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Our God is Limitless!

Updated on November 12, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Our God is Limitless!
Our God is Limitless!

Thankful for a Lmitless God

Our God is limitless; why does humanity appear to accept the lies against this truth? Many struggle to understand how a nation founded on hope and religious freedom could produce an environment that prohibits their use.

Fear permeates as they drop signs of God from our schools and communities. No one can silence the omnipotent force that dwells within those who seek a life of faithfulness.

I, for one, am thankful that God shows His grace and generosity with great zeal in the broken places. His strength invades our darkness as His power pours into our cracks, fueling the world's light.

How sad, as evil creates an aperture for separation. Yet, the divide will fade as our exceptional God uses the spirit of connection. The insignificant attempt to block His influence in our lives becomes futile, as our Lord is endless!

Our need for instruction is continuous! If we remain on a course of aimless meandering, one can slip into hopelessness. Uncorrected, this wave of smugness allows one to succumb to the world's negativity, and this opposing thought gains velocity. But God doesn't change His powerful and unfailing love, even though society works overtime to exclude acts that glorify Him.

Our God allows some brokenness. Why? Well, for a revival of discipleship! Within fellowship, we grow desirous of cohesion. In God's grace, our union's goal is to strengthen the servant believer's heart, for seeking and sharing Him is the priority.

When armored by the Divine Spirit, the best part is that one finds encouragement to go among the pestilence of sin, spreading love. This discipleship of light within the gloom is resolute! Creating an army to help lift the fallen. Believers are confident that they, too, will want a rapport with their Father.

Still, in the secrecy, the brokenness of lies takes root with an immense effort to confuse. This disillusionment or lack of conduct runs as an undertow by eradicating truth. Fixating on dismantling our moral compass as the societal norm seems to make God irrelevant.

The truth, when we are around the pull of harmful habits, we risk becoming robots of conformity. Unfortunate chaos occurs without seeking cheerful obedience to God's plan for our life. Ideas morph into selfish pursuits, and morality takes a backseat.

People want to love! Most will pick right over evil if given a chance, but positive choices evade, as our nature responds to environmental conditions. These attitudes are because of altered complacency within the psyche. A twisted sense of reality will force actions where the conclusion limits options. They are hiding the potential of choosing the deliberate choice of self-control.

Humankind carries the primary want to be understood, appreciation for their purpose, and the ability to love others with compassion. These qualities are the desires of human nature. We are not victims of circumstance when there is a belief in something good.

Faith is the key! The love we seek is available to everyone. The blueprint is possible for anyone to build, found within His precious word. We need to use it!

The world gives way to fits of anger! Lacking trust in God, the promise of truth and life seems to meet with avoidance. Only by faith will we experience His guidance to move us. People need God, but human nature puts what makes them loved and appreciated before the refinements of His plan.

This very human trait of conformity to the lies of sin is often subconscious and unintended. People seek affirmation to know they're doing well. To comfort themselves, they judge. They confirm themselves by rejecting others.

Mass media blurs the lines of truth, making it difficult to see straight. A division is the root of separation between people. Denying the call to love allows more significant slippage into deception, creating a perception that our magnificent God has limits, which is untrue!

We are Living Shell-Shocked

Often cultures stand shell-shocked in disbelief while glaring at the bloodstains in the hands of others. Focusing on others' sins allows a subconscious thought to become the breeding ground for hatred and division. We must do more than gossip and point fingers. Instead, let's work together to build unity in understanding and forgiveness. We can plant seeds of restoration and water them.

What if we begin with selfless compassion, do random acts of kindness, and stop relying on people to be perfect? They are no more correct than your imperfect self, the one you see in the mirror each morning. We need renewal and restoration.

Concentrating on ourselves is not where our focus should be, but mass materialism seeks to sway our devotion to self-serving. We then fall victim to a societal way of thinking, and though often subconscious, we join the complacency ranks.

Within the thistle of lies, we entangle in a desperate pursuit of unconditional love. But we have the most refined model in Jesus Christ. It covers his hands in stain from the sins of man. Though He made this punishing sacrifice, He continues to love us regardless of flaws and imperfections.

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another" (John 13:34)

Why do we seek solace in any other verse? God loves us, therefore disregarding our negative thoughts and sinning nature. Still, we judge our brothers and sisters as opposed to correcting ourselves. He sees the blood on our hands and yet washes it away, healing the wake of our sin.

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh." (Ezekiel 36:26)

Regardless of where you are today, there may be a spot in your heart that needs softening. Ask for repair where you need it most, allowing God to fill you using the tough stuff for a higher purpose as His children.

"Beloved, now we are children of God..." (1 John 3:2)

Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord!

Childlike Innocence Lost

It is rare for one to look at an infant and imagine hatred. Nor do we plot ways to break these tiny humans. One does not think to use their weakness to gain! No one plans ways to shatter them with vile acts of violence or embarrassment unless it involves a diseased mind. Instead, there’s a universal agreement to protect their innocence.

When did we lose this sense of creating a haven for one another? We are stuffing emotions within the depths of our souls, fighting against the elements of ignorance in a suffocating society. Pathetic people hide their reactions to what is wrong, hoping to fit in, or at least not stand out in the crowd!

Perfect harmony is difficult, near impossible in most relationships, because we are imperfect as individuals. No matter how bad people act, they need love and peace at their core. Don’t we seek that for ourselves, and aren’t we called to live by the golden rule? The steadfast rule.

“Do unto others…” (Matt. 7:12)

Faith in God, our wonderful counselor, is the best way to find your center in peace. He wants a relationship with each of us, and that relationship with Him will allow guidance and the righting of our wrongs. God is our guide to navigating our imperfect relationships and formatting the following steps to take.

“Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive…” (Col. 3:13)

Since we are imperfect, my guess is we have made mistakes today. Don’t give up; let God's work in you again tomorrow. If our lives are tough, we can start planting a seed and allowing God to water it. Start a new conversation! What is the Holy Spirit saying to you? Close out the noise to listen for the message of His purpose.

Sweet Innocence
Sweet Innocence | Source

Can't We Just Surrender?

Surrender in life together, as each day provides the potential to experience something new. We get messy in our thoughts, words, and actions. The media's depictions tell us that life is precious and can change instantly for anyone! We should work together with due diligence.

To become our best selves, we go to God, taking time in prayer until He speaks with clarity. The world tells us not to mention God, not to love one another, and to be cautious of what we listen to and where we spend our time.

God is working in and through us, both as individuals and together.

View: A Social Experiment Telling of the World Temperature (Warning some foul language.) Are yourjudging or loving?

We are In Life Together

Desperate times need bold acts of decision; decide to love! They will break us if we don’t ignore the spewing distractions from a sinful world!

Our complacency is causing us to miss opportunities to love when broken. We need to enjoy honesty, even though it fails us.

This crazy atmosphere alienates us from our purpose with lofty attitudes and attention to sin; separation seeks our focus to be on it. Hence, the goal of evil is division.

Our beloved God is eager for our transformation by turning from sins rooted in pride, envy, and anger toward humanity; this becomes our mission and our curse.

If we refuse to humble ourselves before our creator, He still sends His angels to attend to those He made in His image. Our sinning nature is the catalyst for our demise. Our direct disobedience to God is prevalent. Selfish acts win out as evil works to deceive a man to create a world separated from God.

Are we to conform to do the dirty work of pride, greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, or sloth? They call these sins deadly for a reason! Encourage the fruits of the spirit in one another; they make us different. Unity builds while separation seeks to destroy. Believe, have conviction in building without limits.

Good or Evil
Good or Evil | Source

What is Written on Your Heart?

There is no need to pretend perfection! We should love as Christ did. When they crucified Him, Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

If Christ came today, and we walk with Him, His last words would still be the same! There is hope for everyone because of the cross. They lead men to be conditioned by their environment. How we acknowledge or respond to that climate defines to whom we belong. Choosing Christ to be the center of your chaos changes your outcome. He took the cross for everyone. He is the choice for humanity!

I don’t know how God will react or reply to any sin or sinner. But I know we should do our best to love as God loves us. We humble ourselves by praying when facing the giants of dismissal, sadness, disappointment, wrongful acts, lies, rumors, gossip, trial, and hardship.

I pray He allows us to see the potential in everyone. Though products of a spiraling world, we are the hope and the future. In a society built by a loving and outstanding God, we thank Him for His sacrifice because He lives!

No one can prohibit what is in your heart! Don’t live in fear! Instead, love others within the limits of your brokenness because our God is limitless!

Limitless Colton Dixon

What is your choice?

Given these two options to love or to judge what will be your decision?

See results

© 2016 Kathy Henderson


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