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Definition of Feng Shui

Updated on November 13, 2012
Feng Shui teaches how to build and decorate your home so that it responds to your emotional and spiritual needs in the best way
Feng Shui teaches how to build and decorate your home so that it responds to your emotional and spiritual needs in the best way

The origins of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient science that was born in China. It teaches how to build and decorate our home and working place for them to respond to our emotional and spiritual needs in the best way. The theory of Feng Shui was being formed during many centuries of experimentation and traditions. It includes the elements of Taoism, confucianism, buddhism, and such trends of the modern age as anthropology, psychology and geology.

According to Feng Shui, the environment plays a great role in our well-being, and so we need to maximize the benefits of the environment and minimize the harm that comes from it by choosing attentively and placing elements in it. The goal of Feng Shui is to influence the surroundings that can affect our feelings, mood, health and destiny. 

Feng Shui admits that feelings and intentions are more about the direction and not the static qualities of a person. If your morning begins with a positive moment, then all day long you will stay easier in good mood. If your mood is good, you attract positive people and events more easily, which in its turn rises your mood even more. 

For example, you wish to improve your financial state. The traditional means of Feng Shui to cure the financial stillness is to place several glittering coins on a red tissue in the area of your home that provokes thoughts about money. A heap of bright coins associates with prosperity, while bright red tissue intensifies the effect. Red is a universal color that underlines the importance of anything. And it gives a certain signal of attention to the place where it is. Whether we realize it or not, such coins on a red tissue send signals to our brain. Consciously, or unconsciously, we try to direct our energy to the financial issues.

What else is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is:

The way to learn about the Universe. Feng Shui includes the traits of different philosophies and cosmologies to explain the realtionships of people with their surroundings and with the whole world.

The means of improvement and transformation. Feng Shui can be used to improve any aspect of life and to attain any goal.

The way to influence life gradually, making it better. The sustaining of good Feng Shui brings peace, health, happiness, prosperity and good relationships.

You can create a space full of positive energy beneficial for you and your near
You can create a space full of positive energy beneficial for you and your near

What Feng Shui can do

Feng Shui considers that the main factor of good luck is the healthy chi energy that flows through us and turns around us. When we organize the environment and tune our intentions in such a way that we can attract positive chi energy, we accumulate health, incredible luck and positive emotions in a very natural way. Feng Shui can be used to:

  • liberate the energy that so far is not wasted in vain
  • concentrate more of energy on the important spheres of your life
  • lower the level of stress
  • regain forces and optimism
  • improve your health (combined with a diet, exercise and a healthy way of life)
  • help to achieve goals
  • fortify relationships
  • gain serenity

All the benefits of Feng Shui not only concern you but also all the surrounding people. By cultivating bracing, life-affirming chi, you give it to anyone that you meet. You can enhance a room with your chi. Have you ever met energetic people that seem to share their energy with you? Or, maybe, you have a friend whose calm and peaceful attitude makes you calm also?

By your mere presence in this world you provoke waves that pierce the Universe - this is why it is so important that the energy that you radiate is positive.

The same way, any space that you create becomes positive for anyone who steps in it. Your family, friends and guests of your home will benefit from the healthy, peaceful, nourishing environment that you will create.

Feng Shui is like a pebble that you throw in a lake
Feng Shui is like a pebble that you throw in a lake

Feng Shui is about slow change

Feng Shui is small, step by step changes but not a revolution. One cannot turn around a writing table, put a couple of flower pots on it and expect that the next day you find yourself in the council of directors. Feng Shui can bring huge changes into your life, but more often than not it works in an invisible and gradual way. Expect small changes and you will be even happier when bigger changes come.

Treat the usage of Feng Shui as a pebble that you throw into a big lake. First, the effect will be hardly remarkable, but the energies that you bring to life will accumulate and then pierce your whole life. If your intentions are sincere and your efforts are permanent, you will see big changes in the quality of your life, but they will take place gradually, accumulating little by little. Throw the necessary pebbles in your lake and in necessary quantities, and keep on throwing, and with time, the lake will come to life, filling up with trembling from your efforts.

This is how Feng Shui works.


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