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Feng Shui for your career success

Updated on January 2, 2011

Use Feng Shui to boost your career success

Now that the New Year has finally arrived many people are at the point of re-evaluating their lives and careers. Are you happy at your place of work? Do you enjoy your job or do you dream of doing something completely different? If you would like a change and would like to figure out what to do with your life and find your life path, Feng Shui might be able to help you.

Feng Shui is the art and craft of harmonious home arrangement. It is something that can be used for all manner of things. In this hub I shall talk about a simple but effect set of tips enhance your career and life path. Just remember, you need to do any of these alterations with intention. Think about what change you want in your life. Be positive and affirm out loud that by undertaking these changes you bring what you desire into your life.

The Career and Life Path bagua lies directly opposite the Fame and Reputation sector. When you take the first step through the front door of your house or your room, the centre of the wall or side the door is on is the Career section. You can see by the very placement in the front and centre of the house or room how important this section actually is in Feng Shui. Now that you have found the Career section of your home or room, let us proceed to boost the levels of positive energy or chi there to improve your career prospects. Remember, I am using the Black Hat School of Feng Shui. This does not rely on compass directions, instead it uses the floor plan of the house divided into 9 baguas or sections.

Items that will enhance your career section are:

Water - Any kind of water as long as it is clean and well maintained is ideal in this sector. If you've got a fish tank, place it in this sector and watch your career prospects soar. If you don't have space for such things, perhaps a clean vase of water is something that you could consider placing here. And if you really can't place actual water in this sector, then symbolic water will do just as well. From the painting of a snow scene to a watercolour of anything at all, something that symbolises water to you will do the trick. Don't have space to hang a painting or print, perhaps you could place a seashell or a starfish here. Just be creative.

Black - Just as water is ideal for this section, its corresponding colour, Black, is also ideal here. From keeping your brief case and box files, to a throw over your sofa, anything that's black is perfect here.

Undulating shapes - This is the symbolic shape of water. So if you've got a free-form glass sculpture place it here. Indeed, any shape that's not a square [the symbolic shape of earth] is suitable here.

Mirrors - In Feng Shui, mirrors represent water. So if you can't find actual water to keep in this section, do think about adding a mirror. It will allow the chi energy to bounce and vitalise your career and life path section. Just ensure that the mirror does not cut you off in the head. You must be able to see yourself in the eye and take in your entire head.

Glass - Like mirrors, glass is considered a water element in Feng Shui. So if you really don't have anything at all to place here, a glass bowl filled with water will do in a pinch. Just about anything made of glass is appropriate actually.

Metal - In the creativity cycle of Feng Shui metal creates and strengthens water. So if you've got something made of metal that would work in this section, go ahead and place it here.

White - If metal is good, then the colour that represents it is ideal too. Imagine a black and white colour scheme in this section to boost your career prospects.

Round shapes - Like undulating shapes represent water, round shaped items represent metal. So use those globes here.

Symbols of the path you want to be on - If you want to be a doctor and are stuck working in nursing, perhaps you need to find a few items that symbolise what you think doctors use and place it here. Forced to take the first job you got after leaving school when you've always wanted to go back to university and be a teacher. Find some books on teaching and place them here to symbolise the dream you want to pursue. Want to be an artiste, a singer, whatever your career dream find the symbols that mean your chosen path and place them here. And if you still haven't figured out what you want to do, place your books and school text books with the intention that they show you what you'd like to learn more off and become.

Just as certain items enhance your career and life path section, other items cause them harm. So here are the things you must remove or neutralise in this area.

Dirt - Anything that symbolises earth needs to be removed from here. Remember, water is the element for your career section, and dirt and earth with water creates mud. You don't want to be mired in mud in your career. So lose the pictures of mountains from this area. Move your clay pots as well. Ensure that all water here is clean and pure.

Square shapes - This is the symbolic shape of earth. So anything that's square needs to go from here. Be mindful of CD cases as these are square. Even if you want to be in the music industry, these are not good here. A better alternative would be to get a round shaped CD holder and place your CDs in it.

Earth coloured items - Like black represents water, browns, yellows and oranges represent earth. So move those things that are earth coloured here. They are stifling your career progress. If there are things that are made from earth or are earth coloured and you just can't move them place green, or tall items that represent trees here. Remember, wood will destroy and neutralise earth.

Items and pictures that symbolise something you don't want to be - Be very clear about what you place in this section. If you don't ever want to be a sad clown, remove that print from your career section.

Finally a word of caution. Does your front door open nice and easy? Make sure it doesn't stick or your career progression will be stuck too. Similarly, make sure your entryway is brightly lit, clean and clutter free. You must be able to have new opportunities enter your home with ease.

And there you go. These are some simple things you can do to enhance your career and life path.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Feng shui for office helps in creating a warm environment that is welcoming for the employees as well as the prospective ones and is also helpful in productive activities. It is well known to us that all our office as well as residential areas are equally important for bright future and harmony. This art of bring positive effects concentrates on boosting up the business, performance of business, optimization of workforce and lessening scandalous legal problems.

    • profile image

      interview techniques 

      7 years ago

      Feng Shui is a very old tradition on depicting the future you want. In my opinion, it doesn't really hurt just to try it, after all Chinese uses this system until now.

    • home witch profile imageAUTHOR

      home witch 

      7 years ago from Manchester

      You're welcome. If you do try any of these out and you see a change in fortune to let me know. It would really be nice to get more feedback.

    • MoneyCreator24 profile image


      7 years ago

      Wise words. Very useful hub. Thank you for sharing.


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