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Famous UFO Incidents With the United States Military

Updated on April 30, 2015
Aliens in America?
Aliens in America? | Source

UFO Encounters

UFO encounters and sightings are becoming frequent stories nowadays . Each year , a large number of sightings are reported all over the world . But in spite of dealing with lots of evidence , the majority of governments continue to deny these UFO reports and seek to define them in a much more believable manner .

The United States armed forces is no certainly the strongest military power in the world , and by far the most secretive . And even with this kind of power , they nevertheless fail to discuss several UFO encounters that involve numerous military units . They frequently turn to “cover-ups” in order to blur away what had really happened .

Roswell UFO Crash
Roswell UFO Crash | Source

The Roswell Crash

The Roswell UFO incident is one of the most recognized UFO case in US history . The precise time frame of the exact crash is uncertain but it is considered to have happened in June or early July of year 1947 . What we precisely understand is the fact the Roswell Army Air Field ( RAAF ) released a press release on July 8 , 1947 stating that they had recovered a flying saucer . Later on that day , the military issued a report that the RAAF personnel actually recovered debris from a surveillance balloon rather than an alien spacecraft . Lots of people considered that the military covered-up the entire incident and that a genuine spacecraft was recovered together with its alien occupants .

The US Air Force marked the event as “case closed” way back in 1997 . The finalized reports declared that the recovered debris was simply wreckage from balloon tests to monitor Soviet nuclear blast . The bodies recovered from the site , presumed as alien bodies by many , were crash dummies utilized to research the effect of high altitude falls .


UFO Flyby over Washington D.C.

On the eve of July 19 , 1952 , air traffic control from the National Airport in Washington D .C . ( Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport ) observed odd blips on the radar monitor . The objects were at the same time tracked by Andrews Air Force Base situated 10 miles to the east . There had been no airplanes flying at that moment and the objects flew with extreme speed that radar was not able to keep track of them constantly . F-94 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the targets . The F-94 “Starfire” was considered one of the latest models of jet plane during that time and can achieve a maximum speed of roughly 600 miles per hour . Whenever the pilots were on the sky , the objects would vanish and return again while the pilots land their planes . Then when the pilots do happen to get in the air with the unidentified objects , these UFO’s would simply outrun them . The sightings as well as radar trackings persisted until 3 :00 am . At this period , lots of people on the ground had carefully watched the UFOs .

On July 26 , the UFOs came back and the military experienced the exact same result . After these incidents , the Air Force made a press conference on July 29 . The Air Force discussed that the events were the results of "temperature inversion" in which ground lights reach the clouds and provide the impression of a lighted aircraft traveling in the sky . The anxious public accepted this half-baked explanation instead of the alternate fact that we are being visited by flying objects not from earth .

Minuteman IBM
Minuteman IBM | Source

Nuclear Missile Shutdown

Malmstrom Air Force Base is amongst the three USAF bases that control the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile . The base is situated at Great Falls , Cascade County , Montana which is home of the 341st Missile Wing ( 341 MW ) of the Air Force Global Strike Command ( AFGSC ) . A UFO incident in 1967 shook the base and risked the whole US nuclear force .

On the daybreak of March 16 , 1967 , security staff noticed strange lights traveling to and fro across the sky . A sentry contacted a superior and mentioned of observing UFOs . As soon as one of the UFOs moved above among the missile silos , the base was unexpectedly tossed into an uproar . One of the missiles have gone offline , which means that it could not be fired . This is an enormous deal simply because the base was part of the nation’s nuclear deterrent force .

Individuals on the base believed that maintenance crews were at that site and they failed to notify the officers in charge . But when additional missiles began going offline , they realized that something uncommon was happening .

Later on , a group of engineers were taken to the site to find out whatever had happened . Boeing , who manufactured the missiles , could not point out what triggered the missiles to shut off on its own . Thus the main reason why the missiles have gone down is not identified even to this day .

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