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Facts About The Third Eye Chakra

Updated on January 8, 2020
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Anne is a writer and teacher with a passion for self-expression and publishing.

The Third Eye

The sixth eye or third eye chakra is associated with the color indigo and is located at the brow.
The sixth eye or third eye chakra is associated with the color indigo and is located at the brow.

The Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra or third eye chakra is located at the brow and is associated with the color indigo. This chakra controls your intuition, beliefs, and attitudes. The third eye controls our pysche and our "sixth sense". This perception is often difficult to master and it probably one of the most difficult of the chakras to fully open up.,It takes a certain amount of determination to be in control of our third eye and sixth sense, which requires a lot of meditation and introspection.


The third eye chakra controls the pituitary and pineal glands, effecting out intuition and wisdom. As such, the third eye chakra opens up our minds to using our intuition in decision making, relying on our sixth sense to understand the world around us. Just as with the crown chakra, there is a deep amount of spiritual and psychological energy associated with the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra challenges us to question our beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions and look at things with wisdom and forethought.


Those with a strong balance in the third eye will have skills in clairvoyance as well as a strong intuition.
Those with a strong balance in the third eye will have skills in clairvoyance as well as a strong intuition.

Chakra Imbalances

Having an imbalanced third eye chakra can indicate a lot of things, and this imbalance is more common than many other chakra imbalances in people. The challenges that we face with using intuition to guide our actions and thoughts in this life make it difficult to assess situations if there is an imbalance. While those with a good balance of the third eye chakra may experience strengths in clairvoyance, mental strength, and insightful dreams, those with an imbalance often suffer from a lack of creativity, insight, and imagination. An imbalanced third eye chakra indicates fears, nightmares, and even troubles with eyesight and vision. If you have weak eyesight, this might be due to a blockage in your third eye chakra that is keeping you from seeing the world around you as it truly is. Think of an imbalanced third eye as a fog or veil that is cast over you, preventing you from seeing the truth around you.

How to Balance Your Third Eye Chakra

Find a comfortable place to meditate and focus all of your energy and attention on your brow. Use an indigo chakra card or a visual on your computer that represents the third eye chakra. There are numerous different websites that provide great visuals for this purpose. Focus on the beautiful hue of indigo in the visual and let yourself unwind into your psyche. If you find it helpful, search Youtube for a guided meditation that focuses just on the crown chakra. Sometimes in meditations, positive statements and affirmations can help you strengthen your chakra. Consider using the following statements to get you started...

- I am confident in my belief and attitudes and have a good spiritual awareness

-I can use my intuition to help me make decisions and find solutions to problems

-I can see the truth of the world around me

- I am imaginative, creative, and insightful

In addition to these techniques, you may also consider using crystal healing to help clear up any blockages in your third eye chakra.

The Creative Mind

In addition to intuition, the third eye chakra also controls creativity.
In addition to intuition, the third eye chakra also controls creativity.

An Open Mind

When your third eye chakra is truly balanced, you have an open, creative, and insightful mind. You can anticipate certain events and come up with creative solutions to problems. You have a great sense of your spirituality as well as your belief systems and attitudes. Thus, you are confident in your beliefs and abilities and have a stronger sense of self. Working in tandem with your crown chakra, strengths in both the sixth and seventh chakras shows intelligence, wisdom, and a strong psyche. Those that have mastered the skill of balances crown and third eye chakras are very aware of how they fit into the world around them and feel that they have purpose, identity, and a belief system to follow through the path of their life. If you work to balance your third eye chakra, you will find yourself to be more confident in these areas and if you are suffering from a blockage, you will overall feel more emotional stable and content working toward balancing these two areas of your chakras.


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