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Feng Shui Your Home: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Updated on March 22, 2017

If you want your home to help you achieve your goals and help in successful fulfillment of all areas in your life, it is important to follow a few simple rules. Feng Shui experts recommend to minimize the negative impact angles, problematic objects for windows and improper planning.

View From The Window

The ideal home can only be if you have chosen land for construction, adapted the project under the rules of Feng Shui and located sectors, "responsible" for these or other aspects of life. If you live in an apartment or have entered into a ready-made cottage, you can be sure that you will find something that interferes with the harmonious flow of Qi energy or even destroy it. However, this can and must be fixed.

The first thing you should look at - the view from the window. If you can see a power line passing at a distance of up to 15 meters, there are no trees, almost back to back is another home or a maintained building of some kind, it negatively affects the energy of your home.

In order to neutralize the Sha Chi (killing energy), it is recommended to keep plants on the windowsill, absorbing the negative energy: geranium, basil or cactus (the more hostile environment is outside your window, the longer the thorns should be on your cactus).

Also, it is desirable to hang the Bagua mirror, reflective side out on every window. They will not allow the negative energy to penetrate into your home, respectively, the general atmosphere of the premises will improve.

A good defender will also be the music of the wind. For the window the best one is the Chinese pagoda with a 5th or 7th tubes, as well as a bell, decorated with feathers. In this case, the material from which your Aeolian harp will be made of is not really important. The main thing is that you like the sound your musical instrument makes.

Angles, Mirrors and Wall Color

Negatively affects the power of the house is an abundance of sharp angles. Removing them, of course, is impossible - square and rectangular furniture cannot be made into round, but neutralizing their effects can easily be done. Hang onto chandeliers or lamps little crystal balls, and put round vases on the tables. That way you balance the flow of positive and negative energy, respectively, you will get more favorable events in your life.

In order not to provoke the negative, properly select the location of the mirrors. Do not hang them so that they are reflected in objects with sharp corners. It is better, when a mirror doubles the number of useful things - round boxes with jewelry, house plants, sets of dishes. This not only strengthens the Qi, but it increases your well-being, as well as contributes to the attainment of peace of mind.

To stabilize the energy, the color of the walls will help. If you have some room with too many sharp angles, as well as if your kitchen is abundant with knives, forks and other pointed objects that you do not put away in boxes, it is best to use yellow wall coverings. They perform several functions: to visually enlarge the space, make the room more sunny and joyful, calm the nervous system and neutralize the Sha energy.

With balancing the energy green can also help. But here, it is important to remember that light green and grassy contribute to health, give a charge of vivacity, and dark green, emerald green bottle and full-bodied, on the contrary, relax. That is the color that is perfect for bedrooms and living area, but can hurt the mood while working in the office.

The Layout

In an ideal house in which everything is well adjusted to the principles of feng shui, each room should be in its own place:

  • In the north, in the career area, and in the south, in the glory and fulfillment sector, it is best to have the study.

  • In the west, in the area of ​​children and creativity, favorable location of a child's room or art studio.

  • In the east, in the family sector and health, it is recommended to arrange the living room and kitchen.

  • Center House - also a great place for a room, which brings together all members of the household, and in which you are taking guests (but not the kitchen).

  • In the north-west, assistants and travel area, it is desirable for storage of equipment, as well as sports and tourist equipment - bicycles, balls, tents, etc., but not the washing machine.

  • In the north-east of the wisdom and knowledge of the sector have a library or equip your child a space where they will do their lessons. In addition, it is the most suitable place for your computer.

  • In the south-west is the sector of love and marriage, respectively, is the ideal site for the bedroom.

  • In the southeast, in the area of ​​wealth, it is possible to equip the office, a safe, a workplace, but not to arrange a kitchen as well as a fireplace.

As mentioned above, this is the perfect arrangement of rooms, but in reality, it rarely turns out easy to follow these principles of feng shui. In addition, in apartment buildings the selected sectors may be in the pantry, bathrooms and toilets in the lobby. And that's why it makes sense not to rebuild the room, but to activate the desired zone in accessible places. Often, in order to achieve a positive effect, simply rearrange the furniture.

For example, if you do not have a bedroom, put the sofa on which you are sleeping, at the far right of the room. The workplace (desk, computer) arrange in the middle of the opposite wall from the entrance or in the far left corner of the room, and the dining table is centrally located in the left side of the kitchen or living room. So you will keep the basic rules of Feng Shui, without making any changes to the layout of your home.

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