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Do Fairies Exist?

Updated on October 20, 2017

Camera mishap or small mystical fairies?


What Is A Fairy?

What exactly is a fairy? By definition a fairy is a small, imaginary, human-like being with magical powers. The keyword here is "imaginary". Some people believe in fairies, while others do not, and some even believe that they have had an experience with real fairies. So the question remains.... are fairies real or not?

Description of A Fairy

Although there is no clear cut description of what a fairy looks like. They are commonly viewed as having the following characteristics;

  • Small
  • Human like
  • Sometimes winged
  • Appear to be female

They say that a fairy can vary in skin colour from Caucasian to colours such as blue and green.

Fairy Bed?


So Where Did These Fairies Come From?

Where did fairies originally come from you ask? Well that depends who you ask.....

The Catholic Church explains that fairies are fallen angels. These angels once lived in heaven until they were no longer considered to be "good" by committing some sort of wrong doing. As punishment these creatures were sent to Earth as they were not bad enough to be sent to Hell.

Another theory is that fairies are actually ghost-like creatures. Some believe that they have seen a family member or neighbor who has passed away in the form of a fairy. Rather than the traditional "ghost-like" form.

Other people believe that fairies are actually mini people who have created a community hidden deep in the woods. Here they may lure people into the woods by the beautiful music that they play on their flutes. They are not believed to be harmful and do not lure people to their homes to hurt them. It is said that they are only curious about the human race and our existence and have lured humans to their homes only to study them.

There is no way to determine where exactly the belief of fairies actually originated from or which theory may be true if fairies do exist. However, there are people all over the world who believe that these creatures do indeed exist.

So, Are Fairies Real or Are They Fake?

Some believe that yes, fairies are indeed real creatures. However, not everyone can see them which is why you may not have had a fairy experience as opposed to them not actually existing.

The people who are lucky enough to see a fairy are usually said to be children. At that time in their lives where make-believe is a big part of their every day lives. They are at that stage of development where, if a child had stated that they have seen a fairy, no one would question it as children tend to "see" a lot of things.

It is also believed that children are very open-minded to these types of things before adults and society has had a chance to shape their minds and convince them that it's all in their imagination. That what they are seeing is not actually real and therefore over time their minds may be begin to block out these things that society has told them does not exist. As adults we may have been shaped to to believe that these magical creatures such as fairies do NOT exist.

So have we pushed these images, these beliefs out of our minds? Could they really exist but society has told us so many times that there are no such things as fairies that our mind no longer acknowledges them?

Or are the purely only a made up magical creature that belongs in story books and children's play rather than our every day lives?

Fairy Ring?


How Do You Find a Fairy?

So now you're probably wondering that if fairies do in fact exist. How would I go about finding one? Well that, too, depends on who you ask.

It is said that the very first step to finding and seeing an actual fairy is that you have to truly believe that they exist. Once you believe that they exist you are most likely to meet a fairy at sunrise, sunset or very late at night. With your chances being higher after a rainstorm. They are very shy creatures and don't usually make their appearance during the day.

Fairies are often seen hiding under leaves in the yard or in very large and very old oak trees. And will often reside in the roots of these trees especially if moss is nearby.

Signs of Fairy Activity

  • fairy circles made of mushrooms in the grass
  • the smell of cinnamon
  • a glimpse of fairy glitter
  • broken twigs in a pattern
  • flute music
  • a "spiral staircase" of moss climbing a tree

More Fairies


So, Do Fairies Exist?

So the question here is, are fairies real?

Honestly I cannot give a yes or no answer here as there is no solid evidence saying that fairies do exist or that they do not exist. To some, fairies are very real and some say they have even encountered one a time or two. And to others a fairy is just a mythical creature that may have existed in their childhood and stayed there.

It is up to you to decide.

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    • profile image

      Dennis Carter 2 years ago

      Truely they exist.

    • blairtracy profile image

      blairtracy 2 years ago from Canada

      So many believers!

    • profile image

      Jocelyn Panameno 2 years ago

      Yes, fairies do exist

    • profile image

      muskan 3 years ago

      amazing they really exist

    • profile image

      muskan 3 years ago

      amazing they really exist

    • profile image

      lilly 3 years ago


    • blairtracy profile image

      blairtracy 4 years ago from Canada

      Very interesting story!! Thank-you for sharing. I had to Google what the stones might look like. They do look quite unusual. And like you had said, none came up with silver.

    • profile image

      sarah 4 years ago

      When I was about 4 I saw what I considered to be fairies, in a circle around the base of our swing. I was looking out of my bedroom window. We lived in wolverhampton at the time. They were about 18 inches high, they came to just under the crossbar of the swing. They were in a circle of maybe 5 , and in the middle was a much bigger childlike being floating in a fetal position. All the beings were illuminesant, including the one in the middle. They didn't have wings but they moved as if they were weightless. The next day I explored under the swing and found a very unusual stone, that is greys and whites with a small black inclusion and shards of silver inclusions. I searched the area for any more similar stones and in fact searched all around the end of the garden but there was nothing else remotely like it. The next night I saw the faeries again in the same place but this time without the childlike being in the middle. The next morning I went down to the swing and there was a second stone like the first by the leg of the swing. I never saw them again.

      I forgot all about this experience over the years until when I was in my early 20s a friend and I were asking each other if we had ever seen a ghost, and I remembered this experience, saying no not a ghost but I explained the above. I then thought that I must have imagined the whole thing as I was very little, but later still when I was clearing my childhood things from my mums house I found a box with bits and pieces of things in it and in amongst these things were the stones. I am in my 40s now and I still remember this experience and especially scouring the area and clearing the stones and then being amazed when there was a second one by the leg of the swing. and the strangeness of the central being. It was the presence of this being that made me realise the proportions of the others as the centeral being was very humanlike in form, I thought it looked like a illuminace baby floating there. what has since surprised me is i have tried to identify the stones and they apear to be some kind of tormalated quartz with inclusions(but even this doesn't have the shards of silver) This tormated quartz is said to be used as a door between worlds, it is also used for healing scars and is good for after road accidents. I had a very nasty accident at 20 when by all rights I should have died, all of my injuries were life threatening and i had multiple injuries. I always felt that something kept me alive that day.

      I have been searching for other people who have guenuinly experienced these things. Who can say for sure what i saw and experienced and if it wasn't for the stones then i would by now have imagined that i imagined it, but the stones are very real and very unusual. I believe in elementals and different relms of existence, what else can be the explanation?

    • profile image

      Leanna 4 years ago

      I always believed in fact, my little sister said her friend saw a fairy and named it diamond. I want a fairy more than anything maybe I could name it Lily belle. And for the people who don't believe in Santa, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy, we'll believe, believe, believe because you may be surprise...

    • profile image

      Isabel 4 years ago

      Fairies arnt ghousts they are nature spirits and don't swear on a kids website

    • profile image

      vanessa 5 years ago

      my sister and i when we were little got visited by two fairies every night. im 20 and i do believe in fairies and i'd do anything and everything to see those two again

    • profile image

      Kristina 5 years ago

      i love this video it was lovly.and faires do exist.

    • profile image

      silver 5 years ago

      O my god i really belvie in fairy

    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      Enjoyed reading this hub answering my question. I met a woman once who, as a child along with her sister, witnessed fairies dancing in their bedroom on the fireplace mantel. She said they were about three inches tall.