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Faith and Forbearance!

Updated on July 26, 2014

How faith and forbearance work wonders in human life?

When we are offended by others, the natural reaction would be remorse and anger! It is ‘self-pity’ to give into ‘sulking’. Do not worry if you are not able to succeed at the first attempt. There is nothing equal to hard work. We might have heard about “Gajini Mohammad. He had embarked on war for 18 times but he has not succeeded. But he never gave up. The great scientist Edison used to work for 18 hours a day in his lab. He had invented many items for the sake of humanity. One day, fire broke out in his lab. He assiduously recorded the data of many experiments meticulously for many years. In one moment, his records were consumed in fire. Others would have become insane or committed suicide. But Edison persisted and started afresh each experiment. This is the Great Spirit which had given us many useful gadgets and illumined the life of human beings. Had he left out his experiments, the world would remain in darkness forever.

Forbearance is a foremost virtue. But none develop it. Of course it needs lot of courage and patience to develop forbearance. Those who are selfish and egoistic can never practice this virtue. It is the humble, who can always aspire for it. It is manliness. It will definitely bring success ultimately. Faith and forbearance are the two virtues advocated by Shirdi Sai Baba. He always remained obscure for the sake of devotees. He always taught his devotees the greatness of forbearance. He said that a man with lot of forbearance is really dear to him. The other virtue, he emphasized is “FAITH”. Without faith, nothing can be achieved by any. First you must develop faith in your SELF. Yes, I am talking about the inner self and not on your personal strength or capacities. Now let us see how faith develops. People wrongly assume that faith comes from experience. A baby has lot of faith in its mother. It is not correct to assume that the baby had previous experience. As soon as the baby is born, when the baby is brought near the bosom, it tries to drink mother’s milk. This faith comes from within and not developed through any experience. What I wanted to emphasize is that “Faith comes first and then experience follows!

Faith is like a mountain. Gales may blow over the mountain. Torrential rain may pour over it. Till, the mountain remains stubborn without getting affected. We all need to live in this world with these two primal qualities which are Faith and Forbearance. Then we won’t be assailed by any problems! But nowadays people develop faith on flimsy grounds. They develop friendship with all and sundry and start believing them. These are all momentary and the relationship or friendship never lasts. You may be attracted by the beauty of a girl. This is the external vision. Because she is beautiful, you can not assume that she has great qualities. Outer beauty is not a guarantee for inner quietness. It turns out that most of the beautiful girls become quarrelsome in course of time. Hence never judge any by outer look. There are many things in the world which are enchanting. But they are treacherous. In the wild forests, there are certain beautiful flowers. The bees, smitten with the beauty of the flower get attracted to it and sit in. Immediately the petals close and the bee become a prey to the flower. This is how beauty entices! Judging persons based on their look and color is really risky! There are certain emotions which need to be controlled in everyday life. The first one is getting worked up on flimsy ground. No need to get agitated. A calm person will achieve greater things than a person who fret and fume. Hence develop patience, forbearance and faith in the Self. The spoken words never belong to us. Once words emanate from your mouth, you can not take it back. Hence practice restraint in talk. If required talk few words that too softly!


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