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Feng Shui: Fame and Reputation

Updated on January 3, 2013

The Element of Fire

The words fame and reputation definitely attracts attention. Chances are that’s why you’re reading this page. It got your attention. Now why am I talking about this? What if I told you there are ways to increase your fame and reputation in your life? Does that sound interesting to you? Well there are ways to do this. If you study Feng Shui, this is one of the nine Bagua areas in your house. The Bagua is the energy areas of your house.

So where is the Fame and Reputation area in your house? According to the Feng Shui Bagua Map, it’s located in the south corner of your house. The main color of this area is red, a dominant color. The element of this area is fire. Make sure this area of your house or place has items or things that you want to be known for, not what others see you as. For example, if you have earned diplomas, have some nice paintings that you worked on, or accomplished a huge achievement, put them up! Put anything that you’ve worked on and got positive recognition for in the fame and reputation area. Trophies in this area are great too. Just don’t hog up the entire space. Leave some space for your family too! Unless you live alone.

Remember when I said that the element for fame and reputation is fire? Well, this is a great place to have a fireplace. Again, mix it with red since this is the best color for this area. A fire needs fuel, so what’s the best thing to put in the fire place? You guessed it! Wood.You can’t start a fire then add wood. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a real fire place. It can be figurative like a painting of one. Also, pointy objects like triangular shaped things (pyramids, cones, etc.) go great in this area because they represent fire. Stuff like cactus and stars are good here since it’ll cause a good spark in your fame and reputation.

Now there shouldn’t be any doors in this area of your place, as this causes chi (energy) to escape out the back door. Not to worry though. there are cures for this problem. If you get a red faceted crystal ball in front of the back door, this can help you out. You can also have a red curtain in place or red stained glass to help out as well.

Here are some Feng Shui items to help you out with your fame and reputation area:

Horse on Swallows Symbols of Power and Preseverance


This galloping horse radiates power and energy. This horse symbolizes power at quick moving pace. The swallow on it's foot means that it's moving faster than a bird can fly. Represents success and prosperity. It'll help you face and conquer your obstacles head on so you can get to your goals at a fast pace! Great for business and High profile careers.

The Yang Running Horses of Success and Fame


Running horses are a strong symbol in Feng Shui. This symbol is very important to the Chinese as these three running horses are a reflection of confidence, control and vitality. They also see it as a sign of power, aggression, and perseverance. Place this in your fame and reputation area to be well known and successful! Again, great for business and high profile careers.

Victory Warrior Flag


These three flags stand for "Qi Kai De Sheng" meaning "Victory when the flag is furled." These flags will help attain success right away. A flag is a symbol for territorial ownership and control. It's also a resemblance of victory. Kwan Kung, the Chinese God of War always had victory flags on his back that brought him many victories.


Significantly enhances opportunities in business and career. Resemblance for triumph of knowledge over ignorance. It's been known to help you overcome any of your challenges, enemies, and competition.


Attract energy for success. Looking to be recognized in your niche for your talent and efforts. This red crystal can help you out.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What if fame is located in a bathroom ?,what can you do for that my main door is east and west falls where my bathroom is ?.Thanks.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      This article is full of cool facts that I did not know. Looking forward to more.


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