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When Feelings Can Be Wrong

Updated on February 18, 2016

Crying Baby 'feeling' Mom's singing from deep within his heart and spirit

"The magnificent setting sun at Malibu Beach." Feeling the truth about God in the beauty of His creation

The shining cross of Jesus seen as photo capture from the image of the setting sun off Malibu Beach.  Feelings of security and confidence in the strength of the spirit in the light of Christ lives on through eternity.
The shining cross of Jesus seen as photo capture from the image of the setting sun off Malibu Beach. Feelings of security and confidence in the strength of the spirit in the light of Christ lives on through eternity. | Source

Who Says Babies Don't Feel?

How sweet and how true. Who says babies don't and can't feel?

Even in the mother's womb it can be so amazing how formation and attitude starts from the early months of a baby's development from conception.

The baby can already feel and see attachment aside from the mother through breast feeding for health and a strong immune system, can likewise feel, hear and see attachment to music, distinct sounds, to food and other possible inputs depending on what he or she may be exposed to through the mother with people, other animals and things around while in her womb.

And from conception, God creates both body and soul, with a spirit that readily connects to Him. It is always a blessing to let the child learn the truth about Jesus early on for this is one of the best investments parents can give their child, 'divine wisdom' that is true, helps heal, and is eternally binding in the light of Christ, where spiritual blessings are passed on from generation to generations.

"Like an angel, a baby may become so endearing, why not, therefore, bring Jesus' Spirit as you care for him/her, no sooner will your baby become a 'child of God,' for we believe in what is true forever, the truth in our spirit, a spirit that connects to God, as God may blesses us in 'true faith' (KJOH)."

When do we see then, if our feelings 'go wrong,' and stay lost?

Is it not when our 'ego' subjects us to sin, instead of caring to love and uplift, we tend to hate and stay selfish?

"Like an innocent child, may we come coachable to God's love, where in God's love comes what is true and perfect in the 'word of God,' then we may heal from the inside, that our outside realm becomes heavenly, as we care to live and share the gospel of truth in Christ in the love of one another, always praying and never relenting, to guide the astray to His truth (KJOH)."

Jesus reveals Himself to those who remain in His words.

Let's KJOH (Keep Jesus in our Hearts)

What are feelings?

"I feel persecuted whenever you shout at me like I am the worst person in the planet."

"You have no right to label me in any way as I do so with you, only God can judge."

"So true, 'Feelings are neither right nor wrong,' as we may usually hear from others, in marriage encounters, and in many gatherings to help counsel an individual, or two or more parties whether related or not.

But wait a second, let us qualify the difference between positive feelings and negative feelings, where positive feelings can be uplifting while negative feelings may project a feeling of insecurity and fear, and these may lead to violent and hating reactions, the latter feeling now being wrong, tainted with malice brought about by our ego, or pride, whence, comes sin, when darkness looms on the scene.

The spirit of love and truth keep our 'feelings neither right nor wrong,' but be wary, the spirit of evil can bring about violence, hatred and destruction where pride in it self is a transport of evil. The more we rebuke evil, the safer our interaction may become, and it is our spirit of truth that tempers our reactions, guided by the Holy Spirit with gifts of temperance, patience, faith and love that brings about compassion and greater understanding, all from God's 'divine wisdom,' all from what is true in His words (KJOH)."

The two quoted examples are common examples of feelings in response to negative statements coming from one or more individuals.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with statements that express our feelings of joy, happiness, elation, in merriment, in enthusiasm, or feelings of sadness, depression, oppression, defeat, guilt, anger, or what have you, in a way related to the presence or the absence of 'love.'

An overwhelming response in our feelings can make a startling difference that can change the definition of 'feelings' away from the popular notion and belief that "feelings can neither be right nor wrong?"

See how and why reading along the way to the end of the hub.

And so it appears, there seems to be nothing wrong with the first example quote about feelings as it expresses a truthful and honest way of projecting one's hurts in a positive way, not meant to demean, deprive or judge, rather, meant to invite empathy and understanding more than anything else.

But, as others may see it, a defensive and negative person may always see something wrong with any given response, however positive your response may be.

He may see 'persecuted' and 'worst person' as 'too much' for his ego to take, and he may see this as offensive than inviting to empathize.

A negative person can be you or me, or anybody else in the globe when we see things not to our liking, depending on our mood for the moment.

Is it always good to be moody?

Please allow me to answer this with another question.

Is a hard pressure packed, discipline directed, baton wielding leader or individual more effective than a person who gains respect by truth and honest to goodness challenging and creative ways of motivation?

Or the other way around, is it alright for you to see someone moody than someone who sees things honestly and treats these with 'finesse and charm,' with 'joy and truthfulness' in his heart?

Or would you rather be more comfortable with someone who would agree with you every time but may freely talk against you at your back?

Or in all simplicity, you would rather not judge or stereotype people based on what others may say or feel about them, based on their religion, color or creed or where they came from, rather, feel comfortable, at ease and secure just as long as you know what you are doing is right. And would you not rather try your best to contribute in anyway helpful, for good harmony and productivity in the working place?

Many may rather work with a person who is simple and without air, helpful and hardworking, frank, honest and trustworthy with no issues of uneasiness and insecurity in his system of work and dealing with peers and bosses, than one who complains about almost everything, right?

More so if a person can simply be coachable, with that willingness to grow with others irregardless of who he is or where he came from, while sharing his best in his talents, gifts, efforts and skills, not a worrier but an achiever who loves to compete in a healthy way, does not complain in a negative way, sees opportunities in problems and figure things out to do things right, helps enlighten to what is true and noble instead of criticizing, judging to ridicule or condemning, talks to person having issues with him and avoiding gossips and back stabbing, being happy seeing others win instead of being envious and jealous and being there when needed.

All the good traits of a good, caring and conscientious worker or a parent are in godly ways, as in being able to free oneself from selfishness, malice and deceit can be so great. Its priceless reward - peace of mind and joy in one's spirit.

Will it not be awesome to see someone working with you with these traits rather than someone who wants to hold you by the reins with threats or malice coming out foul from his mouth?

Some may say, "it is impossible to see such traits in one person."

Maybe true, maybe not. But if you can be that 'true-to-life' person, is it not so amazing and beautiful?

Could be true if one can be more open in his willingness to grow in the company and in his willingness to change for the better, towards what may be called for the moment to better achieve team goals in particular and company goals in general, will he not be more productive, efficient and he may be effective?

Now, whoever may feel threatened and say that "a godly person will be more of a liability than an asset in a company or organization may not be ready to flex into a more diversified group of employees?"

Is it not those who hide from the truth and who may feel insecure not being able to do their selfish, ambitious or prideful ways onto their goals of deceit and malice who may see a threat in godly persons?

"Praying, in the pureness of our heart, may the Holy Spirit guide us to see more greatness in following The Light as we may see more productivity and goodness in what is godly and in doing things right based on truth and honest work and living (KJOH)."

A negative and loud person may always find 'offence as the right defence,' like in basketball, the more you try to shoot, the more you may have chances of winning.

And it does not often happen, even how many three point shooters you may have, if you lack defense and your opponent has better defensive skills as they do in offence, you may come out losing in the end.

The same way that a negative or difficult person may, adversely, see comfort and joy in hurting other people's feelings that he come out with guns a-blazing and his mouth sounding like an unstoppable rattling gun, just like the cowboy days of old, non-stop.

Will this not see harmony and better relationship in productivity compromised be it in a company or in a family?

What can be more hilarious is when the offender himself blurts out and says after hearing a defensive statement from the other party, "You do not label me with anything and you don't judge."

Really? We can be very insensitive sometimes that with our vent emotions, we become unreasonable as we may become temperamental, and many times, this removes our ability to cool down and take time to comprehend the situation first before we make a big decisive step forward.

"We hope and pray that more may be enlightened to love one another , bear with one another and stop hating or hurting each other that harmony and prosperity may reign in every heart (KJOH)."

"Almost every time, a worrier and a fault finder may soon see himself lost in his insecurity if he does not learn to change his negative attitude into something more positive and to contribute to the productivity of his team for the good of everybody and for the good of the company as a whole (KJOH)."

Everybody may start to feel secure when most in the team or company feel the same way, and that energy is multiplied as it spreads in a positive way, the same way that when more people learn to accept responsibility with the team and become coachable toward achieving their goals to win, the better for the team.

In other words, duplicating and teaching what is good in a company and helping enhance it may always add up to greater productivity in the sharing and honing of skills and talents, not just being a mediocre with an uncaring feeling or attitude.

Whatever personal or household issues or problems one may have, this may not be best or wise to bring it to the working place as to affect more people's focus and concentration in one's depressed state, unless deemed best to discuss it on closed doors and quickly help drive for a solution.

Is labeling and judging with ridicule good or bad? I know that nothing comes out good when people hurt each other than helping enlighten each other towards what is right and true, does this make more sense?

Worse, they come out violent and become physical.

With flared up emotions, anyone can be carried away by it all, and before you know it, someone gets a black eye, a bruise or, God forbid, more than one may expect to see, a casualty going to the hospital and more.

Whew! Tough times could not get any tougher, huh?

But is winning everything, or it is alright to lose in the short term just as long as you win the battle in the long run? A sweeter victory, right?

As in the second quoted example above, being overly defensive may further confuse us as we refuse to accept our own mistakes, refuse to see our mistakes in others or we see God's words as utterly offensive when coming from a love one who meant to care and help enlighten, not to hurt or ridicule.

Is it hard to accept criticisms as to accept our own mistakes?

We may refuse to let others tell us what best to do when we should know better, right?

But is it not the more we humble ourselves to the truth, the more we are set free?

Admitting our faults and issues and being ready to become a better person inside-out can be very freeing with peace in one's spirit permeating in the wholeness of our body and spirit, in oneness, and in it being the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

[Read on post: Evil Virus Spread by Our Ego]

So, it feels so much better to figure things out ourselves than others telling us what to do because it demeans us and lowers our self-esteem, right?

But will it not be better to open ourselves up to others, reaching out to them and accepting our own vulnerability that we may feel more blessed in the care and love of our neighbors and fellowmen, much more when we see the wisdom of loving our enemies by telling them our story of truth about abiding in Jesus and its end result being - total physically and spiritually healing with Him?

While accepting our own mistakes and accepting criticisms we may may feel hurt from within our pride, from within our ego.

But now comes the question, "who are we born and given life to please, is it not God in Jesus, our true Master who is the Resurrection and the Life, and who will come to judge us on the day of Reckoning, or are we in this life to please Satan who will not stop haunting us with lies and deception for as long as we live in his earthly realm as we live in our earthly body?"

When will we see freedom from Satan's bondage? Yes, he will not free us from this bondage of sinfulness only if we allow him access in our ego, selfishness, malice and pride, for as long as we bow down to him in Mammon, as the master of darkness and evil.

The earlier we are able to correct our mistakes, our inequities in our sinfulness and malice towards others, the better for us to be freed from this bondage, burden or error which keep us guilty from sin with all these in evil coming in resting at the back of our heads, minds and on our shoulders like a heavy load wanting to break our back while we hold on bearing the pain?

Will all these not pile up in the end haunting our every step, bothering our conscience every now and then?

"What if we just "let go and let God" and be freed from the burden of guilt with God in Jesus helping carry our load onward to true Freedom? Will not all these build peace and love in our souls, and will we not see heaven in our love of others as we learn to love and forgive (KJOH)?"

[Read on post: Freedom - its True Meaning]

What if we help others heal?

A mere call to say "Hi, how is everything going?" ... "blah blah blah," with comforting words can help heal as one's energy is passed on to the other person receiving.

Even sound waves can transmit energy and the feeling of being comforted and being loved and cared for may help out in the healing process, much more if made in person, where physical energy in one's presence is greatly felt.

There is healing in laughter and in giving cards of comfort and 'get well soon' wishes or prayers.

"You as giver may feel that energy of joy and contentment with that greater feeling of being loved and being healed by God as you share with others God's truth in His love, mercy and grace, then you may feel from within your heart and spirit that filling sensation that reverberates from your spine to different parts of your body, instantly creating an electrifying feeling from your nerves all over your being, these are manifestations of God's loving embrace, in ecstasy we may so feel, an affirmation from the Holy Spirit, comforting us with His presence, protection and assurance, where greater healing and comfort may be felt from around us, as we may exert extra time and effort to reach out, to share and show our care and love for someone or people who greatly need God's healing presence, our assurance with The Lord may come through a hand written note, God's caring voice from an angel whispering to us through a cell phone, or any 'high tech' device, 'likes' and uplifting comments from any social media, everything done in the confidence of our souls and spirit, adding up to energies of love, energies of peace, joy, compassion and understanding, and even forgiveness, all these adding up to 'life and hope in Christ Jesus (KJOH)."

What if we learn to forgive those who have hurt us, and feel the greater vibration of love and mercy of Christ in them as we may feel the same healing signals that may fill our hearts and spirit after fully emptying ourselves of our guilt?

Do we prefer to heal our illness on its skin where it may grow again or on its core so it may not recur?

"Some may believe that when someone gets hurt bad, recovery in healing can be very difficult that one may find it so hard to forgive, just as a broken glass put together may not be the same finely molded glass after.

'Absolutely not,' and 'certainly not,' this is all but 'non-sense,' for nothing as in 'nothing' is impossible with God.

This is best understood as we see the truth from our hearts and souls what God's 'divine plan' is all about. Trusting in God in His will upon us all brings us to His everlasting path and light.

When we question God, as much as to test Him, are we not like the devil who was there to test Jesus after his forty days and forty nights fasting?

Submit not to evil's temptations, for God has His 'divine plan' for us, rather, continue rebuking evil that we may be guided by the Holy Spirit to His ways (KJOH)."

It is the mind that has 'no power' over our 'spirit of truth,' however our mind may insist, in reality come our 'ego,' coming out with evil desires that may blind us towards the path of our 'spirit,' where true light passes through that we may heal.

The 'power of the mind' is but flesh, the flesh that 'perish in death' with 'the light,' where flesh leads us back to nothing but the flesh, were material things may prevail in the 'power of the mind,' but can never prevail in the power of the Spirit, in the fullness of the Deity comes Jesus, who 'rules over all of creation,' in Him comes the One begotten by The Father, consecrated to The Father, being One Spirit with God, our Almighty Father.

It is the greater power of 'the light' that breaks through the flesh, where the power of the 'mind' is but 'mental,' and dies with the flesh, and one who may believe in the 'power of the universe' is lost and confused, for no 'mind' or 'soul' can ever give power to the universe which is but a creation of God, but the 'spirit of truth' remains immortal, made powerful from whom it was created, and to whom it connects, to the eternally living Spirit of God.

All these truth coming from 'divine wisdom,' were in 'divine logic' we may know, where the 'word' of God is true and forever binding in all of creation.

His love and mercy is everlasting and so powerful that no one can ever overcome or overrule. He alone is to be feared for He alone can destroy "both soul and body in hell," as Jesus has himself said in Matthew 10:28.

"Oh God bless my soul in my faith in you. You alone are the Lord and giver of life, you alone are the Holy One, you alone are the Lord and Most High Jesus Christ in glory to God the Father, Amen."

'Stop gap measures' can be good in the short term; but can be a nuisance in the long term, right or wrong?

"With Jesus and in Jesus, total and perfect healing may be achieved, for 'His words' are absolute and perfect as God can be, 'His words' are forever eternal, forever true and justified, only if we believe and trust in Him in 'toto,' entertain 'not an iota of doubt' in mind, body, heart and soul, and remain blessed in majesty, for through Him is God's glory, forever and ever, Amen (KJOH)."

Is Feeling of Lust to Your Wife Sinful and Wrong?

Feeling of lust on your wife is never sinful, for when the light shines through darkness, the light overcomes darkness.

That is when 'true love' shines in a married couple's love, where their love comes to a higher level of faith, in 'agape,' the highest form of love, with Christ as center, leaving them blessed by God's unconditional love, where God's everlasting love and mercy may come upon them, negating malice in selfishness, where sin and evil is overcome by the healing light of truth.

"In eternal truth we may know, in many researches by man, 'true love' can heal? For it is in living in the Spirit of God that Jesus adds life to man, His light leading to everlasting life. Let no malice, therefore, lead us to sin in lust, for envy rots the bones (KJOH)."

Some people may feel like god, being 'macho' to themselves, feeling that pride in their being, hiding illicit affairs from their wives, for then envy those who have many out of marriage affairs, so with women, in vanity, both sins, but be wary, the Holy Spirit knows everything, we can never hide from God, for God repays.

May all be guided that the 'word of God,' Jesus being the 'word,' tells the husband to 'love his wife as God loves His church.'

They become 'one flesh' with Christ as center, in sacred matrimony.

Nobody should divide them, not even the devil where 'ego' becomes the transport. In 'true love' with the wife, comes true love in God's church.

Does anyone feel the spirit of the devil dividing those who are blessed by God?

If malice remains in our heart, then we may have married with malice, not with the love of God.

Before I have decided to marry, it was God who guided me in my prayers.

Life is never perfect in marriage, as life is, life is but a 'test of faith.'

Whether we like it or not, God will test our faith, to know who is our master in this life, is it Jesus or Mammon (devil in lust and all worldly things)?

The test of our faith is magnified when we humble ourselves to God as we abide in Christ and remain in God's words, when we may see relationship with our wife and our family blessed.

"As we may live in the 'word of God,' and persevere in our faith to love God's church, it is our spirit of truth that guides us to know what is true and evil in 'divine wisdom,' and know what is 'right from wrong' in our feelings (KJOH)."

As it is, in 'true love' there is passion in the flesh, just as 'true love' tells us to be passionate in our love for God, as it is in serving in church, where as a true servant leader, we have to serve in truth.

It is 'unconditional love' that leads us to 'true love,' willing to love and forgive, where perfection of our love comes when we have 'no fear,' for with Christ, there should be no malice and selfishness in our hearts, therefore, no lust.

In 'true faith,' God consecrates us with His body and blood in the power of the Holy Eucharist, His blood in intermixed with ours, with Him then, we become 'one flesh.'

In the 'breaking of the bread' we become one body with Christ.

With Him and abiding in His words we remain abiding in God's will, that in all these, in the pureness of our love for our wife, is not God telling us to love others the same way, in the pureness of our hearts, guiding the astray to what is true in His 'word?'

However wrong one's feeling may be, it is in the compassion of our hearts that we stay to love our wife, as God loves His church.

In due time, as we pray for one another, we may see the light shining on us, guiding us to the lighted path, for every time, it is the Holy Spirit that searches the hearts of men, that all of us may be guided with angels in our midst, all singing in harmony with beautiful rhythm, 'Hallelujah to The Lamb.'

Blessings to all, that in Christ's shining light within our being, as we may live in His Spirit, husbands may become true to the wife, and true to others as well as God loves His church, whence, are we not then loving the gospel?

Blessed is he who takes time time to spread the good news that more may be saved, to be one with Christ.

Hallelujah to The Lamb

True and Eternal 'Self'esteem'

Self-esteem is but pride in oneself, but pride in things material are nothing more but meaningless cobwebs out to keep us lost and confused for they are all but passing, all becoming 'meaningless,' like 'chasing after the wind,' as in what a king (as in the wisdom filled King Solomon) in the book of Ecclesiastes (Ecc 1:17-18) or a teacher has soon realized at his old age concluding:

"Look, I have increased in wisdom more than anyone who has ruled Jerusalem before me; I have experienced much of wisdom and knowledge." Then I applied myself to the understanding of wisdom, and also of madness and folly, but I learned that, this too, was a chasing after the wind.'

"For with much wisdom comes much sorrow, the more knowledge, the more grief."

Indeed how true, more wisdom and more knowledge can be many times overwhelming.

But always consulting God in prayer, always giving thanks to Him, always acknowledging His abiding presence, guided by His words of truth, love and mercy, you may be amazed how things may happen and come before you in orderly fashion, in His fatherly care and in His goodness, in the consistency and persistence of your faith, seeing your 'feelings in check,' having committed to Him to live and stay in His lighted path with much peace and joy in the purity of your intentions in body, heart, mind and soul.

True and eternal 'Self-esteem' is in being able to boast of The Lord, upholding the truth in His words where true Freedom lies, ever guided by His light.

"What good does title do, trophies and medals in contests do, promotions to higher positions do, material rewards do, if your head becomes overblown the pops out in one instant and there goes all your titles, trophies, rewards, etc. gone with the wind. Whatever happened to your pride? Will it not all be history?

"In the day of reckoning, make sure you are clean, and go up judged by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords from whom all good things come and through whom all things were made, with a pleasing record of good deeds and a faithful heart and soul in the love of God, and love of others.

"But when will you do this, when all is said and done, or while there is still time and space to give back in humility and obedience to our Creator, our Almighty God and Father?"

When is Feeling Ever Wrong?

Is it not, rather, when we taint our feelings with malice, in our non forgiveness, in our pride and ego with selfishness in our hearts, that we may go overboard and hop on to sin?

Is this not when trouble begins?

Simply put, feelings can be wrong when we malice creeps into our 'hurt ego,' or our 'wounded pride.'

A white canvass remains clean and free from any stain until we stain or paint it with another color, that is when it is not the same any more, it becomes another color and this color with a mixture of other colors can change the whole picture.

Is this not the same with feelings when mixed with overwhelming and uncontrollable emotions, that is when things may go overboard or over the allowable or acceptable limit that things may change for the worst or for the best, depending on one's reaction, be they positive or negative?

Is this not when our pride takes us for a ride into the foolishness of our hardened hearts:

  • into vanity, self-denial, dishonesty or shame, making us believe that we are somebody when we are not?
  • into making us feel that we are better than everybody else when we are not?
  • that we refuse to see the realities of life for did we not come into this world with nothing? And when we leave this life, will we not end up with nothing?
  • that we feel ashamed as low as our self-esteem may take us doing lowly jobs as a janitor, as a maintenance 'all around guy, as a security guard, a cab or limousine driver, a house helper or a butler, a restaurant waiter, a copier machine attendant, a carpenter or a plumber, or any blue-collar job which are all respectable, honest and dignified in man as long as we strive to work hard and do our best in being productive and giving our fair share to our employer and contribution to our household and family needs or upkeep?

A positive reaction is always welcome, as it helps neutralize a given feeling or emotion, but a negative reaction may see things turn from good to bad.

As in the 8 Beatitudes while Jesus was giving a sermon at the mount in Matthew 5:9, he said, "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God."

It is in our presence of mind, on the pureness of one's hearts and spirit, in oneness and humility to Christ, guided by His love and mercy in His light, that we may diffuse any tension from negative to that of being positive, from a brewing battle to peace and joy.

With man many things are impossible, " ... but with God all things are possible," said Jesus in Matthew 19:26, one of my favorite verses.

"Is it not God waking us up to the realities of life when we stumble and fall, or when we get sick or lose a love one, or when we cry for help in our emptiness and nobody is there to help us?

Is it not God in Jesus that gives us 'hope' that in Him we feel good, in Him we feel safe and protected, in Him and with Him, living in His grace? May we see peace, joy and love that lead to heavenly bliss and to life eternal (KJOH)."


Start liking Let's KJOH - Keep Jesus in our Hearts on our facebook page as we help spread the light of Christ in this world and make a difference in Jesus' name, for greater peace, for love, and for unity among all of mankind for Jesus is in all of us, in our being, waiting to be revealed, as in Colossians 3:1-17, as Jesus encourages us to trust in him, surrendering all our fears and anxieties, and be united in glorifying him in ever good deed we make in our own field of expertise, with our God given gifts, make this world a better place to live and share in his light as we try, in our own special way, to help make a difference.


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    • Edwinoel Tanglao profile imageAUTHOR

      Edwinoel Tanglao 

      2 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Amen. Blessings to you whonunuwho, in the Spirit of truth, and in the light that heals.

    • whonunuwho profile image


      2 years ago from United States

      Wonderful work and well received my friend. Thank you for sharing the word. whonu


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