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Fear of the world

Updated on November 22, 2009
I dare not see what is ahead of me!
I dare not see what is ahead of me!

The Real Danger Ahead of Us!


The Fear of the World

It is a wired thinking why man is disappointed and dismay at the thought of the future.  It is pretty sure that one man’s thinking makes the entire word changed dramatically. What is more, he is shivering with an untold fear, which engulfs his entire thoughts. His thoughts come out as a fearless defense that dares destroy whatever comes against this own judgment. This is where the danger starts, without warning this very thought spreads all around the world!

Man becomes insane; his very thoughts make him a ridiculous being, like a common clown at a circus, amusing the crowd around him. It is purely a selfish motive, molding the character of another with an ulterior intention of directing him to the dead end. This is so treacherous, brining the entire world under one umbrella in order to destroy with a flash of a moment.

The power of the world, or the power ruling the world is not in his hand, even though he thinks it is in his own hand. It is a well-known fact that he has already become a puppet of the evil force on earth!  He dances in accordance with the evil power which aims an ultimate destruction in the end using the man. The grip is so tight that he cannot get away from this evil power on earth.

False thinking rules the entire world! The destruction is on the way that no one can simply ignore the consequences which is going to eco for the test of time. Selfish motivation of the man twists his entire destination without a proper outcome, but there is a terrific phenomenon which no one can predict but prepared. Is it possible to prepare ourselves without a prediction? Yes, you can, it is called the faith, the Faith in the World of God!

Ignorance of the warning of the God is the most dangerous and devastating result that the world faces these days. Man always needs a proof of everything that he wants to believe. Funnily enough, if I ask you whether you are a legitimate child or an illegitimate one. This really irritates your feelings, because you need a self respect to appear among the others as a true legitimate child, born to your own parents. If you are a legitimate child, surely you should believe that there is one above all those things going on around us, making a great change in your attitudes to be a fellow - concern being on earth.

Consider the untold hardship that the people on earth suffering in one corner. The Dark Continent is still darker than ever before. Yes the world power is amused the way how man is going to find a lifelong solution for the unload hardship that he is suffering on earth. Sufferings never come to an end, unless the fear of living tomorrow has a concrete solution for the needy.  Since the man is imperfect, he should seek help from the Most Highest who has plan for the entire world!


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