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Father Justin appeal against the mandatory introduction of microchip in identification documents

Updated on January 29, 2016
Father Justin Pârvu
Father Justin Pârvu | Source

Beloved orthodox Christians,

With much pain I witness, in the last little while, the last sufferings of Christianity. This microchip that wants to substitute the face of God in humans is a war at the address of Christianity and of the human being, in general. The war has started full force and found us, it seems, unprepared. We are already tired and exhausted from so much confusion and debate on the subject. But, my brethren, we are forgetting one aspect: When our Savior prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane to take away the cup of his suffering and He was not listened to did He loose faith? What is to be our victory? Wasn’t the cross the one that opened the gates of resurrection? Have we already fought to the last drop of blood? Have we already felt the nails? Can we not raise our voice to our Father in Heaven? Can we give up the fight? It is not easy for us and nor was it for Our Savior Jesus Christ. But what did Christ do during his suffering on the Cross? He raised his eyes to his Father in Heaven and He endured everything with patience and love. Where did our Savior find strength to endure on the cross? From his forgiving love towards all those that had forsaken him…Without these two weapons, we cannot endure in our war: hope, with our eyes raised to our Father and love, even for those who are forsaking us.

The representatives of our country who, after they begged and lied many times were elected by our people, have today betrayed their brothers, giving us into the hand of the enemy’s devil’s weapon, seeking to enslave us body and soul to an alien power opposed by our God , namely “the microchip”.

Do our leaders love us so much that they have declined to inform their people regarding the introduction of the microchips in our identity documents? Romanian brothers, it is still our identity! Who are we surrendering it to? What faith can we have in our leaders when they have “tacitly” voted for the ID cards with a microchip while we were strongly opposing the idea of having a microchip inserted in our passport? Let’s see what arguments they are going to offer us now! If the passport was a right and not an obligation, would the ID card be a right as well? Do you see how much our leaders care about our opinion as population? Do you see what rights they protect for us? And what rights can we still claim that we have?

Passport with microchip
Passport with microchip | Source

IF what is taking place it is correct and honest, why is it not in the media, why is it not made well known to the people? These problems, of major importance, are being debated in the dark. What do they have to hide? What sort of dictatorship is being prepared for us now? I hold in my body and soul the scars of the communist dictatorship, which showed itself as a terrible beast that couldn’t even stand to hear the word GOD. If we were locked up for insubordination towards the party, what did they have with our beliefs? You should know: in prison nothing more was disturbing to them then our God and the main reason for torture was a positive response to: “Do you still believe in God, you bandit?”. But if, then, their fight against our God and our freedom was in the light, now they are sneaking up on us, by coming with a cross and an icon in their hands and the devil in their soul, because they have sold out to the foreign powers, to greed for money and to the illusion of power. After they sold our country, now they want to sell our identity? And why should we give it up? What authority do they have? What is in the heart of the members of parliament who sold the identity of this country, a country for which our ancestors shed their blood? Why should we sell it cheap, as once Judas sold Christ for 30 pieces of silver? Don’t they feel shame in front of the sacred tombs of Stephen the Great, Michael the Brave, Constantin Brancoveanu and the other charismatic leaders we had?

Hence, from the legal alternatives we can consider, I suggest to the people: Call for referendum! It is the soil of our country, of our ancestors, who fought with sacrifice and dedication to give us the will of a free, Christian country. We have the right to decide the fate of this soil on which we were born and over the soul that was given to us by God, not by men. Here, at our monastery, we have gathered over 400,000 signatures against the biometric documents. People have come and asked for my advice in desperation. We must ask this time for a referendum! So, we will make new tables, with new signatures and we will ask to go against the electronic documents through a referendum! Let’s sign with sincere conviction, trying to save something from the fall we are about to experience. This year we have elections and the electoral campaign has already started. All the preparations for the elections, all this manipulation in which enormous expenses are being placed on the backs of a poor people, are nothing but another scenario prepared after years of foreign interests interfering.

Even though we are in a difficult situation, no one explains to the people – not the mass-media, not the television and not even the sermons in front of the holy altar – the truth that lies behind these things. All have reached a silence over this betrayal. As the Psalmist once said: “They have all turned aside, they have together become corrupt; there is none who does good, no, not one” (Psalms 13:3). Pushing the people to become pagan and unfaithful and at the same time towards loosing their identity and becoming foreign to our habits and traditions, as well as in slaving us to foreign concepts which never belong to us as Romanians or as Orthodox, will bring us forward to the severe judgment of God. With more cowardness we will get more punishment.

So, each Christian baptized in the name of Jesus Christ must protect his or her faith with the price of life, without waiting for official decrees. But, fearing more the judgment of God than that of humans, each must do everything within their power to fight against this new dictatorial system.

I said it and I repeat it: When there will be no one to protect the faith preached by Saint Apostle Andrew himself, that faith is dead, as dead will be the fate of that people. We have tried, helpless as we are, to keep unspoiled the heritage from Saint Apostle Andrew, who made holy with his feet the land of this country, preaching the gospel of peace… We don’t have other heritage to receive. And even if an angel would come to tell us that Saint Andrew was wrong when he taught us Christianity, we will not receive him, but as a despised creature we will think of him…We judge no one that lives peacefully in their faith, even if it is against the Gospel of Christ, but only the ones that are defiantly trying to change the new faith sealed with the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. If others washed their hands of his holy blood, we prefer to wash ourselves in his blood and get dressed in his cloak, in which we have been baptized.

Romanian brothers, do not rip apart the cloak of Christ! Do not wash away the blood with who he sealed us and made us inheritant’s of his kingdom.

But we should rather pray that through his wounds our wounds will be healed; through his blood our blood will be purified; through his body nailed to the Cross, our body beaten by our enemies will be raised; through his holy hands, we will be pull out of the abyss in which our enemies would send us.

So, not through our helpless strengths we will have hope, but in the power of our God, for whom there is power and the glory, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen!

Arhim Justin Parvu, Petru Voda Monastery
April 1st, at the feast of Saint Mary the Egyptian

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© 2016 Anne-Paraschevi


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