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Ignorance of The Truth about Mother Nature is the source of all human suffering.

Updated on February 27, 2018

All is one making separation and superiority impossible

False ideas about the nature of God and our universe are causing all our problems.

I Googled "A list of the world religions and spiritual traditions" and found the link below. If you check it out you can see there are numerous religions and spiritual traditions, many of which also have numerous divisions. For example, Christianity has two main divisions which are Protestant and Catholic. Then, the Protestant form of Christianity has numerous divisions within it like Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.

The founders and members of each and every one of these many religions and spiritual traditions sincerely believe they know best how a person should think, feel, and act in order to be the most spiritual person they can be. Each specific religion and spiritual tradition sincerely feels their particular teachings lead people to being the happiest, healthiest, and most productive people they can be.

Of course, the simple truth is all of these various religions and spiritual traditions can't be correct. Some believe there is one God, like Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Others believe there is no specific deity, just a divine form of energy pervading everything, like Buddhism and Taoism.

Still others are polytheistic in that they believe in many gods. Naturally, when you have so many different ideas about the nature of it all, there will be quite a few folks believing false ideas to be the truth.

Being born in America and having grown up here, my mother simply made me go with her to a Southern Baptist church she had been going to for many years. I was forced to go whether I wanted to go or not. While I enjoyed being in Sunday school sometimes, goofing off with other children, I was neither a Bible scholar nor did I have any idea what any other religions and spiritual traditions were all about. I simply accepted what they taught me as the truth.

Today, I hear Christians say things like, "Well, if it is written in the Holy Bible, which is the inspired word of God, it must be true." My question has always been, "How do you know it is the inspired word of God?" Of course, the only answers I have ever gotten are, "Just because it is "., or " You simply have to have faith!" "You must trust in the Lord.", etc.

Well, over the past 25 years or so I have done quite a bit of reading about spiritual matters and learned that both The Dead Sea Scrolls and The Nag Hammadi Library were discovered in the 20th century. Both of these discoveries found additional writings by Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Thomas, and others that were not included in the Bible. Apparently they all believed that reincarnation was real, a very powerful idea that was intentionally omitted from the Bible.

I also learned that the first Bible, with a new testament, was commissioned in the year 325 A.D. by Constantine the Great, the Roman Emperor at the time. Constantine also served as the first editor of this new Bible. He was the man who decided to omit the concept of reincarnation from the Bible. Why?

Constantine wanted to frighten people into believing that the ONLY way to gain entry into Heaven was to accept God's ONLY son, who happened to be Jesus, as their personal Lord and Savior and they also HAD to have the blessing of the head of the Catholic Church, which just happened to be Constantine (Constantine was also The First Pope), in order to go to Heaven. Therefore, going to his church and accepting Jesus as your savior was the ONLY way to save yourself from going to Hell where you would suffer horrible torture for all eternity. The possibility of reincarnation had to be eliminated because it lessened the fear of death and kept people from being as frightened as he wanted them to be.

Constantine had already been getting everyone's taxes, so now he wanted all the money they had been giving to various pagan churches. Any church that did not center around Jesus, the ONLY son of God, was classified as a pagan church. In the early days, if you refused to join his church, you might just get whacked too. So, the Catholic Church became an immediate success. Folks were terrified not to go to this new Roman Catholic Church.

Later, on October 31, 1517 Martin Luther, a catholic priest, started the Protestant Reformation by nailing a list of questions and propositions for debate called "The 95 Theses" on the door of Wittenberg Castle Church. Martin Luther was protesting against the many wrongs he perceived to be going on in the Catholic Church at that time. This is where the word "Protestant" was born.

People began leaving the wicked Catholic Church and started becoming "Protestants", forming new Protestant Churches. As a Protestant, you did not need to get the blessing of the Pope in order to gain entry into Heaven. A "protestant" could have a personal relationship with God and could appeal or pray directly to God and that was all that was necessary. The Pope was no longer required to serve as your intermediary or communication link to God. You could now go directly to God by yourself!

Of course, the Protest Reformation was the worst thing that had ever happened to the Catholic Church. It really began to diminish both the Catholic Church's wealth and influence. Something had to be done. Some of the wealthiest Catholics, perhaps led by the Borgia Family, hired a Spanish General named Ignatius Loyola to head up a newly formed military arm of the Catholic Church. They called this new military arm or division The Society of Jesus. They are more commonly known as The Jesuits.

Ignatius Loyola's mission was to bring these new Protestant protestors back to the Catholic Church. If they refused to come back, he would simply torture and kill them. For decades the Jesuits terrorized all of Europe and other countries around the world, murdering thousands and thousands of Protestants. The Jesuits became the most frightening people on the planet.

Many of these warrior Jesuits would remove their victims' eyeballs and carry them around in a leather pouch proudly displaying the good work they were doing for God. Needless to say, the attendance numbers began to rise again in the Catholic Church. People were absolutely terrified not be a Catholic.

Since 1540, when the Jesuits really hit the warpath, there have been more than 1,000 books written about them and their role in politics. They have been instrumental in starting every war on Earth for the past 200 years. They are masters of using lies and deception as well as terrorizing politicians everywhere around the world to conform to their nefarious agenda.

In 1814, the Jesuits gained control over the Vatican Treasury which is the worldwide wealth of the Catholic Church, a fantastic amount of wealth, some guesstimate to be worth more than a quadrillion dollars today. In 1823, the Jesuits recognized the investment wizardry of the Rothschild Banking Family and hired them to become the Keepers of the Vatican Treasury and handle all of the Vatican's investments. Since that time, working together, they have acquired ownership and control over most of the world's natural resources, along with virtually everything else. These folks rule the world.

Allegedly, they start all the wars, control all of the legal and illegal drug business, the oil business, the worldwide media, the global money supply, the medical establishment, and everything else. They totally control all gambling, prostitution, and pornography. They control all of the pedophile rings, human kidnapping and trafficking activity, illegal organ removal and trafficking activity, and everything else you can imagine.

Every nation in which they control the central bank (money supply) which is every nation in the world except for about 3 or 4 nations, they totally control the government. By total government control, we are referring to the total control over the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, along with the military and intelligence operations of that nation. Everyone works for them and does as they are told, or else.

They have become masters of mind control, using trillion dollar computers like Echelon, Tempest, and HAARP to control us in ways you simply cannot believe at this point. They totally control Hollywood and all TV and Movie programming, using subliminal programming in everything. These folks are the very personification of evil and have done things so ugly that even Satan has to blush.

How can they be stopped? Only the highest wisdom and power in the Universe can stop them now. Only LOVE can handle this job. The leaders of this evil criminal syndicate reportedly reside in the Vatican from which they direct their nefarious Global agenda using their money men in the City of London and their Military and intelligence folks in America, the UK, France, Israel, Germany, and elsewhere.

Our only hope is to help them understand who and what God actually is so they can then begin to understand just how badly they are screwing up their very own Karma. We are not just talking about THIS lifetime. We all live forever and live MANY lifetimes. Our Karma goes with us from lifetime to lifetime too.

Some say that Satan, himself, lives in the Vatican and gives his orders directly to the Rothschild's, the Windsor's, the Bushes, and a few other high level Satanic witches. Even Satanists say that there is nobody named Satan, that he isn't a real being. But rather, Satan is merely a symbol used to represent freedom of thought and freedom from the tyranny of organized religions, like Catholicism.

I am not certain about who is really in charge in Vatican City. However, we have traced the evil leadership back to the Vatican and the Jesuits. Whoever may be above the Jesuits, few folks know. Maybe it really is some demonic entity like Satan. Maybe Karen Hudes is correct and the Homo Capensis are calling the shots.

However, our best hope remains in educating these criminals to understand who they really are and just how awful their many horrific evil deeds are affecting their very own future Karma. Let me try to explain so maybe a few will begin to change their ugly and destructive tune.

First, let's take a look at the truth about who and what we are from the most scientific perspective we have. Let's look at the best facts we have learned in the past 50-75 years or so. Let's start with Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory. Dr. Einstein devoted the last 30 years of his life to proving, mathematically, that everything is interconnected or UNIFIED. He just felt it deep in his bones yet could never actually prove it.

More recently, a quantum physicist by the name of Dr. John Hagelin, who earned his PhD in Quantum Physics from Harvard, claims that the nano-science now available has made it possible to prove that Einstein's Unified Field Theory is not only correct, that everything IS unified, but Hagelin claims that the evidence now exists to prove that this Unified Field is also incredibly intelligent.

The Fibonacci numbers, the Golden Ratio, the Divine Proportion of 1.618 to 1 which is found EVERYWHERE in the universe, from the spiraling arms of galaxies to the spiral of our DNA, that 1.618 to 1 ratio is EVERYWHERE. There is absolutely NOTHING in the entire universe without it. This awesome mathematical perfection found in everything makes Darwin dead wrong.

The late Dr. Antony Flew was the world's most famous atheist before he was replaced by Dr. Richard Dawkins. Of course, Flew was not on the take as I believe Dawkins must be. In light of the facts, one would have to be either on the take or a complete moron to openly admit that the orderliness of the universe did not require any intelligent direction. No modern scientist can honestly admit to a mindless evolution of our universe now.

Just a few years before his death, Dr. Flew, a long time atheist, rejected atheism as a false idea after he witnessed DNA up close with microbiology or nano-technology. He concluded that Darwin was clearly in error and that DNA could only have been produced by some form of super-incredible intelligence, an intelligence that far transcends the intelligence of man. DNA is simply far too complex and sophisticated to have just come together randomly without some form of intelligent direction. There simply must exist some God-like form of creative intelligence. Now, with Fibonacci, we know, mathematically so, that this super-intelligence pervades EVERYTHING.

We also know from the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto that this all pervading intelligence or oneness, of which EVERYTHING is made, including YOU, ME, the Rothschild's and the Black Pope too, prefers LOVE, JOY, and TRUTH over anything else. Water, infused with thoughts of love, then frozen, produces beautiful ice crystals reflecting perfection. However, water infused with thoughts of hate, then frozen produces ugly ice crystals with no symmetry.

Because we are all made of this same fantastic and amazing super-intelligent form of energy, we are literally CHILDREN of THIS AMAZING STUFF. Like it says in Psalms 82:6, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High. That's right. Because we are all God's children or Children of the Universe, call it whatever you wish, we are literally BROTHERS and SISTERS, all members of the same family, right?

Therefore, nobody is superior to anyone else. We are all AWESOME, squared! Folks like the Rothschild's and Windsor's have believed that they are superior to others which helps them justify their mistreatment of others. They have simply falsely believed themselves to be better than others. We now know that superiority is impossible when it comes to children of God.

Also, since everything is UNIFIED or ONE, we are each an integral part of the whole. Everything in the universe is also included. Therefore, we all should share the wealth. There is far more than enough for all of us to have plenty when we think of others as members of our family. There really is no actual LACK and LIMITATION. These conditions are brought about by lust, greed, envy, vanity, hatred, etc.

Currently, folks like the Rothschild's and Windsor's and many other super wealthy families hoard natural resources and trillions of dollars they can never spend while others go hungry. No wealthy person would allow a member of their own family to starve would they? What about kidnapping, raping, murdering, and harvesting organs for profit?

All monetary based economies are corrupt, regardless of the form of government and economy. It doesn't matter whether it is capitalism, socialism, fascism, or communism. The resource based economy model of Jacque Fresco is a promising idea.

Folks like then Rothschild's, Windsor's, Bushes, Pallavicini, Medici's, and a handful of other super wealth families could pony up maybe 10% of the wealth they have been hoarding and easily finance the transition from a debt based economy to a resource based economy.

Here, every member of the society could work maybe 10-15 hours each week doing necessary tasks to make it work and devote the remaining time to doing the type of work they are best suited to do to most effectively enhance the quality of life for all. This type of society would promote genius and productivity instead of suppressing fantastic discoveries like Tesla's Free Energy, Royal Rife's Cancer cure and healing resonance technology, the Cannabis Plant, and other wonderful things.

Perhaps, when the Ruling Elites, the trillionaires who are currently destroying our planet, murdering millions of innocent people, and robbing the world of so much joy and prosperity finally realize that we are actually all members of the same divine family, they will stop the madness and start doing the right thing.

Just a final note. Karma is real and it travels with you from lifetime to lifetime. If you Illuminati families fail to be loving, even when you have learned this truth, then your Karma will kick into high gear and likely bring you several successive lifetimes of some really ugly experience. Imagine being a hair-lipped dwarf with club feet, hands and fingers that don't work too well, a face with really bad zits, and a sex organ people literally run from.

All you need to do to stop any further future Karmic bleeding is to start BEING LOVING today!

The Unified Oneness prefers Love

Fibonacci, the Golden Ratio, 1.618 to 1

Jacque Fresco's Venus Project is the way to go

Jacque Fresco, The Genius


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