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Celebrity Chef Zodiac Signs

Updated on August 6, 2018
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Professional astrologer Sylvia Sky is a widely published author of books and articles about astrology and occult and spiritual matters.

Rachael Ray, Virgo, Doing What We All Like to Do

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Most Likely to Gain Weight?

All signs love food, and all can misuse food, although it's typically said that the sign most likely to "gain weight by just looking" is Cancer, and then Taurus. I think that's too simple. Probing each Sun Sign provides more insight into how people relate to food, and our most famous contemporary chefs show us how professionals look, live, and thrive while being surrounded with food.

What I like about TV food programs is that they show us so much excellence.

Let's start with the sign Virgo, which in astrology rules the stomach.

Virgos and Librans

Given the right conditions, Virgo is naturally of normal weight and enjoys exercise, appreciating its importance to overall health. Virgos tend to have one caloric vice, such as one beer or a snack before bed; this can result in a stubborn few pounds. The beloved star chef Rachael Ray (Aug. 25) has a whopping seven planets in Virgo: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto! She has her voluptuous times, and then loses the excess as if overnight. B. Smith (also Aug. 25) is a former model and doesn't get fat. And Virgo is the sign of serious food authenticity, as demonstrated by Italian-food expert Mario Batali (Sept. 19), formerly the star on TV's The Chew; Virgos are as likely to study cuisines as they are to eat them.

Contrary to what's said about Librans, they aren't balanced at all; they'll throw situations off-balance so they can correct them. Librans Emeril Lagasse (Oct. 15) and Mollie Katzen (Oct. 13) are icons of cuisines they themselves don't eat. Although her cookbooks The Moosewood Cookbook and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest are vegetarian classics, after many years of criticism Katzen now admits up front that she eats meat. Lagasse says his fridge contains eggs, chicken, turkey, and lots of wine -- not very New Orleans! A mostly-health-conscious Libran cook will often secretly indulge in favorite sweets and treats. The late avant-garde chef Homaro Cantu (Sept. 23) cooked with lasers. His kitchen creations threw the whole foodie world off balance!

Sagittarian Jacques Pepin, Born December 18, 1935

Sagittarians stay youthful forever!
Sagittarians stay youthful forever! | Source

Scorpios and Sagittarians

A Scorpio will either rigidly control his or her weight or try each day to "diet" by skipping breakfast and lunch, and by dinnertime will be ravenous and consume a 2000-calorie bucket of fried chicken with sides -- and yet stay thin by blowing off steam. Lean, mean chef Gordon Ramsay (Nov. 8) is a classic caricature of a Scorpio. Ramsay is famous for throwing entertaining tantrums and verbally abusing his cooks on TV shows with names such as Boiling Point, Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, and Hotel Hells. Intense. But not all Scorpios are like that: they can magically create as well as utterly destroy. The French "king of chefs and chef of kings" Georges Escoffier (born Oct. 28, 1846) was really the very first celebrity chef and author. He emphasized technique, and his five sauces underlie all of today's French cooking.

Sagittarians rarely cross over into obesity, but they can gain weight with maturity, which is unnatural to them, because they're born to be forever young. Sagittarian Bobby Flay (Dec. 10), 41 times an Iron Chef champion cook, is known for his American and Southwestern grilling and barbecue. In his forties he still looks boyishly handsome and is known for his sporting, competitive spirit; his current TV show is called Beat Bobby Flay. Notice he calls himself "Bobby," like a kid. Youthful charmer Jacques Pepin (Dec. 18) is among the first international celebrity media chefs and a James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

Capricorns, Aquarians, and Pisceans

Capricorns are likely to set regular meal times and regularly eat, but you will see them devouring fancy specialty desserts, such as black-bottom pie, at fancy places. They also tend to have a passion for starches such as potatoes. Because they overwork and obsess about work at their computers, they can also gain weight, which can be hard on their knees. Paula Deen, famed for high-calorie American Southern cooking, is a Capricorn Sun (Jan. 19) and Capricorn Moon, with Libra rising and cream-puff Cancer on the midheaven -- and it's not possible to get an astrological setup more likely to develop recipes for high-calorie high-cholesterol treats, and at the same time get rich and famous.

Aquarians will eat whole boxes of Oreos or Eskimo Pies. Never leave an Aquarian alone with sugar and carbs or a 16-inch pizza. Being an Aquarian means being a fount of stunning ideas gushing forth so quickly some Aquarians use food to slow themselves down. Aquarian Ina Garten (Feb. 2), the "Barefoot Contessa," was one of the first and boldest monetizers of her own brand, and her cookbook titles emphasize ease and quickness: How Easy is That?, Foolproof, and Make it Ahead. They're stuffed not only with recipes but with ideas.

Pisceans will overeat aggressively, because Pisces so often tries to keep a peaceful, friendly front, avoid complaining, and "stuff" justified anger. They also tend to "hole up" and hide, and unless they discipline themselves come to dislike activity, unless it is sex or swimming. Their behavior is linked somehow to their childhood. Chef Lidia Bastianich (Feb. 21), respected for popularizing genuine Italian food, says "Food for me was a connecting link to my grandmother, to my childhood, to my past. . .It gives you security; it gives you a profile of who you are, where you come from." She is sometimes called the inventor of pasta salad. In one of her cookbooks she says, "If I invented pasta salad, I would hide."

Ariens, Taureans, and Geminis

Aries eaters tend to love meats and anything fried, so Aries dieters choose low-carb diets. Most enjoy activity and have fast metabolisms. Some drink or smoke while still putting in gym time, but have the will to cut down or quit when an authority -- it has to be a medical authority, not a spouse or a friend -- says their habits are ruining their health. They respect international foods but might not enjoy them; they like what they like. Cat Cora (April 3), Greek-American chef and 21 times winner of the Iron Chef competition, is model-slim.

Taureans tend to eat a narrow range of "comfort foods" such as meat, cheese and beer, or chocolate anything -- but consume large portions of their favorites and tend to drink calories, favoring berry wines, fruity cocktails, coffee drinks with whipped cream, smoothies, and beer. It's no surprise, then, that Taurean chef Carla Hall (May 12), specializes in comfort foods. Taurus gains by eating on the run and not relaxing even at the table, concerned always about their weight; that's not natural. A slender former runway model, Hall fell in love with food in Paris and Milan, where people sit down, relax, and take an hour to eat. Her first cookbook was titled Cooking with Love: Comfort Food that Hugs You -- a very Taurean title. Hall withstood intense competition on TV's Top Chef and became a regular on The Chew, getting right down to work on those potpies.

Geminis gain by snacking; if they eat regularly and not between meals they will maintain their weight. They believe food is social, but not in the sense of dinner for four. British Gemini Chef Jamie Oliver (May 27) concentrates not on entertaining but on changing the way society and schools serve meals: nutritious, "naked," fresh, and natural. His efforts to improve school meals were very successful in England but resisted in the United States. And, of course, any two-person team of celebrity cooks must include a Gemini. Gina Neely (June 10) was half of The Food Network's best-known cooking couple, famous for barbecue, and after her breakup with husband Pat slimmed down to a size 0.

Paul Prudhomme's first cookbook. He appointed Emeril Lagasse as his successor.
Paul Prudhomme's first cookbook. He appointed Emeril Lagasse as his successor.

Cancerians and Leos

Cancers are often great cooks, especially of down-home foods with lots of oil, mayo, butter, and cream, and some enjoy and embrace being overweight because it suits them. They are sensitive and their weight can be their choice of "shell" or insulation. Cajun chef Paul Prudhomme was a Cancer (July 13), so heavy he used a wheelchair. The late chef and foodie Anthony Bourdain (June 25), although thin, in July 2015 admitted being addicted to Kentucky Fried Chicken mac 'n' cheese. Cancerians outfit their kitchens in the latest and shiniest, and their knives are the sharpest.

Leos, like lions, eat whatever they want; to them, every day has its occasion. Leos master their art, and love being authorities and looked up to. Julia Child (Aug. 15), chef of classic creamy and buttery French cuisine, in an interview attributed her longevity to "red meat and gin." Food quality matters very much to Leo. They will overeat when feeling unloved or unbeautiful, yet Julia seemed never to feel that way. Leo Alton Brown (July 30), once the host of Iron Chef, lost 50 pounds in 2009 and has kept it off; he has a Cancer moon so he really has to watch his weight. Martha Stewart (Aug. 3), like Carla Hall formerly a model, is so in-shape and so Leo super-successful with her Omnimedia cookbooks, shows, and merchandise that everyone loves to hate her. They're just jealous; who doesn't love a chef?

© 2015 SylviaSky


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  • gmwilliams profile image

    Grace Marguerite Williams 

    4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

    Interesting synopsis on celebrity chefs. Cancers and Taureans since they are gourmands, love food, and the art of fine eating, especially the more sumptuous goodies, tend to put on weight quickly. Not only because they love food but because they do not exercise as much. Aries, Geminis, and Leos tend to be more athletic and physical, thus they can consume larger amounts of food yet seldom have to worry about their weight. To digress, the actress Charlize Theron, model thin and beyond gorgeous, loves food and admits it. However, she loves to swim, walk, and engage in outdoor exercise so food is not a problem with her. Great hub, wish there were buttons to VOTE UP! Nevertheless, I mentally vote this hub WAY UP!

    By the way, Virgoans and Capricorns for the most part are health conscious, leaning towards a sparse, even Spartan diet. They see food as fuel, not something to merely indulge it as it goes against their more, utilitarian and puritan nature.

  • Larry Rankin profile image

    Larry Rankin 

    4 years ago from Oklahoma

    Interesting take on our favorite celebrity chefs.


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