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Congratulations! Your Fear Of Failure Is About To Stop Being Relevant

Updated on October 25, 2015

Setting Free the Heart and Soul

Biblical scripture states that “ we must work out our own spiritual freedom and salvation by facing fear and trembling.” Fear of failure is an emotion that is usually looked upon as a weakness in society. For example, If we are fearful we are called cowards, weaklings and useless. Therefore, we attempt to hide our fear of failure or rejection through avoidance, arrogance or inferiority. We don't get the things done or live a life pleasing to God because we can't stand the rejections of our loved ones, our friends or our community. However, God did not intend for us to bow before fear and trembling, but to engage it in order to harness its power and unlock the glory of God within ourselves.

The Challenge

Fear of failure or rejection must be faced so that God can fully empower you to blaze a dynamic trail on earth. However, you must be willing to experience anything. You must be willing to face any individual, group, condition or circumstance without reservation. You must be willing to utterly break the chains that the power of the darkness has designed to keep you from moving forward. However, these chains which involves fear of failure and rejection come in many disguises.

Confronting Individuals

You must face negative individuals without restrictions if you intend to please God. Any other option is out of the question. You must be able to endure multiple rejections from the same person. You must be willing to let your defenses down in order to feel your awkwardness and uncomfortableness. You must speak your mind despite who disagrees with your opinions, thoughts and beliefs. If you don't commit to confronting an individual when it comes to doing God's will or performing what is necessary to progress, you will forever be at the mercy of that individual instead of God. However, in order to please God and obtain inner purity, freedom and happiness, you must give up your need for praise, approval and sympathy from individuals. Such needs represent the chains of darkness. Therefore, deny your fear of individuals and move forward. God is the only one in charge.

Facing the Fear of Groups

When you stand up before a group in order to deliver a message or give a speech on some important topic, whether the group involves a church congregation or members of the public, you must go through your fear of failure and rejection. Chances are you will feel shame and embarrassment under the scrutiny of multiple eyes staring at you. However, you should rejoice because you are being purified. You are revealing the truth about yourself to people. You are no longer trying to lie about your confidence or your desire to look perfect. Even though your mind goes blink, remain poised and receive every blow for as long as it take. Feel the shame on your face and play the zombie. When we handle our fear of failure and rejection this way, we give up our desire for honor, praise and glory. We become free and full of God's grace and presence. We enter fully into His kingdom, a kingdom of wisdom and power.

Overcoming intimidating Circumstances

If you allow fear and rejection to imprison you due to circumstances and conditions seemingly beyond your control, you are denying the supremacy of God and His power within you. God did not create man to be ruled by negative circumstances or conditions that may be impacting the his surroundings. History teaches us that adversity begins to vanish when we overcome our fear of circumstances and conditions. Therefore, the solution is entangled in the unreleased fears of our souls. These fears may manifest themselves in the form of sickness and diseases such as breast cancel, colon or prostrate cancel. These fears may come in the form of natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Nevertheless, we must not allow our fear of failure and rejection to take priority over the God given supernaturally power within us to divert these diseases and disasters. And yes, God is willing.

Think of the Rewards

When Christ faced His fear of the agony of cross, he thought of the rewards of overcoming it. He kept His eyes on the benefits. We must follow His thinking when we are in situations where we need to confront our fear of failure and rejection. The earth awaits us. Mankind awaits us. The glory of God awaits us. As Christ was giving a position of glory beside the throne of God, so will those of us who overcome our most intimidating fears. We will be given a position o f power and glory in God's invisible kingdom on earth. Imagine being free from the influence of our darkness. Therefore, embrace fear of failure and rejection. Let it crucify you before others. Let it temporarily terrify you as you stand up to individuals, groups and conditions. Let it release the pent-up darkness within you for all to see. Trust God and Suffer embarrassment and ridicule from people who you would rather like you than dislike you. Don't be afraid to allow these people to be ashamed of you and deny you. Your freedom and glory is born this way. As a result, instead of darkness ruling you, you will rule darkness.

Taking Authority: Saying No

Ruling darkness means you will take authority of fear of failure and rejection as well as all things associated with it. You will command the attention of individuals and groups that once terrified you. Because it pleases God when you face the fears that bind you, God will supernaturally empower you with the faith to divert all threats, diseases and disasters that comes within the circle of your influence. All in all, facing you fear of individuals, groups and circumstances, despite the consequences, destroys your most daunting fears and purifies your heart with joy and freedom.

King James Bible

Getting Rid of Fear

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