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Feng Shui and Front Door

Updated on July 7, 2015

The Front Door and The Mouth of Chi

In feng shui the front door is an important gateway since energy needed to nourish the home enters from here.

The front door is also referred to as the ‘Mouth of Chi.’

How To Ensure Free Flow of Energy Enters Throughout Your Home

It’s important the entrance to the front door from the outside including its surroundings are kept clean and free from litter.

This guarantees essential chi needed for the well being of the home is not blocked as it makes its way towards the door.

The door should also be clean and free of dust, cobwebs, cracks, rust and the locks should be in working condition. This too ensures energy does not get obstructed and blocked when trying to enter the home.

If there’s a lawn on the path leading up to the door make sure it’s kept trimmed and free of debris. This will ensure an abundance of positive chi will flow freely towards the front door.


Why Its Important To Hang A Baqua Mirror On Your Front Door

If your front door is facing a street, corner of a building or bad neighbors, place a bagua mirror on the door to reflect any negative chi that may try to enter the home from that direction.

Why Its Important To Hang A Wind Chime On Your Front Door

Hang a metal wind chime having 6 bars outside the front door.

The wind chime is said to work similar to a ‘lightning rod’ which attracts positive energy from the outside and passes it into the home.

Feng Shui Tips Letting Chi into Your Front Door Entrance

Why Its Important To Hang A Hematite Crystal On Your Front Door

There are times when the flow of energy entering a main door will move fast if the front door of a home is facing a street with a T-junction. The same may happen if the door of an apartment is situated at the end of a ‘long corridor.’ 'Fast moving energy’ is not good as it can disrupt the energy force.

Hang a crystal made of hematite outside the front door to slow down the energy.


Why The Front Door Area Should Be Properly Lit

Always keep the area of the front door properly lit since this helps to boost the positive energy which flows towards it. You can do this by fixing ‘bright lights on either side of the doorway.’

A well lit front door from the inside as well as the outside will also give guests a sense of a warm and friendly atmosphere as they enter your home.

Feng Shui Attracting Wealth Tips - Front Door

The Proper Color For The Front Door

The color and direction of the front door in feng shui is important as it is believed to enhance and increase the flow of positive energy coming towards the door.

The front door should have the color and be placed in the direction compatible to the Bagua map. The Baqua map is a chart used in feng shui which depicts 9 areas (center and 8 directions), colors and characteristics such as wealth, fame, career, etc.

For example if the front door is situated in the South direction you can choose any of the colors listed in the South direction of the Baqua map for the door.

Houses that face the northwest or west directions should avoid painting the front door red as this can bring harm and danger to the head of the house.

Beige, white, yellow and gray colors are advised for front doors facing west or northwest directions.

How to Protect Yourself from Bad Neighbors


Best Type of Front Door To Be Used According To Feng Shui

Some feng shui practitioners recommend only having a solid front door without any openings such as windows or glass. The reason they give is such doors makes one feel safe and not vulnerable.


More Feng Shui Front Door Tips

  • The front door should open inwards.
  • The front door should not be built under a toilet or bathroom.
  • The front door should not face a staircase.
  • The front door should not be visible to the back door.
  • Avoid Placing A Mirror Opposite The Front Door


Why It's Important To Use The Main Door To Enter Into The Home

Some people choose to use the back door, garage door or even a side door to enter the home instead of the front door. By doing so they throw away vital chi needed to nurture and feed the home. Try to use the main door as much as possible.


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    • Suranee1969 profile image

      Suranee Perera 5 years ago from Kandy, Sri Lanka

      Pleased to know you found the hub interesting Robie Benve. I've started making some changes to the front door of my house according to feng shui and look forward to having some positive energy enter my home. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting.

    • Robie Benve profile image

      Robie Benve 5 years ago from Ohio

      I agree, the front door is an important element in the energy flow of a home. I read your hub with interest, thanks for sharing! :)