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Fear ! Is it a blessing or an indignation ?

Updated on August 9, 2016

Do you afraid of something to happen to your relatives or afraid about persons you love ?

Do you afraid of someone who may heart you ?

do you afraid about your kids ?

Why some people are afraid of darkness or ghosts ?

control your thoughts


fear from the unknown

made by Rene Asmussen
made by Rene Asmussen | Source

Your thoughts about what you are afraid of and your concentration on your fears motivates your brain to imagine your fears because your brain tries to keep you safe it always tells you about the coming danger . it always tries to protect you and make sure everything is ok .

So the first step to get of your fear is changing your thoughts for better and good thoughts . At the end of this article i wll tell you a real strategy to get rid of your fear .

facts about fear :

there are two things the normal human is afraid of : high voices and high places

I am talking about man on the past before the technology and globalization does exist .NOW researches says that there are thousands of fears existed and created by humanity itself .

fear is a double edged weapon


Fear is a double edged weapon

successful people use their fears to achieve their dreams . this fear motivates them to get better and better and better .

For example : jean want to study hard but to get a high mark at the exam . she now stays at home asking herself why i don't want to study hard like my friends ?.then she remembers what depends on this exam and what she will lose if she has a bod marks . how her friends will look at her ? how she would look like after this exam ?. what will she do during her exam . will she just watch her friends solve questions and she looks very very stupid willing someone save her . this is what i am taking about fear will motivate her .you may thinks with different way about what it depends on what will i do ??

Some people just use their fears to just get afraid and still feared . these people don't do much at their lives except being feared . now what is the most something you fear from ? is it fail ? is it about getting poor ? how can you use your fear to win the game ? these questions what you have to answer .

how to get rid of fear ?

Here i am talking bout bad one that make you stop moving forward follow me with these easy steps:

1- Relax

take your breath from your nose and get it out from your mouth but very slowly do this untill you relax may be 3-5 times after that close your eyes .

2- imagine it happening

imagine what you afraid of happens just do it for example : for people who afraid of darkness imagine you are alone in the room at night of course .then all light is turned of and you are a lone in this room .face your fear . do you think you fear from ghosts then imagine it around you

3- the result

after facing you fear now you are free and can improve yourself because there is nothing can prevent you from achieving your dreams and make them alive . now use your the good fear to get better

write about your fears , try these steps and type your results on comments .

finally As always be the best !

yours , Joseph Michael


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