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Famous Mysteries of The World - VI

Updated on June 8, 2020

Reporting the future

There have been many episodes, in which people have seen a scene from the future in a very vivid manner. They had reported it to the proper authorities before it really happened; therefore there has been almost no chance of fraud. For example in 1935, Sir Victor Goddard, who worked in The Royal Air Force, was flying at low altitude over an abandoned air base that had been used during the First World War. Suddenly, he saw a number of airplanes flying near his own, but they were abnormally silent.

To his astonishment, he realized that some of them were of the models that had not even been built yet, much less used. The air field over which he was flying also seemed to be in use. He was stunned as he remembered that this air field had been abandoned a long time ago. But what Sir Victor had seen in 1935, really did take place four years later in 1939 when the second world war was about to start. The abandoned air field that he had seen being used was really taken under commission and the airplanes that he had seen were built by then. Had Sir Victor crossed the time barrier? If his reports are true, which they most likely are, then he actually did cross the barrier.

Another such case happened, though recently, in 1973. An American woman named Laura Daniels, was walking on the sidewalk when suddenly the whole scene changed. She saw that a couple was standing near her in dresses which were not contemporary. Suddenly a barking dog came running towards her. The man who was standing near Daniels patted the dog and quieted it. But the most astonishing fact was that the man was not able to see Laura, who seemed to be invisible to him, but maybe not to the dog.

Premonitions and precognitions happen in many ways. Sometimes, people see them in live physical forms like in the last cases while there are also times when they come to us in the form of dreams. One such incident happened in Aberfan, Wales. A nine year old girl had, just woken up in horror due to a dream that she had seen that her school was covered with something which was black in color. Her mother comforted her and put her back to sleep.

The next day when she went to her school, she along with 142 other people was killed in a tragedy that happened when billions of kilos of coal waste came down from the coal mines above the school. It has been seen that such disasters are connected with premonition that have been accurately experienced by people. We can thus see that a chance is given to us to prevent tragedies only if we would understand.

Backster Effect, PLANTS Can Think!

In the year 1966, Cleve Backster who was a former CIA officer with the American government, proved substantially that plants can think and feel. He attached a lie detector machine to a plant and studied that when the plant was watered, it showed an effect which implied that it was satisfied. He also proved that whenever a person thought of harming a plant, the plant showed a sort of response revealing the fact, that plants could not only think, but also knew what a person was thinking. Is that a little farfetched? Could be, but Cleve had evidence with him before putting this point in public.

Cleve Backster was not the only one to put this point forward. Sh. Jagdish Chandra Bose who was knighted due to his distinguished researches, believed that plants also have some kind of a nervous system. Some experiments have also proved that plants are affected by things like music, prayers, love etc which seem to help them grow faster. There have been many other experiments on plants in which scientists have discovered that plants possess some kind of a memory. It has been found out that they can learn from past experiences and can adapt for better living.

Skeptics believe that the experiments carried out by scientists who believe in such subjects are misleading. But in spite of this, research in this area has relentlessly continued and other scientists have also claimed of reaching the same conclusion as Backster did.

Had you heard about Backster Effect?

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