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Faith is A Fruit of the Spirit

Updated on August 10, 2015

Faith is one of the Fruits of the Spirit. It is the thing that activates you even when situations look bleak.

Faith transforms what is NOT SEEN with the physical eye into something tangible. It can take nothingness and make it visible.

Faith motivates you to continue moving forward despite dismal circumstances.

If you are Grounded in Faith it will not allow you to Give Up or succumb to adversity.

In fact, highly successful people find a way to overcome their Fears and by Faith move forward to Accomplish Lofty Goals

Although their are times we all may become Discouraged it is good to know that your Faith can sustain you.

What is Faith?
Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

By Faith you can Move Mountains!

Faith is Guidance. It is not a Power to bring you what you want, but a Power to go after what you want and get it.

Faith is Essential to Human Progress.
Without Faith the things you Hope for WILL NOT come to Fruition because Faith is the Fuel that Activates Miracles.

Every Man is Given the Measure of Faith, which means we all have enough Faith to accomplish the things we set out to do.

How do we Grow in Faith?
Natural Fruit like Apples and Oranges need some essential elements in order to grow. Faith also must receive the Proper Nourishment for Growth.

For instance, the Apple Tree in your back yard produces Large, Juicy Apples every year for you to bake your Delicious Apple Pies for the Holidays, but if the Apple Tree does not receive Sun or Water it will Eventually Dry Up and Wither Away.

Likewise is your Faith. It has to receive the Proper Attention in Order to Grow. It must be Properly Nourished with Words, Experiences and Examples that Stimulate its Growth.

The Bible and other Spiritually Based Books essentially teach you this same Principle. When you read these books you will see many examples of how Ordinary People used their Faith to do Extraordinary things.

It is clear your Level of Faith will determine what you see, because whatever you believe to be Possible...IT WILL BE! Your Faith will allow you to Envision the things you want to Accomplish and move forward to accomplish them.


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