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Fighting Discouragement and Disappointment

Updated on November 12, 2014
Disappointment often leads to discouragement.
Disappointment often leads to discouragement. | Source

This is a battle I unfortunately know way to well. I cannot count the times the floor has fallen through in my life. Like the times my family and I have had to find a new home within a somewhat short amount of time or risk losing all we own, or the relationships that went south before they had ever really begun. Though these disappointing moments were discouraging and often heart breaking, with the help of God and his son Jesus Christ, I have learned from these experiences, grown from them. So, with that being said, here are some techniques/advice that have helped me combat those devilish feelings of self-pity.

Encourage Yourself

Encouraging yourself is a choice. Therefore, so too is discouragement. Disappointment is bound to come and go in everyone's life, however, that does not mean you have to live the rest of your years in despair. When these thoughts, which I refer to as the "never thoughts," start popping into your head, remind yourself that this too--meaning whatever you are going through--shall pass. Stop letting thoughts of what you will never be able to do rule you. Disappointments are a temporary state and nothing of Earthly substance lasts forever.

When I was forced to live in a hotel room with my parents for months on end, then had to live at my grandmother's crowded house for even more months, I began to think that we would never be able to have a home of our own again; that I was destined to carry around financial lack for the rest of my days. Suddenly, God told me that He would never give me more than I could handle. He reminded me that he loves me and that I need to stop letting my mind be a dumpster for the Devil and all his lies. So, especially when you DON'T feel like it, think to yourself or say out loud that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. I remember times when I shut myself in the bathroom of my grandmother's home and fell to the tiled floor of the bathroom in my family's hotel room and wept. But through those tears I sobbed out words of encouragement, fighting back the negativity with the truth the Holy Spirit had put in my heart. And, as I've said, the discouragement began to disappear.

(1 Corinthians Chapter 10, verse 13)

Dr. Charles Stanley
Dr. Charles Stanley

Surrounded By Positivity

Discouragement can be contagious. Think about how many times you have been around people who were suffering from incredibly bad circumstances--hopefully you have never gone through or known people who have suffered from anything critical. With all of their woes floating around in the air, how many times have you joined in their complaining. Now, I am by no means suggesting selfishness. It is important to be Jesus in times of hardship; to be a willing listener when things are rough. I merely am saying that being around individuals who never strive to look on the bright side of anything is risky business. Humans are social creatures, so be careful of the company you keep (1 Corinthians Chapter 5, verses 9-11; Proverbs 13:20).

Dr. Charles Stanley gives some helpful advice and wisdom on discouragement and disappointment in the above linked video. His sermons have helped me through cloudy moments in my past, and perhaps he can help shed some light on some of your gloomy circumstances.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of mankind.
Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of mankind.

Prayers Work Wonders

Falling to your knees is always a good idea, no matter what the situation might be. Speaking to God is the only way any kind of revelation or growth will happen. If the Almighty isn't involved, then nothing is going to change. I don't know what I might have done, or do even now, without the Lord's guidance. There have been moments when I felt I just could not go on, that life itself was not worth living. It wasn't until I prayed and surrendered to Jesus that my misery began to subside. Though disappointments may await me in the future, I know that I can walk fearlessly into the fray because the Creator of the universe is with me.

Pray when you're hurting. Pray when you're joyful. Speak to the Lord and you will surely be blessed; true overcomers.

What do you think is the main cause of discouragement?

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    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 2 years ago from hub

      Thank you for the encouragement...will watch the videos soon, at a restaurant at the moment, know these will really lift my heart, love the words of both Dr.Stanley and Joyce Meyers :)