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Feng Shui and the importance of Colors

Updated on August 1, 2012

The five basic elements around which the Feng Shui rotates are Earth, Metal, Wood, Fire and Water. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art used to enhance the positive energy of the life. It is a mix of art and science to create positive energywith the help of basic elements. It is a tried and tested solution which involves techniques to increase the flow of vital energies. Colors hold a great importance in Feng Shui. You can experience the change in the environment by changing the colors of your walls.

Feng Shui is not only the change of your physical environment but is also about the inner change of a person. It is an interaction between humans with their environment. It is also known as art of replacement. It helps you build a harmony with the environment you are living in. The basic principle applied in Feng Shui is “positive energy will attract positive energy”. Only when you have faith in the principles of Feng Shui you can see and experience the positive change in the environment. Color is the most powerful Feng Shui technique deployed for the flow of the vital energy. Colors have specific meaning in Feng Shui and one should choose colors according to his dreams and desires.

Let’s understand what the colors stand for in Feng Shui.

Red – In Feng Shui red stands for the fame. It is the most powerful color. Different cultures have different meanings for red. It is a symbol of love and dedication in India and color of luck in China. Red color in Feng Shui denotes good luck, courage, marriage, faith and communication. It represents the fire element of the nature. Use red for areas where you want to have an energy boost. You can use it in your bedroom for having a passionate love life. Be a little cautious that you don’t paint your entire bedroom with red. It is also a symbol of anger and may disturb your sleep. Do not use red color in areas where arguments are more likely to happen.

Green – it is the color which depicts new beginnings, renewal and freshness. It represents the wood element of the nature. If you wish to enhance spiritual growth and wisdom use green. It is ideal to use green color in knowledge area or the area where elders of the family live. Use of green color in bathrooms symbolizes freshness and purity. Different shades of green have different meanings. In areas where you want to experience adventure like the exercise room green color is the perfect color. You should avoid green color if you face problems in focusing or is suffering from cancer.

Blue- It represents the water element of the nature. It symbolizes peace, healing and relaxation. It also characterizes trust, security and dependability. It can also be used in bathrooms as it is a color of relaxation. People prone to depression should stay away from blue. It can also be used in study rooms or library since in many religions blue color denotes spirituality.

Orange – it represents the fire element. It characterizes richness, sociable, cheerful and enthusiastic environment. It motivates people to express their views without any fear. It is an ideal color for the kitchen and living room where the family sits together. You may have noticed that most restaurants use the orange color to enhance its richness. If you are lacking in self-confidence you should avoid the orange color totally.

Yellow – associated with sun it is life-giving and energizing. The use of yellow color can increase your energy and lift your spirits. Bright yellow color acts as a morale booster. Use the yellow color in the study room and kitchen. Yellow makes people talk and hence ideal for living room and dining room as well. The earthy tones of yellow can help in improving your health problems as it represents physical strength.

Purple – it is the color of royalty, abundance and wealth. If you have yoga room or a meditation room use purple color. If you feel insecure make use of purple color to get rid of your insecurity. Lighter shades of purple used in a bedroom give it a romantic touch.

Pink – it is a symbol for romance and love. It is perfect for bedrooms. You should avoid this color if you feel people take advantage of your generosity.

Brown- it is the color which symbolizes stability. Use of brown can help in nurturing healthy relationships. It is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Black –it denotes sophistication, modernity, power and elegance. It represents the water element of the nature. If you are an owner of an office use black color to denote your power.

White – it represents the metal element. It characterizes focus, purity and creativeness. If you love to do experiments in your kitchen it is an ideal color for it. You can also use it if you are suffering from cancer. It inhibits the growth of the cancerous cells.

A balance between the colors in Feng Shui is very important whether you are using the colors for your home or office. Without achieving a perfect balance between colors it is not possible to create a positive environment.


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    • alahiker28 profile image

      Vicki Parker 6 years ago from the Deep South

      Very interesting. Thanks for the brief lesson. Voted up.


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