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Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

Updated on September 5, 2017

Fight well

We all wake up each day with expectations not knowing what the day would bring by evening. We either go back home happy or disappointed. Some ends their day in pain after losing a loved one, being involved in an accident or lost something of value. There are issues that can be avoided but most of them are unexpected. They are so sudden to an extend they leave a person destabilised in a way.

I recently witnessed a man hit by a vehicle and died on the spot as he tried to cross the road, and i asked myself a lot of questions. What was he rushing for? Was he out of time in achieving his expectations for the day? Was it the driver who was out of time in that he didn't notice someone crossing? Many question ran through my mind but i came to realize, sometimes we allow our expectations to drive us to an extend we lose control on things that matter around us. There are people who are always mistreated or ignored throughout the day by those who are busy forcing things to work their way and it has become normal nowadays.

My question to all of us is; how can we fight a good fight through the day so that by evening everybody goes back home happy? An honest answer to this question takes us directly to an issue of faith. What do you believe? Some believe they are superior to others, some believe they are perfect, some believe they deserve better treatment that others and the list goes on. With all this differences in our believe system it is not possible for us to have healthy expectations. Each and everyone of us must examine his/her believe system if we are to make the world a better place. Otherwise we will come up with perfect-powerful systems and institutions then break them down again by unhealthy expectations.

© 2017 Tom Abraham Wesela


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