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Fame corrupts many minds in the world!

Updated on September 18, 2016

After money, recognition comes next

Fame intoxicates many!

Fame is an intoxicant in the mind of certain people! They always strive to remain in the limelight. Especially actors and actresses, political leaders and the founders of multi-million business houses seek it always. Every day we read about the news associated with certain prominent personalities. Almost every day, their photo finds place in leading news media. If some leaders gains political prominence, some people are in the limelight for the wrong reasons like leaders of terrorist outfits and other criminals who elude the authorities. Some heads of institutions are mentioned in the media for wrong reasons. Some business houses are raided by income tax sleuths for tax evasion. The news about glamor queens is always for wrong reasons. Even if they lose their market, that is a prominent news item. At times, heads of some religious mutts are mentioned in the media when something is ‘fishy’ about their ashram or behavior.

If you turn on the TV or browse news channel, all reports are about negativity in the country or society. Frauds and thefts find prominence in reporting. Hence, we can safely go to fourth or fifth page without viewing the first three pages of newspapers. Nowadays, watching news channel is a punishment for everyone. The news reporters consider that negative news catch the eye and saleable than positive news. This is the case with entire media!

Education is not for commerce

Freedom and Independence through sacrifice of many!

This clearly reflects the mindset of society. Before independence most of the people in a country sacrificed many things for participating in freedom struggle. Their only concern was freedom from foreign rule and occupation. At that time, the focus of the people was Independence. Well, India obtained Independence during August 1947. Sixty nine precious years have gone. Still, the leaders could not ensure the real freedom to percolate into the life of the poorest of the nation! Is it not pathetic that many remote villages are lacking electricity, safe drinking water, health posts and basic educational facilities? Many leaders boast that they have achieved so much during their short rule. Sadly all these are mere rhetoric. There is no co-operation among the rulers. They are worried about the prospect of the party in the next elections. Many of the leaders hoodwink their citizens by lengthy speeches and advertisements in the leading dailies.

Leaders in the limelight always

The quality of education dwindles everywhere!

The quality of education has become average. Educationists are releasing false statistics about the quality of higher education, collage education and professional courses. The country boasts more number of medical collages than any other country. Many people pass out from the portals of medical collages. But we lack much in health sector. Rural health condition is worse! The educated Doctors are not willing to serve in rural health posts! Lack of infrastructure and essential medicines and minimal surgery in case of emergencies are the deplorable conditions of many primary health centers. The Doctors are paramedics feel that serving in rural areas will dent their future value. Hence most of the doctors want to practice in urban areas where they can get good practice and earn money! Even after the government has passed many stringent rules, most of the Doctors avoid working in remote areas!

Hence all educated people baring a few want to earn quickly to compensate the exorbitant fees they have paid to get admission in Medical Collages! There is no integrity in many places. Finding the loopholes in the system, many quakes make a living by working as agents to the political leaders and top bureaucrats. Hence, corruption and nepotism are eating the vitals of the Nation. Governance is for name sake. This is the case with many third world countries which suffered under foreign yoke!

The remedies to present conditions of Nation!

What are the possible remedies for such pathetic condition that exists in many third world countries? Moral and value education is the need of hour. Students must be thought about service, morality and integrity as their primal virtues. Though money is needed for leading a comfortable life, that is not the summum bonum of life. Practicing high virtues and patriotism is the need of hour. Human values have dwindled all over the globe! There is cut throat competition in many fields of life. People are running rat race as though they are going to die the next moment, in quest of money! See the speed with which many executives are crisscross the sky in jets. They take breakfast in one country, lunch in another and dinner in the third country! Why? For earning in Dollars and Pounds, people sacrifice their health. In the evening of their life, they will feel much that they have lost many things in the quest for money.

This is the age of gadgets! “Mail me! Is the instruction of the boss! None has time even to talk through phone! Grandparents are spending their life in some isolated flats while their sons and daughters are US citizens. They don’t find time even to skype with their parents! How the parents long to see their grandchildren? This is the pathetic case of earning wealth! Aged people long for care and comfort which is lacking everywhere! Many wealthy children admit their parents in senior citizen homes which provide you food and medicines! Who will provide affection?

Of course, there is one good thing in those trying moments! People realize the ephemeral nature of worldly existence, money and relationships! It is not far away that one day ‘ROBOTS WILL RULE THE NATION!


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