasts, is it not true freedom, freedom that is unstained and without malice."

Is this not the same freedom as so defined in God's words?"

"Sadly, not only unbelievers in Christ, but many who may be baptized as Christians still lack that full trust and faith in our Lord God in Jesus. We are duty bound as true Christians to help enlighten them to the truth in the light of Christ."

As I see it, in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, there are two kinds of freedom:

  • Freedom through what is godly, noble and true with a more lasting effect towards the betterment of society - and the Holy Spirit in me tells me to call this, 'freedom in the spirit' - leading to what is true in 'divine logic' were Jesus is, what is spiritual and greater than this life, leading to 'love of God first and foremost, then love of others, where truth and righteousness reigns, onto what may lead to true peace and joy in one's heart and spirit, onto life eternal; and
  • Freedom through what can cause a deterioration of our moral values which may, in the long run, do more harm than good in society as it disrespects human dignity and human life, as it may spell destruction to the true essence and meaning of a family headed by a man and a woman, and it fails in the test for a more lasting love and in the propagation of life values as it leads to the uplifting of what emotions and the human mind dictates, what our ego and our pride falls for that usually lead to vanity and selfishness, and all the negative effects of such practices and beliefs - do these NOT usually spell short term joy and that they never last - I call this 'freedom on the flesh and in the flesh' and it's nothing but temporary as it is superficial - How can this relate to true freedom if it is not meant to last?

May we be more guided towards what may be pleasing to our God Almighty who has continued to bless us in so many ways in this life, and ask for the gift of discernment that we may better understand the message from God's holy Words from the Bible. With these Words, we are made stronger in our faith and remain invulnerable from any attacks from the evil one, out always to pounce on us, deceive and confuse us, that we may be lost and fall from sin, or lead others towards a darkened path, or into false beliefs that veer us away from true peace and justice, from the truth in God's words, and the truth in Jesus, our true Redeemer and Messiah.

I realize not all may open up their hearts to believe in all these the same way that many may find it hard to believe in the Son of God, in Jesus, where during His lifetime despite the many miracles He had done to bring joy and life back to many. And whether we like it or not, His miracle works will continue through the power of the Holy Spirit in us and in those whom He so empowers to heal and to bring forth in this life as a show of God's enormous and awesome blessings and goodness in men for "with God all things are possible."

As early, may I thank you for your thoughts and your time reading this blog and will be happier to read further to the last page and share that is true and brings peace to our hearts and souls.

And please allow me to again reiterate, 'Spiritual warfare is real.'

Let us not be confused or lost when the evil one cunningly leads us to become passive and accept what is tolerant of ungodly ways, tolerant of denying the true Words of God.

In Christ, we are made stronger in our faith, and yes, stronger when we 'avoid the sin of omission,' upholding what is true, loving and noble as it leads to the light, whence, we are made whole in Christ, pleasing to our Heavenly Father.

[for further reflection and reading:Questions to ask an Atheist, an Agnostic or a Non-Believer]

The Holy Spirit - our Advocate in the Spirit of Christ Ready to Deliver Us from All Evil

Do things material hinder us from learning what we want to learn?

Certainly not.

Knowledge from books, internet, radio, cinema, DVD's and what have you, these are all welcome as long as through these, we may learn that God allows us to be creative, imaginative and free for as long as we put Him at the center in everything that we do, that without Him, all these things would not have been possible.

And always be wary from deceptions made by the evil one.

How can we identify deceptions?

By being strong in God's words, praying for discernment with the Holy Spirit before we make decisions and praying before and after we read the Holy Bible, this may help us much in being able to feel and see deceptions of the evil one.

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Are material things evil?

Of course not.

Material things created by God, where in Jesus, being the 'truth' in this life and what is true forever, as the Spirit of God, "without him, nothing was made that was ever made made" (John 1:3) :

  • as in nature;
  • any form in physics, with properties on matter and energy;
  • as in the 'Tilma' of Saint Diego as a miraculous piece of cloth as divine material proof of the Blessed Mother's apparition as 'Our Lady of Guadalupe;'
  • as in the sacred hosts bearing the living blood of the crucified Christ as seen and preserved in Luciano, Italy and another one in Buenos Aires, Argentina;
  • and other things not, otherwise, mentioned in this hub, which you may want to add from my limited resource;

... of things created by man or through man, for having been created by God, He gifts us with great talents to make us instruments of His truth and His love for us:

  • as in shelters, homes, edifices, roads, bridges;
  • artworks, films, commercial materials and commodities for sale including grocery, supermarket items, drugs;
  • technology, science including numbers and math, inventions and
  • all other things that occupy space and matter, and things that we see through light and time.

Evil is a spirit usually made unseen by the naked eye, as God's spirit is, so are the other spirits in angels and in other unseen beings living in a different realm.

"But evil can be made manifest in our actions as we may harbor malice and sinfulness in our hearts as in where negativity may prosper as against one's pure effort, not to judge but to help guide to what is true, to what is righteous, to what enlightens."

"Seen or unseen, through God or man, all have been created by God for it is through God in Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, that man gets his ideas, intelligence and empowerment to create things that may be useful to man in the celebration of life, again, if only we believe, for it is in God's words."

"But be wary of how evil can corrupt our minds, our ideas, our intelligence, through knowledge that is left unfiltered by our conscience, that through God's words, in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we may better see, in the purity of our souls, discern what is of evil and what is of God."

Meditating in deep prayer to invite the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts and souls in communion with Him, confessing our every sin of selfishness, pride and malice in our hearts can be so freeing and refreshing.

It feels like you have just come out from a warm comforting dip and floating in deafening peace from a rejuvenating swim on an eternity pool.

Wow! How truly wonderful the feeling can be with the Lord, it is so heavenly, so freeing to humble ourselves to Him in obedience to His words, His commands, abiding, remaining in Him in the acceptance of His overall consuming will upon us all.

Again, you may ask, "but, are we not like robots then?"

"Whoa," think again, "how can we be robots when we have 'free will'?"

We are still free to decide on our own, the only difference is, we choose to decide to be totally free from the bondage of evil and be God's instruments:

  • for He was the one who created us not Satan;
  • He was the one who gave us life and sustains us in this life not Satan;
  • He is the one who gave us time and space from conception so it will be until the end our time in this short borrowed life, not Satan;
  • and He is the one to take it this life away from us when and however He may want to take it.

What is the role and power of Satan then?

Nothing, Satan has NO power on us for as long as 'we do not allow him to control us.' Yes, he is in God's greater plan for us to see the power of God's healing light of truth in Christ, and it is in one's humility in his very heart and soul that he may later understand this truth.

Satan is nothing more than a nuisance in this life once we allow him to control us ... oh well, yes, if that is his role to be a nuisance and to be a villain in our life, the 'movie of life' is complete, right?

Do we not become the villain, being a part of other peoples' lives as well, when we sometimes act like Saint Peter where, in his anger, he cut an ear of Jesus' captors, and was called 'Satan' by Jesus for being carried away by his anger and grabbed a soldier's sword to maim one captor, Malchus, as in Matthew 26:51?

And even when we may become a nuisance to other peoples' lives, sometimes being identified as the evil ones in their lives, as we may persevere in our faith and keep praying for their conversion and renewal, and always caring to enlighten them to God's truth, will this not eventually lead to something beautiful as we see them rise up from their inequities and sinfulness and be renewed in heart and spirit in Christ?

Jesus comes to Peter's rescue as he puts back the wounded ear to its place and owner, Malchus, the unassuming and hurting captor of Christ, and 'voila,' it miraculously healed at an instant.

Just imagine what happened next if Jesus did not heal Malchus' cut ear, Peter and the rest could have seen each other in a basketball-like brawl throwing punches and swords drawn in seconds and that would have changed everything.

But no, Jesus was there, and he was in total control of things that come and things that would have to be in accordance to God's plan.

Can you see how putting Jesus at the center of our lives, in any relationship, can make a big difference towards peace, love and harmony, of course, sans the ear healing miracle?

And with God in Jesus, 'miracles do happen' in our lives 'big time,' we just fail to notice them, how God puts things in order in our lives, how God blesses our family in many ways showing how much in control He is especially so when Hes sees us trying our best in becoming more loving and more responsible in Him and with Him, again, 'if only we believe to trust and believe.'

Like Saint Peter, while still learning to grow in his faith as a disciple of the ever living, loving and forgiving God in Jesus, do we not get overwhelmed too by our emotions, feeling so vent up in our anger that we carelessly hurt others with our sharp piercing words, or worse, physically hurting others in the process?

"Alas, what childish rant can easily take away our faith and render us weakened in our hearts and souls? Woe to him who continues to fall into the evil entrapment of his ego. Bless him who takes time, in the humility of his heart, to pray and takes three deep breath of strength from the Holy Spirit that he may remain triumphant over sin and evil."

Is it not because we allow Satan to ruin our life by giving him a starring role in the movie of our life, yes, he has a role alright, his spirit in our ego, when he has become our master, and have denied our true Master in Jesus, who is and will always be our Lord and our King, our One True God who is the reason for our being, not Satan.

In Jesus where we find everlasting peace and love in 'true Freedom' as we persevere in our journey with and in Jesus in our faith, as against being lost and confused, God forbid, forever in evil and darkness ... again, if only we believe in 'divine truth' on 'divine logic.'

In reality, yes, as one may logically contend and as we see it in this life, Satan has a 'supporting actor' role, but as you may have already guessed, because 'we allow him to have such a role,' otherwise, he remains powerless as we may remain blessed living in true, undaunted and persevering faith, never influenced by vanity or by anything material intended to steer us away from God's truth, to steer us away from the right mindset and spiritual focus in this worldly life, then, we may say and proclaim that by God's grace, doing good deeds for His flock while upholding God's laws, God's truth in His righteousness, truly we have conquered the world in Christ Jesus.

Rightly so, as we put God's words and Jesus to rule us in our earthly life, Satan becomes 'nada,' 'nothing,' does that further make sense? Is this logical or not?

[Now available on kindle e-book, a powerful 'savation tool': "Jesus is Real - An Attestation to the Truth and 'Divine Logic, and Seeing Jesus in Magnificence"]

So sad, indeed, when some people may refuse to listen to eternal truth, and prefer to do the wrong things out of convenience and never bother to correct themselves to the detriment of their family's future, and that of society as a whole.

"Who suffers most, is it not children, young people and society itself, so are the coming generations?"

It is always wise to refer to enlightening verses in the Holy Bible, the book of all books, the book of True Wisdom, the book of The Light and Truth that heals and bring about true Freedom.

Unfortunate as it is, what can be menacing and treacherous is when distorted truth starts a 'culture' in a community, a culture contaminated by distorted and deceiving values, especially when written down from what has been passed down from one mouth to the next with all its unfiltered interpretations, usually coming out parallel to gossips with all its hidden material and earthly concerns and issues carved out from dubious minds with ill intentions toward power and self-gratification masked and expertly coated with religious linings catering to the emotions until the greater majority is affected and influenced, and when not corrected, comes out spreading like a 'deadly virus' or a wind driven 'forest wildfire' affecting the morals of society as you may say, in generations to come.

Do we not see these as the truth in 'spiritual warfare,' in generational sins and curses?

How can one determine the truth from falsehood?

It is The Light that sets free, it uncovers the mask of evil and deception through the words of God that remain powerful as they are eternal.

"Insecurity" and defensiveness lies in those who bear the guilt of falsehood but with true Freedom in Christ Jesus, staying in His lighted path, all may remain saved, never insecure or worried, and where evil trembles in Jesus' mighty and holy name for He is above all things.

In Christ Jesus, His everlasting love and mercy is upon us all, and He wants us back to His lighted path.

Whatever happens, we may remain safe and secure in God's heavenly kingdom, as we may live in His grace.

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"We deserve what we get in a society of tolerance without the right foresight to correct as early what is wrong or what needs to be straightened out."

Are not those who refuse to accept their own misdemeanor, their own mistakes, their own faults but are quick to judge others come out eventually condemning themselves in their self- righteous stance as they may see the effects of their uncaring and irresponsible actions affect their very loved ones?

"May God have mercy on their hardened souls and may they see hope in God's light."

Will it not be their very fingers to point at themselves come the day of reckoning and repentance, as they may go deeper into the 'examination of conscience' stage?

[Read on post: The Spiritual Person Can Judge About Everything - 1 Corinthians 2:15 and see why so]

If there is any person, whatever religion or belief, who disrespects another by utterly labeling him to something that is not true and demeaning, then, is not the former losing respect on himself by not considering the other his equal, made in the image and likeness of our Creator?

Even if the former may not believe in a God or a Divine Creator, would he want to be treated the same way if he were of another color, or belonging to a congregation of a different belief?

"Anyone who is 'insecure,' anxious and pressured has not seen 'true Freedom' in himself.

With Jesus comes the truth, for in Jesus comes the 'truth, the way and the life.'"

"And anyone who says, "'that is but 'human nature'"and refuses to renew in spirit may sooner or later see himself trapped in the darkened path trusting more the world and all things material, submitting to its influence, that which leads to true idolatry or love of the world."

"While God has blessed us with so many great things in life, through the gifts of science and technology which in many ways have made our life easier and fun, may we not forget that without God, all these things would not have been possible, and without the gift of life, we could not have been anybody but nothing."

And while 'free will' has been given to us by our Almighty Father and Creator, is abusing it not anymore subject to God's laws and commands?

If God has created everything out of His great love for us, in God's loving ways should we not treat others the same way as well, otherwise, if we are conscientious and sensitive enough to see and feel the signs, do we not see changes in, and or, around us that remind us to better change towards the lighted path or to what is righteous, and to stay away from what may be selfish, dishonest, prideful, with malice, or in other words sinful?

We may be free to do what we may want to do for as long as these are within the bounds of the law of the land, whatever form of government you may be following, but through it all, somehow, sometime, somewhere, do we not see God's guiding hands that lead many to what is right, to what is noble, and to what is just?

Sooner or later, in the nick of time, do we not see how God's hands move to put things in order?

People may live and die, with the newborn always outnumbering the dying, and this is a known fact of life.

"Through it all, our guiding light in the Holy Spirit, our Advocate in the Spirit of Christ, is the one who leads us to spiritual growth," ever strong against all evil attacks and temptations."

In A Culture of Darkness, 'Hope' Comes in the Light of Jesus

Many people may abhor criticisms and would vehemently stick to their ideas and opinions from their locked up mindset at whatever cost, but will this allow them to grow in both body and spirit, or be 'forever' bonded by things material and deceptive that may bring trouble instead of joy and peace of mind?

"Forever" may be an exaggeration, but I earnestly hope no one feels bad about challenging words that are intended to enlighten, looking at many things positively as something constructive instead of demeaning and insulting can come out as a 'healthy habit' as it is in the humility of our mind being freed from our pride and our ego, being freed from our selfish and defensive judgmental reactions that true 'healing' begins.

What becomes repetition comes out a habit, what comes out a habit becomes, sadly, the accepted truth if we start it all 'wrong'... hence, comes the acceptance of 'distorted truth?

"But nothing is too late, in Jesus comes hope, in The Light of the Holy Spirit, in total renewal and 'surrender of 'self' for a renewed person in 'us' in spirit, all evil and darkness may wane and fade away until totally cleansed in the power of God's words, as we may decide to live forever in His grace."

Again, the 'truth hurts,' but being stronger in our spirit allows us to bear the pain, and after the pain, the greater gain with greater peace in true healing, in the acceptance of our mistakes and our willingness to renew.

Many of us may not realize it, but we are often too quick on the trigger, 'jumping the gun' as some may say, so quick to judge others without first looking at our own human faults and weaknesses.

Whoever needs renewal is 'us,' first and foremost, before we even want to pray for others.


How can the Lord Jesus listen to us intently:

  • when we do not abide in Him or remain in Him, or when we instead deny Him refusing to listen to Him in our pride and arrogance;
  • when we pass the blame to Him in the weakness of our souls as we may suffer materially;
  • when we put our own interests first before that of God and of others whom we depend upon for strength, energy and power in our journey through our earthly and mortal life;
  • and when we refuse to accept His greater will upon us all and in things and events that 'may always come' because He knows what is in our hearts and minds, whether we like it or not , He will always challenge us in our faith in Him?

If many things in this life come out 'unfair,' will counting our many blessings not be best:

  • as we see the homeless begging for alms and material help in the streets unjustly forsaken and neglected, yet we refuse to offer them opportunities for safe quarters for shelter, or even give them food or a few coins or bills 'to give back to God and renew in Him' and 'to pay it forward,' sadly, instead just conclude 'they deserve to be left out in the cold and to the elements because of their laziness' without getting deeper into the reasons of their behavior;
  • as we see the many children at a special school for kids who have mental developmental disabilities, yet we never bother to even visit and cheer them up with things that they may see adding meaning to their limited stay in this life, and being able 'to give back' and 'to pay it forward,' sadly, instead mock them of their state or condition;'
  • as we hear of a loved one, a dear friend, or an acquaintance who became seriously ill, or who has been called from this life, yet, we fail to find the time to reach out with an assuring call, a visit , or to send comforting words or offer prayers for whatever 'uncaring' stance, personal issues or reason where what is more important is it not 'to give back' and 'to pay it forward;'
  • as we see victims of a hit and run incident, a hold-up or robbery, rape or molestation, child abuse, domestic violence and battery, or any other criminal act, badly hurt and needing immediate medical attention, yet, we refuse to call for help and assistance, as it can be much of a hassle as it may also be risky or life threatening, or may simply eat much of our more precious income earning time, when what is more important is 'to give back' and 'to pay it forward;'
  • as we witness death to many in natural calamities like earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, flood, tornadoes, snowstorms and more, or death and violence around the world causing displacement and more sufferings to many, yet we refuse to even say a prayer or two for God's light and guidance, or offer assistance in kind, for charity, for enlightenment, for evangelizing and more, instead, thinking first of our mounting personal issues and concerns with the predominantly selfishly wrong notion 'not to care' creeping into our clouded and confused thoughts that 'these events do not at all affect us, therefore, not our priority' and 'it's their problem not ours' - negative mentality, where the more we need 'to give back to God and renew in HIm' and 'to pay it forward?

Let us pause for a moment, in the tranquility of our hearts and souls, as we pray for enlightenment in the guidance of the Holy Spirit,

"Dear Lord Jesus, we pray that you may open our eyes as we seek your guidance onto your lighted path. Make us be aware of our own blindness in the 'insensitivity' of our hearts and souls to our greater need to see what is true in you, and in the needs of others you have so created equally with us in your image and likeness, , that we may become willing instruments of your love and mercy, and become vessels of your compassion and care, that in our humility and obedience to you, giving back to you the honor and glory as we sincerely repent of our sins and renew in you, in the fortitude of our hearts and souls, we may remain and abide in you through the power of your words and in the perseverance of our faith that we may remain blessed in you, and you in us. May we see you in the strength of our spirit guiding us, and without fear proclaiming your holy words of truth and wisdom that no evil may triumph in the glory of our Almighty God and Father in You, Lord Jesus, our Lord of Lords, our King of Kings, for the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory are Yours, Now and Forever Amen."

[Read this 'salvation tool' leading to the Catholic faith (RCC) as true essence of the 'vine' that The Father helps grow, while Jesus helps nourish by total cleansing of body and soul in true confession and holy communion, where we may learn to die with him, and feel his fullness in our being every single moment of his given 'time and space,' always refreshed, and never bored as we are healed in his Spirit - "Jesus is Read - An Attestation to the Truth and 'Divine Logic,'....," best to get the printed version to share, all Let's KJOH e-books inspired by the Holy Spirit for they lead us to being one with Christ, remaining in his words, in his lighted path]

May we be forever strong against Satan where evil all in material things, in money, lust, selfishness, malice, deceit and false beliefs may always come to block our thoughts making us 'out of focus' on things that prosper us in God's words.

That is when unholy and unnecessary prejudice come in, when our mind is bombarded with material wants more than the basic needs that sustain us and the family, where from the basic needs come forth our 'primary needs' .. "the words of God, the words of truth that sustains us forever."

In The Light of Christ Comes the Truth that Heals

But in one's faith, deep from within our spirit, if we could only see the realities of 'spiritual warfare,' then we may better understand how God works from within us and around us. The more we can be spiritually strong in Christ Jesus - the 'love of God in us' - the more we may see how evil tries to veer us away from our one true God, and the truth in Jesus.

With Jesus and in Jesus, no evil will ever prevail on us and in us for in Jesus comes the truth, and in Jesus alone, comes eternal life, for Jesus is the 'Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,' as in John 1:1, and He was 'the Word made flesh,' as in John 1:14, "the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us." And further in the book of Revelation, Jesus is the "Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End," as in Revelation 22:13; and in Revelation 1:18, God in Jesus is the "... Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades."

Not all Muslims may believe or agree to labeling others who do not believe in their faith as "infidels"(same word in other Quran translated verses), as clearly defined on this Yahoo Answers website and forum link, "Does the Quran actually tell Muslims to kill non-believers?," with a 'best answer' comment leading in a way to expound and defend the Muslim belief of co-existence with non believers, and unfortunately, I still fail to find the Muslim justification on not allowing the free exercise of religion in many, not all, predominantly Muslim countries, and I am inviting anyone who may be able to enlighten me on this.

Another interesting and informative website link, "Koran commands to kill infidels," may help us with the many Quran verses which support the intent of Islam to dominate all other people and dissenting faith, which may tell us so many things why, perhaps, many Muslim extremists have become entrenched in being very critical and sadly, many times violent, against people of other faith.

God bless those who have seen the wisdom of allowing the free exercise of religion as I pray for the enlightenment of many in the truth in the light of Christ Jesus who is beyond religion.

[Read on: Supporting Photos and Video on "Jesus in All of Mankind Since Creation ... He is Beyond Religion"]

"As I see it, the words of God in Jesus are beyond this life, they are beyond culture or any traditional law so authored by man. Jesus is beyond any culture or religion for He is above all things, as God is, He being 'One with the Father,' in this life and beyond, in this world and beyond the universe, wherever, whatever."

And if the word 'pagans' in the Quran refer to all non-Muslims and unbelievers, where would Christians and Jews belong? Would they also be categorized as 'pagans' or 'infidels?'

And where would Catholic Christians belong? If they believe in the Holy Spirit as their Advocate, who may pass on great gifts and miracle works through the Blessed Mother's and the saints' intercessions, as what Christ has told His apostles in John 14:6-26, would they also be labeled 'infidels?'

While it may be true that in the Old Testament, we see many account of wars and death to many, where vengeance and retaliation in defense of a given kingdom's religion has become the norm because of the hardened hearts of men passed on since the 'original sin' of Adam and Eve, may we not close our eyes to the truth in what God primarily teaches us about His greater law of 'love,' which is both accountable and responsible to God and neighbors, and the respect to life, all these having been fulfilled with the coming of Christ, His death on the cross and resurrection, and the words of God further enhanced in the gospels and in the remaining books of the New Testament with the eventual redemption of man from 'original sin.'

The Catholic Christian faith continued to thrive with great challenges that beset its existence along the way, many times weakened by divisions and bickering brought about by materialism and the struggle for wealth, ideals and power from different parts of the world.

"Any individual who loves the world and anything in it more than he loves God in Jesus, our true Master and our All in All is a lost and misguided soul who uses his human wisdom, intellect and knowledge, to understand God. For are not all these passing in this life? The truth lies in our spirit, which is far far beyond human intelligence and wisdom, for God is spirit, He is Almighty, infinite and eternal. Anyone who sees this truth and God's truth through the Holy Spirit may see what 'true Freedom' means."

Violence, condemnations and persecutions occurred as differing laws have been passed from one generation to generation, from one pope to the next, from one world power to another, from one World War to the next, from one Catholic Christian religion to different independent sects all proclaiming Christ Jesus as the head, yet, some preferring to use their own bibles as prescribed by their self edified leaders who often claim to have had spiritually inspired visions, many of whom have been labeled and categorized by others as 'false prophets,' no different from other religions that have 'no' or 'little' knowledge of Christ, or those who have refused to even believe in God or in Christ Jesus.

"But the more I read the Holy Bible, the more I see its true meaning, at best attuned to the Catholic Christian faith, in prayer and meditation, I confidently share with you my dear readers, in this enlightenment, as I ask you to continually pray for me and that the Holy Spirit may touch more minds, hearts and spirit to the truth that God wants me to share."

"To You O Lord, I lift my soul," as I pray for greater mercy upon me and your people that more may be guided to the truth in You Lord Jesus, and be enlightened towards 'true freedom,' which is the 'freedom of the spirit.'

"As I reiterate in my hubs, I am here not to ridicule or condemn, rather to help enlighten towards what is true in God's words."

In Islam, while the Quran may refer to Jesus as Masih or Messiah (read on our Wikipedia link, Jesus in Islam), there is still a conflicting account of Jesus' crucifixion, however, in many of the different Quran interpretations, Jesus is being referred to as not having undergone crucifixion under the hands of the Jews and Romans at that supposed time and never died on the cross - unfortunately, a total contradiction to what is proclaimed as 'truth' in the Christian Bible, and to what is historically believed to have happened as witnessed by many.

For all Christian faithfuls and believers, it is the power of the crucifixion and death of Christ that we were purchased from sin, and in His glorious resurrection and ascension, we may see us saved from sin and have everlasting life in us as we repent and renew, in the forgiveness of our sins in Jesus, who is our Lord and Savior, our Divine Mercy, our God and our King, and Lord of All.

"It is in God's love of man that He gave His only begotten Son to suffer and die for our sin, that we too may learn to carry our own cross, die and rise up guiding and enlightening others of the truth in the gospel, in our love of God and of others, the more may be saved from all evil deceptions."

While we may have to respect other people's beliefs as otherwise and conflicting to our own, I can only pray that more may be enlightened to this Divine Truth, and be freed from all attempts of the evil one to keep us away from truly believing in Jesus, the Son of God, who has come to save us all from all that is evil in this world, that if we only believe and follow Him, we may have eternal life in us, as I myself can attest to to the truth in His goodness and His greatness, through the many miracles I have encountered in my life, and the many times He has assured me in my spirit to always 'trust' in Him and abide in Him, and experience joy and peace accepting His will upon me.

"Oh how beautiful indeed it is to experience that fullness of peace and joy within yourself, in the power of His love, mercy and grace, for in His light comes the truth that heals."

[Read on related hub: God of Mammon - to Serve only One Master]

In The Light of Jesus Comes Forth Life that Lives Forever

The promise of eternal life to the faithful by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, reminds me of my beloved mother, Mommy Peth, who passed away in early November of 2012 at the age of 80, widowed when my dear father has to leave her when he was around 65. As much as I missed her so much and wanted her to stay in my life, I cannot do anything but accept God's will upon her. My brothers and sisters felt the same way in this great loss in our family, for she was very instrumental in making us strong in our faith, to ever be prayerful and trustful in the Lord and to never doubt of God's goodness and mercy.

While her physical presence may have left us, sometimes, as I pray and call her name, I can still feel her presence, her spirit into mine, with the Holy Spirit assuring me of her presence as her spirit has become one with Christ in her physical death, while she may have left her flesh behind in this world, I know and believe, her spirit lives for it is kept alive in Christ. God is assuring me that she is ever praying for me as another intercessor and guardian, 'like an angel in heaven,' for my family, for my brothers and sisters, and yes, how true, for in the bible, Jesus said in Mark 12:25, "When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage, they will be like the angels in heaven."

Did my mother rise? Remember, if we believe that God has power over everything, and yes, including time, why would this not be possible? For us maybe, we may think about waiting for the end of the world before the dead may rise, then and only then we may all be judged, but why do we have to limit God's power in accordance to our limited minds, and not by FAITH, where one may be freed from all doubts and believe? Where one may trust in Jesus as He has said, 'abide in me and I will abide in you' ... as in John 16:23, Jesus said, "In that day, you will no longer ask me anything, I tell you the truth, my Father will give you anything you ask in my name."

And like angels, they continue to watch over us, and help pray for us that we may be enlightened towards the light of Christ, and this becomes true, only if we so believe in Jesus and in His words of truth and love, for with Him and in Him, as He and the Father are One, "all things are possible," in the power of our faith, as we live and stay in The Light, and as we live by and in His grace, may we "never fear death," onto a better life in Christ.

Indeed, "in the light of Jesus comes hope, in God's words come 'true Freedom' from all evil and darkness, and the life that lives forever as we may rise up strong, more blessed and freed, from our death to sin."

[Read on: Even in Death our Spirit Lives as we may Die in Christ, by Faith and in God's will, we Live]


Start liking Let's KJOH - Keep Jesus in our Hearts on our facebook page as we help spread the light of Christ in this world and make a difference in Jesus' name, for greater peace, for love, and for unity among all of mankind for Jesus is in all of us, in our being, waiting to be revealed, as in Colossians 3:1-17, as Jesus encourages us to trust in him, surrendering all our fears and anxieties, and be united in glorifying him in ever good deed we make in our own field of expertise, with our God given gifts, make this world a better place to live and share in his light as we try, in our own special way, for God's greater glory.

A powerful reminder of faith, hope, love, charity and forgiveness in prayer


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      For the love of God, keep writing these arctiles.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great aritcle, thank you again for writing.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unntaseaddrble.

    • Edwinoel Tanglao profile imageAUTHOR

      Edwinoel Tanglao 

      6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      While I am saddened by Manny Pacquiao's defeat, it is in God's will that we have to graciously accept defeat in this life, and it is true faith in the Lord that makes us greater than our weakness and defeats, for in these, we are able to stand again and learn from our mistakes and be free from any malice towards others. We have to take responsibility for our actions and learn to move forward and be stronger against anything evil that tries to stop our growth in body and spirit.

      I pray that in this defeat, Manny may be awakened from the truth about the great faith he chose to abandon and be freed from his fears and anxieties by continuing to stay in the light of Christ back to this great faith that has been passed on by Jesus as the rock of everyone's salvation, from Saint Peter, to the apostles, to Saint Paul and the other great intercessors in Christ starting from Mama Mary, the mother of God in Christ Jesus, to the great saints who persevered in their faith while they held on to God as they held on to that banner in that great cross of their faith which has saved believers in men from sin and death, and who suffered in various kinds of persecution while humbly staying obedient to the Lord proclaiming true freedom in the glory of God in their faith, together with our own beloved deceased and faithfully departed who make us ever strong 'like angels' in this life, living the fullness of our faith in God's heavenly kingdom. I pray and offer all these at the foot of His cross in His love, mercy and grace, in Jesus' name, Amen.

    • Edwinoel Tanglao profile imageAUTHOR

      Edwinoel Tanglao 

      6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      In the light of Christ, I pray, that all peoples in the world may see true and everlasting freedom - in the 'freedom of the spirit' - where true peace, unity and true happiness may reign in ever man's being, heart and spirit, in the power of love and mercy from our Lord Jesus Christ, as we may live in true faith, and remain in His grace, and who lives and reigns forever and ever, Amen.


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