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False Reality and the Misconceptions of Advanced Alien Technology.

Updated on April 26, 2019
Tor Bakke profile image

When you realize that the Biblical message is not divine, but originates from our highly advanced alien visitors, it becomes intense.

The Bible takes on it's holy tenor, due to it's "magic" contents.

We need to understand that regardless of speculative details, our history as taught is completely fabricated and false, and those who don't want the human race to know truth have done a fantastic job of suppressing it. We must share the truth to combat lies of educational indoctrination and religious misinterpretations. The last thing those in control want, is to lose that mechanism, but all it takes is to realize that none of us are free and we are all under the control of someone's sociopolitical power. Our modern global society is exposed to constant denial by religious and political powers that control the media, our thoughts and our history. Lies are the norm today as well as political corruption, but people don't see that they can refuse to participate in the control system.

The Bible is not wrong, as even Erich von Daniken claims, but partly cryptic, mostly due to the ancient language and the author’s misconceptions of advanced technology. This is the reason why “the voice” of the Bible takes its holy tenor, which again is the reason why modern civilizations have a growing tendency to turn away from it as holy “crap” or simply fables from the past, while reality is grossly different. By being curious and giving the “crap” a second chance, I have come to an "out of the box" conclusion.

In fact unlocking the “mystery” is not at all that difficult. It is an intense experience changing your conception of life in general, when you realize that the Biblical message is not divine, but originates from our highly advanced alien visitors with a very specific agenda. So in that sense, von Daniken is right. What the Bible refer to as God or God’s is nothing more than our misunderstanding of alien technology and commands, in combination with our wishful thinking. What our visitors might know about an imaginable Ultimate Universal intelligence is another question. I am who I am, was the Lord’s words to Moses. The very same Lord and God that guided the Israelites out of Egypt by the means of an airborne luminous vehicle.

Where did we come from and why are we here?

The God's and their helpers.

If we accept that the Gods helped us (Homo sapiens) jumping a million years- give or take- in our otherwise natural evolution, we have experienced both evolution and artificial creation on this planet, as in contrast to divine! This would also sensibly bridge “the missing link” in Darwin’s evolution theory. If we classify ancient civilizations as “believing in myths”, we are thus doing them a great injustice. The beliefs of these ancient people were founded on perceptions that had proper substance in their historical context. If we do call these traditions of superhuman beings (or Gods) a “myth”, we are committing an ignorant error.

Before we dismiss the Sumerians as a bunch of uninformed primitives, we should consider for a moment that their culture and institutions were so similar to those of the western world today that we would be hard pressed to tell the difference. It was the Sumerians who first used the wheel, and far from being “pre-literate”, it was they who invented writing on clay tablets. (with some help?) It is impossible to lay off their well-documented encounters with the Gods. The Sumerians encountered them in flesh and blood. How arrogant it would be for us to automatically assume that the Sumerians were misguided. Interestingly the Sumerians never referred to the visitors as being any different in appearance than themselves, and understandably so, as we are their “created” descendants in “their image”. However, they also revealed that the Gods had "Android Beings" helping them. Today's modern UFO's and alien contacts being reported have a strong similarity to the Ancient portrayals of the Android Beings. When we look at the descriptions of our modern "grey alien", we can clearly see that they do not look like us, or the Gods. Presumably biological robots used for long- haul cosmic discovery missions as well as “helpers” and observers at ongoing missions,- as on Planet Earth. Fabricated beings without sexual organs, not sleeping or eating, with organic “computers” and photo lenses disguised as eyes – obeying orders at all times. Obviously they have no empathy, but are clinically executing the task they are programmed to perform. Or they are artificially intelligent (AI), “licensed” to use their own judgments. The Sumerians directly explain that these helpers were not alive, but acted as so. The perfect workforce.


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