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Faith in God will work wonders!

Updated on September 24, 2014

God is more merciful than the entire humanity!

We need tremendous faith in the redeeming powers of God!

Understanding our scriptures needs zeal and enthusiasm. First of all, all the people won’t be interested in philosophy, scriptures or religions. The people in the world are broadly divided into four main categories. As per Hindu literature, they are known as “aarthis’, the one seek who seek solutions for their grievances or troubles. The second category is termed as ‘artharthee’, the seekers of wealth and properties, the third one being, the ‘jijnasu’, the seekers of real knowledge and not academic one. The fourth one is Jnani, who is rare to be found or they can be counted with our fingers. They are sparse since their achievement is vortex. The term ‘jnani’ denotes individuals who have realized their self! There is nothing more to achieve and that is the ultimate goal of all seekers of the world. Hence these four broad categories fit in every religious denomination around the word. We find everywhere in the world, that most of the population is in utter distress or grief due to wars, natural calamities, displacement, poverty and disease. Most of the troubles are manmade either by the political leaders or terrorists or rebels. Some of the troubles are caused by natural calamities like, floods, earthquake and tsunami.

The majority of population seeks wealth, the wherewithal of life. Only few people are interested in learning about life’s philosophy or higher subtle truths. The realized souls are rare to be found but they do exist in some unobscured corners without revealing their real stature. Hence, the above classifications fit the entire mankind and are not affected by race, religion, nationality, sex or affluence! The truth is that God never differentiates between these four categories. For the one, who pray for relief from troubles and travails, he relieves their suffering to some extent; to the seekers of wealth, he grants them according to their eligibility. Yes, if one wants to be a king, he should be eligible for the post. Hence god never grants immediately wealth when one seeks or prays for it. He sees to it ‘whether the man is competent to receive it’

For the seekers of real knowledge, god puts more conditions. Yes, one should be ripe to receive such highest knowledge. It is not secular knowledge. It is spiritual wisdom. Even for gaining secular knowledge, one needs some basic qualifications and achievement. Spiritual knowledge seekers need to be detached from earthly attachments. They should have developed distaste for this mundane life. Their spiritual aspirations need to be genuine. Hence in the real sense, God examines the individual thoroughly before granting him spiritual knowledge or wisdom. Once he gets the knowledge, he has to put it in practice in day to day life to reach the fourth category who is a “Jnani’- the Self realized one. He was also called a ‘jeevan muktha’- even while retaining a body, he has achieved identity with his self. Such one is Ramana Maharishi of Thiruvannamalai in South India. The sage of Kanchi is one such example who attained the state by meticulously following the scriptures and performed his duties as head of the Kanchi Mutt!

When we get the precious human birth for the first time, our focus would be mostly on mundane pleasures of the world. Our interest will be around wealth and properties, woman and gold. These are all the initial traps for a human being who has to extricate himself from all these? How many of us have developed distaste for wealth or properties, or women and gold? I do not say there is none in the category. There are few lofty souls around the world who developed perfect detachments from these mundane pursuits. They realized that the above are ephemeral, momentary and fleeting. They know that nothing will accompany us once we leave this world. We have to leave our closest kith and kin when we depart. Knowing well that nothing lasts here, yet man develops faulty attachments to these mundane acquisitions. This is the paradox of life. He witnesses many deaths in the vicinity but holds on the belief that he won’t die! God laughs at those Doctors who promise longevity to the patients who are critically ill. Birth and death are in the hands of creator and not in the hands of physicians! Doctors facilitate the birth of a baby as well as they facilitate the appearance of ‘obituary column’ in the newspapers!

Believing the world as true and the sensory pleasures as permanent, man wastes his precious time in bars, casinos and brothels. Thus he loses his hard earned money as well as peace of mind. Every human being has to reform himself. No law or ordinance can correct his behavior. He has to transform himself by his own actions and perseverance. There is nothing impossible when man decides to reform himself and become holy. “Even the worst human has a brighter chance to become a noble and holy soul. Has not Jesus repeated this assurance to one and all? Be confident that you will be saved and no need to get disappointed or distressed. Have faith in the redeeming power of the supreme Lord!


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