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"Faye Daily Words Of Encouragement # 138 Today's Word Is: Iniquity"

Updated on February 6, 2010

"Faye's Daily"Words Of Encouragement # 138 Today's word Is: Iniquity

To live our lives according to Gods word all of our iniquities have to be put in the trash can of life.
To live our lives according to Gods word all of our iniquities have to be put in the trash can of life.

"Faye Daily Words Of Encouragement # 138 Today's Word Is: Iniquity"

Definition of the word Iniquity: Means wickedness, evilness; a wicked or evil act.

Psalms chapter 25 - 11: For thy name sake O Lord, pardon mine iniquity ; for it is great.

Psalms chapter 51 - 5 : Behold I was shapen in sin did my mother conceive me.

Psalms chapter 103 - 3 : Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases.

James chapter 3 - 6 : And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our, members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteh on fire the course of nature; and it set on fire of hell.

Act Chapter 1 -18 : Now this man purchase a field with the reward of iniqity; and falling head long, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out.

2 Timothy chapter 2 - 19 : Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are his and, let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart form iniquity.

Today's daily words of encouragement word, is iniquity, iniquity is all manner of evil and wickedness.  In today's world of living ; iniquity runs rampant, even from those that profess to be children of God. If we're out there spreading vicious lies and talking about our brothers and sisters in Christ; we're no better than the sinner man that's doing the same evil. If we're out there digging ditches and dangerous holes for someone to fall into, we're going against Gods word. If we're killing  and mudering up each other, people we're committing heinous iniquities upon our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

 Any  vicious act that cause harm, hurt, and pain, is iniquity; so are you spreading iniquity through the land, when we're suppose to be fulfilling Gods law b y spreading peace and love to one another. if we're aren't spreading Gods word in a peaceful and loving manner than we're defeating Gods purpose for us in this life.

Benny Faye \Douglass


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    • skye2day profile image


      9 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      creativeone59 Amen Sister. Words are Life and Death. We can bring it on or bring it down in our tongue. There is power in the tongue. Your writing is beaufitful. I enjoyed and savored each word. Thak you for the kind reminder. It is truth. The fresh, living water flows in you creative. I Love Ya. Come by and visit whole world when you have a moment. In 'his' name sister. Hugs+ + +

    • Veronica Allen profile image

      Veronica Allen 

      9 years ago from Georgia

      So true creativeone. Even among those who profess to be christians, iniqity can run rampant. It just goes to show you, that we all can easily fall if we don't watch ourselves.


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