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Famous UFO Cases

Updated on November 4, 2009

Aurora Texas Crash

UFO investigators have been astounded by this crash. As it happened over a century ago, its still regarded as one of the most important UFO cases in the history of UFO investigations. The Aurora Texas UFO Crash, signals thoughts flowing through the heads of any who may know something about UFO's and Extraterrestrial Beings.

The Facts

The Aurora Texas UFO Crash happened in 1897, which was 112 years ago, long before any of us were born. According to the stories, an UFO crashed into a windmill, and resulted in an Alien Being getting buried in the aftermath of the collision. According to the stories, it was April 17, 1897. They referred to the extraterrestrial as the "Martian Pilot". They also recovered debris from the ship, which obtained hieroglyphics still unexplainable to this day.The people in the town gave the dead alien a proper burial.

Whether this story happens to be true or not, its still one of the most famous UFO cases in history. The news spread around very quickly. has an article that is suppose to be the original article written at the time of the incident.

The E.T Interview

This is the most controversial piece of evidence to ever surface in the history of UFO investigating. Whether its a hoax or not, the video touched many people emotionally. Many people were offended by what you are about to see. You have been warned.

 As you can see in the video, there seems to be a little disturbance with the extraterrestrial being. As the telepath tries to talk to the alien, it begins to have problems. Doctors run into the room and begin to attend to the alien being.

Many people found the part where the nurses came into the room very disturbing and emotionally touching. Don't know why thats the case to some people, but everyone has something that gets to them.

The Cloud

 There has been much speculation about the UFO-shaped cloud that appeared in the skies of Moscow, Russia. Many people were so quick to label it as something unexplained. There is a logical explanation for this. There are different types of clouds that may appear in the skies at any given time.

There is no definitive evidence to support whether this was an extraterrestrial craft coming from the clouds or not. There is significant evidence to support the theory that it was merely a special form of cloud shaped like an UFO or a Halo.

The following images below will show weird shaped clouds.

Lenticular Cloud
Lenticular Cloud

Roswell Crash

This has to be the most important crash of all time. Its one of the only crashes that had this much publicity and actually brought forth physical evidence. Physical evidence meaning that of the craft that was destroyed during the crash, as well as multiple bodies of extraterrestrial beings. There were countless eye witness accounts, including those of credible witnesses such as scientists that worked in the facility where the beings were held, military personal that arived at the scene of the crash to bring the debris and bodies to the base, and more. This crash had nationwide attention. Everyone knew about this crash. Years after, the military began working on high tech projects such as the Stealth Fighter. Many people think that alien technology was reversed engineered to create these machines. The military dismissed the claims by saying it was a weather balloon that crashed. The Roswell case is still under investigation.


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      Ed Book 6 years ago

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      Ed Book

    • profile image

      D. R. Hutchins 8 years ago

      My grandfather witnessed the Aurora crash. In the 1950's my grandmother told me he was on his horse and buggy and saw the thing heading in his general direction. It crashed close to him with a loud impact; the horse stampeded, and he headed to her house and was really jarred by the experience. I was told he saw a meteor. Nothing was ever mentioned about an alien craft at that time. Everything with them was either black or white so I do believe he saw something incredible happen, especially since he thought it was a meteor and nothing else.

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Great hub! Thanks for sharing the video, pics, and great write-up. I enjoyed reading this and am sure that others will enjoy reading this.