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3 Famous UFO Abductions

Updated on May 8, 2015
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These are a series of Hubs about Extraterrestrial life conspiracies. Conspiracy writing is a side project when not writing about technology.

Alien Abductions Can Be Found Around The World


The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

One of the most famous of the alien abduction cases recorded is that of Betty and Barney Hill. The Hill's story is one that is considered by many to be the start of the trend of abduction stories. The story the couple told has become the guideline for determining what makes for an abduction case. Prior to these event being told, Ufologists where unclear as to what an abduction really entailed.

Betty and Barney Hill where an interracial couple living in New Hampshire in 1961. For medical reasons the couple had to take a trip to Canada. On their way back home, while driving down a stretch of isolated batch of road they noticed a star that has moving in an awkward fashion. Unsure of what it was the two of them where seeing, The couple continued down the road monitoring the star. They kept driving until they found a clearing that gave them a better view of the strange star they had been following. Wanting to get a closer look at what they where looking at, Barney got a pair of binoculars out of his car. When he was able to get a closer look what he found shocked him to the core.

What he had assumed was a star had multi-colored lights and he could make out the silhouettes of what looked like people piloting the strange object. Once he had this realization they jumped back in the car and started to follow the strange object. They raced down the road trying to keep up but eventually they lost the craft. Once it was gone the couple started to hear a beeping sound coming from around them. Once the beeping was gone the two went home assuming that the sighting was all that happened.

This is where their story ends up becoming strange. The next Barney had called to report what he had saw and found out that the Air force had been monitoring the same thing that he had seen. Assuming the the object they saw was just a random craft the two of them went about their day to day life. It wasn't until Betty started having nightmares of the couple being forced onto a ship and being experimented on by baldheaded aliens. The couple also realized that there was two hours missing from their night. After different therapies to bring up the memories where conducted, Betty talked about seeing a spacecraft landing on the road in front of them and taking the couple on board for experiments.

The Number Of Abductions Reported Grow Every Year


The Abduction of Alan Godfrey

Alan Godfrey was a police constable who use to work in West Yorkshire in the UK. He was working one night in 1980 he was given in orders to look into a complaint about missing cattle. He was working the night shift and it was going close to punch out time. When he got to the fields he spent hours searching, but was never able to find the missing livestock. After spending a few hours searching he decided to give up and make his way back to the station. As he was leaving the field he noticed lights up the street and decided to investigate.

His first instincts was that it was one of the early morning buses. As he got closer however, he started to notice that the bright object wasn't shaped like a bus at all. Instead of the boxy look that he was expecting, instead he found an oval shaped object that was admitting bright light. From the way that the bushes along the side of the road where moving he could tell that this strange object was hovering close to the ground. He pulled out his note pad to make a quick sketch and take notes, when he lost conciseness.

When he regained conciseness he was in the drivers seat of his patrol car driving a down the road. He had no memory of what happened the night before, nor did he have any memory of getting in his car and driving. The part of the road that he came to on was a little been farther down the road than the location of the strange object he had seen the night before. He stopped the car and examined the spot where the object was. What he saw was a perfectly dry spot while the rest of the road was wet from a storm that had occurred.

When he got back to the station there had been a report called in where a blue object had been spotted flying over the same area where he witness the hovering craft. He filled a full report of the event and soon found himself in the middle of a media storm. After forcing himself to remember the events of the night, he went on to describe the creatures in the shape to have had large heads and where around 4ft tall. Despite the two coinciding reports Godfrey was never able to receive more information about what had happened to him that night.

Locations of UFO Abductions

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New Hampshire, USA
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The Location of the Ben and Betty abductions

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West Yorkshire, UK
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Eagle Lake, ME, USA
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The Allagash Abductions

While there have been many abductions that have been reported, there have been very few that have the reputation that the Allagash abductions have. The whole thing started when four friends went out on a hunting trip in the vast wilderness of Maine. The group where all about to finish college and where going out for an enjoyable weekend. Their plan was to make their camp at Eagle lake and eat what they had caught hunting and finishing. On their first night out there they decided to do some night fashion and built up a massive fire to help them find their way back in the dark.

While the group was out on the water they noticed a glowing orb raise up above the tree line and started to change colors. After a few minutes the glowing object began to move slowly towards the four men sitting in the boat. Unsure of what the object was, one of the picked up a flashlight and tried to single to it. When there was no response and the object kept moving closer to them, they decided to head back to shore as quickly as they could. When the group got to the shore the object began to rise than disappeared.

While they where standing on the shoreline they noticed that the bon fire the left as a single had completely burnt out. None of them could explain why the fire had gone out. The following day the group packed up their camps and went back to their homes. It wouldn't be until a few weeks later that the group started having similar nightmares. The dreams consisted of a group of insect like aliens preforming medical examinations of the group. The description that was consistent between the four men was that the creatures had long necks with over sized heads (Greys?). Their eyes where large and black.

After numerous group sessions the group of men decided to share their story with the general public. Through different hypnosis sessions the image that was created was that while on the lake the four men had been abducted and where placed back on the beach when the aliens where finished. The experiences that these men had that night have all of the same aspects that the majority of abduction cases. The difference between the Allagash abductions and other similar events, is that Allagash has the most eye witnesses that told of having the same exact experience has each other.

Why Do Alien Abductions Occur?


Almost Everyone Tells The Same Aien Abduction Story

Alien Abductions: Truth or Storytelling?

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