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Feng Shui: Fostering Love and Harmony in Your Home

Updated on February 17, 2013

When it comes to establishing a sense of harmonious order in your home, it is important to consider certain principles. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is a great place to start; it is centered around the idea that the energies of any given space can be balanced, or equalized, by a strategic positioning of furniture and many other items in the home. Feng Shui (Feng meaning wind in Chinese, and Shui meaning water) is based on an underlying ideological belief on the part of the ancient Chinese, that the land and all of its inanimate matter are all collectively alive with an energy referred to as Qi, or "Chi", in when pronounced in English. Because all matter is alive and flowing with energy, the arrangement of items in the home can affect the flow and transfer of this living energy. Feng Shui is all about making these energy flows and transfers as positive and effective as can be.

Some of the benefits of implementing the teachings of Feng Shui in your home/living-space include a drastic increase in overall clarity of thought, peace of mind, and functional capacity. Because of the calming and peaceful effect of implementing Feng Shui in one's home, there tends to be an effect of people experiencing more effectiveness when it comes to having success with relationships, especially ones of a more romantic and loving nature. This is generally because when people's minds are clear (as they tend to be in environments that adhere to the principles of Feng Shui), there is less of a tendency for them to feel anxious, uneasy, or any number of other mental states that create negative conditions for relationship interactions.

When beginning to apply the principles and practices of Feng Shui to a living space, one should consider certain specific principles. First, you should determine the arrangement of your furnishings and material possessions that allows for the most effective flow of energy, or flow of movement, attainable in any given room or dwelling area. This determination is made by simple trial and error, combined with the notions of energy flow and transfer that are supplemented by Feng Shui. Although the principles of Feng Shui are in some sense ideological and metaphorical, their practical application in the home is actually very straightforward. Cluttered and overcrowded spaces are to be avoided and eliminated according to these teachings; clean, ordered, organized, and simplified living spaces are the goal.

Once the tenants of Feng Shui have successfully been implemented in a home, they are sure to bring about significant changes in terms of how its residents feel and act towards each other, the functionality of their relationships, and the level of loving affection and romance as well. The more ordered and simplified a living space is due to Feng Shui practices, the more the human element is able to flourish and fully express itself, uninhibited by the confusing and distressing clutter and chaos that can be found, unfortunately, in many homes today around the world.


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