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Feeling Great

Updated on February 20, 2011

How to feel great


Feeling great is about putting our life in order, rather than having a good time or feeling good at any cost. It is about bringing our inner world into harmony, developing the maturity to align our inner world thoughts, attitudes and feelings with our outer world of actions, words and relationships. If there is confusion inside, there will be confusion outside.


To begin to feel great we need to become more honest - to make what we think, say, feel and do as one. Without this "oneness" in our personal lives, no amount of distracting fun can make us feel good, positive or great.

Having honesty means taking responsibility for the way we think, feel and respond to situations and other people. We can start by addressing a few questions to the self:

* Did I really need to do the action?

* Did I need to think that?

* Could I have spoken, or acted, in a better way?

Questions like this clean out our bad habits and ordinary ways of living. We cannot feel great if we have bad habits.

One common bad habit is letting others throw their rubbish into our lives, either in obvious physical ways or more subtly. Why do we allow them to do this? "Because of this" or "because of that" perhaps - but because statements only help us to justify our miserable feelings or the situation. How can we feel great when we are complaining or constantly pessimistic, fearful or in a state of suppressed anger?


One of the things that makes us feel great is friendship. Friendship is the basis of every genuine relationship. But it has to begin with me. Until I take responsibility for and start listening to myself. I cannot be my own friend. Am I kind and loving to myself? Are my thoughts, feelings, attitudes, words and actions friends with each other, or are they often in contradiction and out of control? Inner harmony and honesty begins the flow of friendship between me and the outside world of the other actors in my life but the worlds of time, nature and matter.

Creating this kind of partnership, in which I feel positively connected to all the other aspects of life, creates a great feeling - for this is the feeling of fulfillment.


Feeling great begins with stepping inside to meet our self, to observe how our inner world is functioning, what thoughts and feelings there are and how we are creating them.

When we step inside and see and accept our self as we are, we begin to create peace within. The original peace that is at the core of our being starts to flow. Positivity in the natural outcome of this experience of peace.

When the feeling of peace and positivity remains constant, no outside event or other person can interrupt the flow. However, to begin with the feeling of peace may ebb and flow and our feelings and mood fluctuate. This confuses us and those around us. They have to deal with our swings and imbalances and can never be quite sure how to position themselves when dealing with us. They certainly do not feel great.

Feeling great must encompass the capacity to remain stable in whatever positive attitude we have - and that makes others feel great.


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    • Daffy Duck profile image

      Daffy Duck 6 years ago from Cornelius, Oregon

      Part of feeling great on the inside is to eat healthy. It is absolutely true that what you eat does affect how you feel. Also yoga is very good at focussing your mind.

      People do often mistake the quick fix for happiness. Unfortunately a lot of societies focus on the here and now instead of the long term. This hub needed to be written.

    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 6 years ago from United States

      Inner peace takes us miles for feeling great and we get that satisfaction which is truely remarkable. This feeling of greatness goes a long way when compared to being dressed up with all the latest gears.