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Feng Shui How to's, Practices And Benefits

Updated on June 8, 2014

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How to Benefit from Feng Shui to Live a Healthy and Long Life

If you browse through the internet pages related to Feng Shui you will find plenty of details that will describe items that can bring you love, wealth and prosperity. But most of the times people forget to consider that there is another aspect of their life without which they cannot enjoy all the rest: health.

This article will point out at you some things that you should know when you plan to implement Feng Shui within the comfort of your home. They should be well taken care of because according to them you will have or not a healthy and long life.

* One bad Feng Shui that needs to be kept away from your living space is the poison arrow. This one is the representation of any type of pointed and sharp object. You can as well go further and imagine every other thing that resembles to the form of an arrow. Some of them can be as follows: long slender trees (the same format that pine trees have), the edge of the roof, lampposts and so on. All these do not need to point towards your home because they can create health issues for the inhabitants of the house. Another bad thing: they can bring bad luck to your household.

* Kitchen and bathroom are two spaces of the house that can influence the state of your health when using Feng Shui. For a good Feng Shui, your kitchen needs to be located in the auspicious direction that belongs to you and the best way to reach to it is by calculating it according to your birth date. If the home place is populated by other family members, make sure to locate the kitchen in accordance to the Kua numbers of males or females who live in the house.

* When it comes to the space of your bedroom, Feng Shui indicates that it is bad for your health to furnish this place with antique pieces of furniture. They are loaded with the bad energy and vibes of those people who have previously owned it. In this way, the bad energy can transmit to you at the moment when your body is in complete relaxation while sleeping. Thus it is bad for the state of your health.

* A good Feng Shui is represented by bird cranes because they stand for immortality and peace. They can be as well placed in the space of your garden.

How to Introduce Art in Your Life

Did you know that a work of art that you use within the space of your home can increase the Feng Shui part of the home decor enhancing as well the flow of positive energy? It is therefore worth including a sculpture and/or a painting that is/are original pieces of art and not duplicates of other artists.

This is because the creativity and everything that the artist felt and sensed when doing the work of art come with their own flow of positive energy that is captured within the frames of a painting or a sculpture. This is the moreover increased if the work of art contains details belonging to Feng Shui symbolism.

When you decide to bring art in your home, most of the times this comes as a hard decision because everybody knows how these pieces of art can affect our senses and the way we feel. It is true on the other hand, that not all of us sense and feel the art in the same way. Well, it may be here and there feelings to resemble with each other's but most of the times, we react differently on the inside.

As a result, each piece of art comes with its influence over out subconscious. And this is where Feng Shui can balance working with the exterior aspect of the work of art and the interior reflection of it within our mind and spirit. In order to coordinate these two for the purpose of Feng Shui, a piece of art should confer the following:

* It has to be connected to the idea of beauty.
* It has to work as the symbol of positivism.
* The work of art should confer the right symbolic imagery to serve its original purpose.

Including works of art that incorporate Feng Shui symbolisms, you will make sure that all these accumulate positive intention which is further transmitted to your living place. A certain peace of mind that is translated in a good state of health will be experienced by all those who love art and find it as a cure for the body and spirit.

How to Use It to Improve Personal Relationships

Feng Shui has a little bit of everything for any state of being that crosses your life. This is why many people will make use of Feng Shui when they feel that there is something to be done around the space of their home to increase their innermost feeling and states of mind. This article will show you some ways that can help you enhance the marriage sparkling up the relationship in the same way it used to be when you fell in love with each other.

It is also important that you look towards this with positive thinking and always hope for the flow of good energy to become present within the space of your bedroom. Check out for the things that you can do in this respect:

* Use a pair of Mandarin ducks inside your bedroom. These are Feng Shui symbols of lovers and marital bliss and need to be placed in the South West corner of your bedroom. These symbols will bring your love into a more active state increasing beneficially the marriage chi (energy flow) where happiness and long lasting love will reside.

* Feng Shui doesn't approve with the presence of a mirror in the space of your bedroom. Many pieces of furniture these days are designed with pieces of mirrors therefore you can find it hard to remove them. It is believed, according to Feng Shui theory, that the presence of a mirror symbolizes infidelity and the interference of a third person into the life of a married couple. So if it is impossible for you to remove the mirrors from the space of your bedroom, at least make sure that you cover it or them with a blanket when you go to bed.

* Another tip that will help improve the marriage life and sparkle the long forgotten flame of love, is to hang pictures of both of you in the bedroom. This will improve your marriage and enhance your love feeling while harmony installs in your life.

For a New Home - Useful Tips

Many people while being ready to move in their new home will want to use Feng Shui as a way to turn their future living space into a place of happiness, good luck, health and wealth. Moving in a new home is a reason of happiness in itself, but there are as well other things that you can do to turn this space into a harmonious one where good energy flows inside the rooms.

You can follow the footsteps of other new home owners who have used this theory according to which the living place can be dominated by good luck and happiness. Check out for the following tips to help you achieve this:

* The moment you step into your new home make sure that you open all the windows. You can do this on your own ahead of all the others before anyone else enters this space. Go towards the windows and while you open it say "Bad luck goes away" and as you push it wide open say "Good luck comes in" ... According the theory, this is a powerful way to activate the good vibes within the new home that you and your family can benefit from while good fortune will be there with you as well.

* Use Chinese coins that are tied with a red thread to be hanged on the main door handle. Make sure to use these Feng Shui coins on both sides of the handle (on the interior and exterior). These coins will actually symbolize good fortune activating as such the energy in this direction. In this way, you and your family will benefit from prosperity and good fortune for the future life in this house.

* Did you know that goldfish are a great way to activate good Feng Shui within the space of your new home? It is important however to know how many and which types of goldfish to keep. According to Feng Shui you need to have 8 red or golden fish and 1 that has to be black. This tip will bring good fortune along with a long lasting prosperity for you and your family.


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