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Faith and Mans Struggle for Satisfaction

Updated on March 13, 2016

Life is like a vapor. Human life is as frail as a mist. It is amazing to note that our existence has brought us awareness that there is a Supreme Being, the Lord God who made Himself known to man since the beginning. Although, not all people believe in the existence of God the proof of life’s phenomenon cannot be clearly defined by Mans’ knowledge. Man has always sought knowledge which is good. However, non acknowledgement of Gods significance in everything has made mans’ knowledge worthless. If we take a closer look at mans’ achievements most of which are limited to routines, one can only say our achievements only made life convenient. Mans’ inventions only provided convenience. It improves living conditions, but was not able to maximise the quality of life.

Accomplishment of Man that Compromises Life

We can say that transportation has tremendously improved over the century. We can now travel half the globe in less than twenty four hours. Medical practices had breakthroughs. The knowledge and tools we introduced may have made our lives fast and convenient, however, none has really made an impact in extending our lives literally. If we examine closely, the manufactured processed foods are more of a poison that gradually weakens our bodies. Most medicines and drugs have side effects which are more detrimental to life than the sickness they are intended to address. An example would be drugs for diabetes and arthritis which eventually causes damage to kidneys.

Looking back, prior to the advancement of human civilization food preparation was different because people use natural methods when preparing food, which is only good for one meal at a time. Fruits and vegetables were free from chemical based pesticides and fertilizers. Farmers relied on nature in their farming methods. Animals that are intended to be our meals only eat organic food, as there were no chemical based feeds that enhance their growth which causes various diseases and shortens human life.

Let us take note that the average life span of man is between ages 30 to 70 years old, beyond that would be considered as a bonus nowadays. But as we compare the average life span of man thousands of years ago it is between ages 100 to 120 years old or even beyond. Our awareness may not be focused on this, but it clearly shows that in our aim to simplify things we are making shortcuts in the way nature governs the growth of life. We want to do things fast we think that we can alter Gods’ design of how nature govern growth. As a consequence, abnormalities and diseases plague our world and even affect the rationality of our minds. This is because we eat foods that are filled with chemicals. Processed foods are filled with preservatives, harmful elements can also be obtained from meat of animals fed with chemical based feeds, fruits and vegetables sprayed with pesticides and grown using chemical based fertilizers are also health hazards.

The refusal of Man to be in the presence of God is Tragic

Nations are at a race for growth, and because of competition everything has become unstable. The changes we experience have considerable impact around us, the consequences of taking credit for every accomplishment is glaring but many people continues to ignore it because of selfish motives.

God has provided laws that are simple yet no one can perfectly follow. Man make laws to further complicate life. The laws that are made by men are usually formulated to accommodate the changes man has made in this world, and most of which are disastrous.

For instance let us practically evaluate the use of fossil fuels in our transport systems. Prior to our use of machines to make transportation convenient the air we breathe was fresh and clean. Right now the air that we breathe is no longer invisible. Now, the changes that we brought upon this world were not carefully studied. Or perhaps we can say that man failed to anticipate the effects of his invention on nature thus it affected his health and the environment. And in order to minimize the damage being caused by industrialization additional laws were formulated to control emission of carbon and other harmful elements.

Mans’ goal to make life better sacrificed health and the environment. This only shows that the Lord Almighty already knew all these things and has designed our walk on earth to be perfect. Our ways on the other hand contributed pollution thus we make life more complex than was intended. Take note that everything man introduced in the world has a corresponding cost. These things are a luxury at first, but it eventually became necessities. Now, additional necessity means additional cost of living because nothing is free. Mans’ knowledge advances and so is the complexity of life to accommodate additional necessities time and again. When God put man on earth nothing is of value everything was free and life was simple. However, if man continues not to be satisfied with life, man will always introduce new things, methods and guidelines that will further complicate it.

Jesus is the Ultimate Satisfaction for our Lack

Jesus is the Son of God who became man so everyone may be saved. Not all people may be aware that each and every sin corresponds to death. Back in the history of biblical times particularly the time of Moses God made known to the Israelites that in every sin they have to make an offering to atone for it.

God knows that man will always sin regardless of how man tries to be good. This is because while man lives in the flesh man is vulnerable to his own weakness. Now, because God loves mankind so much the Lord immediately made an effort to save his creation. The Lord gave mankind his only begotten Son Jesus to become the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus paid for all of our sins we just need to repent and acknowledge Him then make Him our Lord.

Everything that man lacked, Jesus has already filled in. This is something that many people find difficult to understand because they have yet to find the humility to accept that they are nothing apart from God. If people want changes in their lives it begins with their hearts, submission is not easy but is where it all begins.


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