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Figuring out Your Dog's Zodiac

Updated on March 31, 2022
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Andrea loves animals of all sizes, shapes, and demeanor. She has owned dogs and cats and considers herself an animal whisperer.

Could your dog's star sign say something about how they'll act at home? Read up on your dog's star sign to find out.
Could your dog's star sign say something about how they'll act at home? Read up on your dog's star sign to find out. | Source

The Sweet Journey of Having a Dog Friend

Dogs make long days better, and they help us connect with the world around us. Getting a dog can help you lose weight by walking and hanging out with the pup. There are plenty of advantages to getting a dog. Some of us have no clue when our pup was born. This guide is here to help you try to figure that out using the zodiac. This is also supposed to be for your entertainment. Of course, dogs are really going to show off their personality based on a number of factors like breed, environment, age, and social structure of household. Mixed breeds tend to live longer. Scientists some dogs have the intelligence of a human toddler. Some dogs love to cuddle, while some need to constantly play and be on the run.

Follow the Aries Dog to Adventure and Solving Crimes

The Aries dog is active and ready to go for an adventure. They may demand walks.
The Aries dog is active and ready to go for an adventure. They may demand walks. | Source

The Aries Canine: Born March 21 – April 19

Aries is eager to get outside and play. This dog is on a mission at almost all times whether hunting for food, searching for a toy, or getting your attention. This is a dog with a lot of energy, high loyalty, and will go on a walk with purpose -- doesn't like to hang around smelling everything.

The dog will be your best friend through thick and thin. Aries will want to play fetch non-stop; this is the dog who wants to be boss. It may boss around the other pets or children, it may even kind of tell you what to do.

These dogs would be great on a police staff or as a therapy pet. Family means the world to them. They love going on adventures and hope you'll take them on a big giant walk or hike. They almost always have their tongue sticking out because they can't sit still. An Aries isn't for someone looking for a cute dog to sit on their lap and cuddle all day long. Aries is for someone on the go. Aries would be upset if you put him in a crate all day. Crate training isn't the best for an Aries pup, and could actually make them regress when trying to grow and mature. This dog loves the outdoors and digging holes. It will be insanely loyal to those that it loves.

The Aries does is mildly aggressive. They can be stubborn but also loving. These are typically smart dogs.

The Taurus Dog Wants to Indulge in His 5 Senses

The Taurus dog wants to be your best friend, they love time outside, they work hard, and they like to smell everything. They might be good at herding sheep.
The Taurus dog wants to be your best friend, they love time outside, they work hard, and they like to smell everything. They might be good at herding sheep. | Source

The Taurus Doggo: Born April 21 to May 21

The Taurus dog loves to be outside and enjoys smelling the roses. Taurus is sensitive to loud noises, like thunderstorms. This dog goes at a slower pace than the Aries, but is still fairly smart. It may take to tricks and new lessons slower than some dogs -- but it will successfully learn. The Taurus dog has a sensitive palette. This dog might not like some cheaper food brands. It also likes to be on the run and do exercise. The dog likes to complete what it is doing, so it may focus all its energy on something for a long time -- like eating a bone or playing fetch.

Taurus is selective about who it likes. This is a dog who likes to listen to music, likes the slightly fancier bowl, and likes to hear its owner's voice. The Taurus pup is highly tactile and in tune to its senses. It will know immediately if there is an intruder based on scent and sound. The Taurus may bark randomly to alert and caution the owner about something that is off. This is also a dog who can sense when you are sick and might need help. Taurus dogs make great life long friends. They are more watchdogs than guarddogs. They do well with a big window to look out and judge the neighborhood.

Taurus dogs love a nicely mowed lawn with a pretty garden and a waterfall. If you are a gardener, this dog will likely match your personality.

The Gemini Pup Wants to Solve Time Travel Problems

Gemini dogs are smart and full of personality. They're energetic, so they need someone who is willing to bond with them.
Gemini dogs are smart and full of personality. They're energetic, so they need someone who is willing to bond with them. | Source

The Gemini Pup Scholar: Born May 21 – June 21

Gemini dogs are highly communicative and incredibly intelligent. The Gemini dog will impress you by doing things that don't make sense for a dog's capacity. It will learn quickly, it will also be talkative. The Gemini is literally trying with all its might to talk to you. The Gemini will also make you laugh with the absurd things it does. A Gemini can be introverted and prefer couples or families, but doesn't love big parties. Gemini can have some nervous energy and even anxiety partly because it is so smart and taking in lots of ideas.

Geminis do well with other similar dogs. A Gemini does not do well with a dog that isn't of the same or similar intelligence. The dog will thrive with lots of interactions to challenge its mind. Gemini loves to play outside, especially on a really nice weather day. The dog will also like plants in the house. It really likes the smell. The dog is sensitive to the way you setup the house and if it makes sense to them. Gemini likes to be unpredictable and will do so to impress you. This is a dog that you'll have an instant connection with. They'll crave time with you.

Gemini dogs can sometimes figure out technological things, like televisions. It might be helpful to your dog to leave a TV or radio on, because the dog likes hearing words and has a higher capacity for language than other dogs. The Gemini dog looks forward to greeting you.

The Cancer Dog Likes Long Walks on the Beach and Holding Paws

The Cancer pooch might like a stroll down to the beach. They love water... and slobber.
The Cancer pooch might like a stroll down to the beach. They love water... and slobber. | Source

The Cancer Canine Cuddler: Born June 21 to July 22

Cancer is a sweet dog who is also moody. One moment she's sweet, the next she's pulling out your bathroom trash and spreading it around your house. Cancer loves to have all the attention on her. She also likes to cuddle. Physical affection is a must. She'll hate you if you leave her too long. She might howl at the moon for no explainable reason. The dog has a wide range of emotions, and knows how to beg for the good steak and make you feel bad. This dog is also really aware of your emotions, and understands when you need some extra love. This dog is a pillar for emotional comfort. Cancer can be picky about the most random things that don't seem like they should bother a dog. The Cancer will greet you with a long, excited bark. The Cancer will also wonder why you didn't bring home a new toy or treat for her. She'll actually seem like she pouts. She might get really unexpectedly anxious around some people, while also very warm and straight up sits on newcomers -- despite her size. She can be the most awkward dog you've ever met, but also the sweetest and most loving dog.

This dog will literally produce more slobber than seems possible. The dog needs a water bowl constantly filled. They may also take several pee breaks while going on a walk. The dog almost always has her tongue sticking out of her mouth. She probably likes to chew on ice or play with it.

The Leo Dog Shows Their Loyalty

The Leo dog shows their loyalty with cuddles and kisses.
The Leo dog shows their loyalty with cuddles and kisses. | Source

The Leo Dog with a Crown Upon His Head: Born July 23 to August 22

A Leo dog is a proud dog who is also excessively proud of their family. It will take a threat from an outsider seriously. Leo wants to have lots and lots of people and attention around it. The Leo wants to go camping, hiking, and likes going on long car rides. Why didn't you take me to the fast food restaurant? Where are my fries? Do you not love me? Leo also doesn't do well with crate training. The very idea would offend it -- and you might end up with a poopy crate.

Leo is king and wants to be treated as king. It demands belly rubs. It demands head rubs. It demands a place in your backyard volleyball game. The Leo must be adored. It will not be forgot! It will come to your bedroom door that's closed and make a big fuss until you let him into your room. This dog will go crazy if its favorite ball went under a chair -- and nothing is allowed to be done until you get him his ball! The Leo decides when it wants to be pet and may just plop into your lap unexpectedly. Adore me! Adore me now and forever for I am the king dog!

Leo would prefer to have a dog bed but also be allowed in your bed. This dog is impressed with the size of its poop -- you may have to watch this dog after playtime to see if he needs help getting cleaned. The dog will sprawl out on the couch and wait for you to sit with him in awe of him.

Virgo Pupper Is Excessively Smart and Hardworking

Your Virgo dog might outsmart you. You might catch them reading your books.
Your Virgo dog might outsmart you. You might catch them reading your books. | Source

Virgo the Particular Pup: Born August 23 to September 22

Virgo is by far the most particular dog of the zodiac. It will require you to give it food in a special way. The dog demands to be clean. The dog will also get itself plenty dirty -- and then expects you to clean him.

The Virgo likes to work with its paws, but that means it will dig holes and get itself dirty. Virgo is intelligent, a loner, and really does well with a smaller family. Virgo doesn't like a lot of fuss around it. Children might annoy it. Virgo would like to work with someone, so getting to work with police, or a lumber shop -- anything. These make for great hunting dogs. Virgo doesn't want to be the best friend of children. It wants to be the best friend of the hard worker. Virgo cares about everything -- the way things smell, the taste, the sounds, and the experience. Virgo needs verbal encouragement. This is a dog who can get depressed if the family leaves them out or keeps them isolated. Virgo wants to be near, but doesn't necessarily want to smother you. Virgo likes walks outside, especially during fall. Virgo doesn't like things too hot or too cold. A zen doggo garden would be a perfect match for this dog. The dog likes a calm environment.

Virgo dogs would like to be employed and make a wage. They wish they could help you with chores around the house. They make great therapy and service dogs. This dog might randomly sigh.

The Libra Dog Wants to Be Cute

Libra dogs are very cute, curious, and a little aloof. They'll make you laugh.
Libra dogs are very cute, curious, and a little aloof. They'll make you laugh. | Source

Libra the Pupper Friend: Born September 23 to October 23

Libra is a well-balanced dog. It can do tricks, it can learn, it loves to be loved, and it loves to play. Libra wants everyone to love them. Libra is great with any assortment of humans from children to the elderly. Libra wants to be your best friend; the dog will try it's hardest to please you! Libra hates to disappoint, and really will have a hard time accepting itself if it did something wrong.

The dog doesn't really have a favorite family member, it just wants to love everyone and for everyone to accept them. Libra dogs will greet you in the morning, and try to say goodnight when you go to bed. This dog might have really bad breath, ironically.

They'll follow you around to see where the action is happening. They like adventures, but nothing too scary or too challenging. They're not super picky, and they'll try lots of new toys. These are pretty open minded dogs who will try their best to get along with cats and other animals or children. They are good at sports. They can take on a lot of craziness.

Libra is eager to please, to play, and to entertain. Libra wants you and your guests to all feel welcome. Libra will be a big part of your home.

This dog may hoard random things. It can come off delicate and may carry its paws in a funny way. The Libra dog won't mind costumes and might enjoy a little bit of strangeness in their lives.

Scorpio Dog Looking for the Perfect Family to Protect

Scorpio dogs are lively, fiercely protective, and family-oriented.
Scorpio dogs are lively, fiercely protective, and family-oriented. | Source

Scorpio, the Cerberus Dog: Born October 23 to November 22

Scorpio is a highly selective dog and considers carefully who it likes. The dog also is highly loyal to those it loves. This dog would kill for someone it loves or even sacrifice itself. A Scorpio dog is not for everyone. This dog can be mean and dangerous and spiteful. A Scorpio dog needs a good owner to bring out its sweet side. The Scorpio dog can act wolf like -- even howling to the moon or collecting the bones of its enemies. It may kill something in the backyard and drop the squirrel or rabbit remains at the backdoor to impress you.

They're usually highly athletic, and somewhat loner like. The Scorpio will treat its pack with extreme love and protection. The Scorpio dog may hate it if you are dating someone and not giving it the same amount of love and time it had when you were single. The Scorpio dog may act out and betray you, like destroying a room or emptying out the trash in the house.

The Scorpio dog knows what it is doing; it wants to get a reaction out of you. This dog might pee in the pool or the shower, it might shred up your bed, or somehow get inside a wall. With proper training a Scorpio can learn to behave and appreciate better behavior. The Scorpio does well with lots of readily available water -- it needs frequent bathroom breaks. The Scorpio likes fashion to some degree. It might accept a strange costume for Halloween or a special collar.

Sagittarius Dog Reporting for Sticks

Sagittarius dogs are wild and spontaneous. They may pick up a stick and keep it away from you.
Sagittarius dogs are wild and spontaneous. They may pick up a stick and keep it away from you. | Source

Sagittarius, the Is that a Horse? Born November 22 to December 21

The Sagittarius dog is well-rounded, but maybe not so loyal. The dog might not take to commands or training, but will be plenty of fun. This dog will want to play all the time.

He'll also beg for food incessantly, get himself into awkward situations, and dart about the house looking for toys. This dog loves children. He loves attention, he loves treats, he loves getting to be spoiled. The pupper doesn't want a long hike through the middle of nowhere. The dog wants to be the life of the party. He might get jealous of a younger dog. He's excited by the sound of ice cream trucks, he loves to play Frisbee, he has a favorite stuffed toy, he greets you at the door, he has a specific bark for each member of the family, and he digs things out of the trash for fun. Whatever is the way of fun, that is the way of the Sagittarius.

This dog wants someone who likes a life on the go. He isn't into everything being neat and orderly and too routine. This makes for a great family dog where there are plenty of people around the house to entertain him. This would be a terrible dog for an elderly couple. The Sagittarius might even watch TV and have a favorite sitcom. The Sagittarius might destroy a home out of boredom, so this dog really needs a lot of attention and craziness to thrive. Sagittarius also does really well to travel and go places.

Capricorn Dog Is Ready for a Solitary Adventure

A Capricorn dog might be a loner. They might like a long trek into the mountains or woods to be with their hermit friend.
A Capricorn dog might be a loner. They might like a long trek into the mountains or woods to be with their hermit friend. | Source

Capricorn, the Is that a Goat? Born December 22 to January 20

The Capricorn is great for seniors and the elderly. The Capricorn dog loves family, but doesn't need to be the center of attention. This dog can come off old, wizened, mature, and with a big belly.

The dog will surprise you with how well it jumps. Capricorn dogs long to curl up next to the fireplace on a cold winter's day. They're prepared to go out into the woods for a long day. They may sip from your beer if you're not watching. Capricorn pups love food with lots of meat. They like to be around other Capricorns. They can tolerate cats, but they find them kind of weird. These dogs love to sleep all day. They probably have about 12 different favored snooze spots in the house.

The Capricorn pupper does well on farms and in rural areas. This dog may feel out of place and stressed in a big city. It doesn't like a lot of commotion. It isn't really fond of change either. It would prefer to never move to another location, and it may get highly stressed with a big move. The Capricorn connects deeply with humans who are dealing with loss. They will be there for you in times of grief. Capricorn isn't a high energy dog, so he's great for introverts, people living quieter lives, singles, and older people. Capricorn is a family dog, so he can do well with children -- but might need some time away from the kids an their sticky fingers. This dog too would like a nice window to look out at the vista.

Aquarius Pups Ready to Lead People into a Utopian Regime

Aquarius dogs are strange. They may try to walk like humans.
Aquarius dogs are strange. They may try to walk like humans. | Source

Aquarius, the Dog Who Acts Like a Cat. Born January 21 to February 20

The Aquarius dog is misunderstood and freaky smart. The dog may take on some cat like qualities. It can be more independent than some other dogs. It will enjoy mental challenges and new tricks to learn. The dog is generally happy and excited. It will be happy to be in your presence, it will be happy to smell cookies, it will be happy to take a nap, it will be happy to go for a walk. The Aquarius dog likes to cuddle, but it may get up to go sit in a dog bed or to do something by itself.

The Aquarius dog does well with other dogs -- it generally likes to herd other animals as this is considered a smart trait. The dog wants to be clean and pretty. It likes getting pampered. The dog may have unique nuanced rituals it requires on a regular basis -- like a weird little song while getting cheese or saying goodbye 7 times before leaving. The dog is somewhat vocal, somewhat caught in a dream, and somewhat protective. They can wander away and stop to smell the roses, so it is good to keep them on a leash. They likely have highly expressive eyes. They do well with a variety of people and animals -- even befriending creatures like ducks, chickens, geese, cats, and deer.

The dog is like Gemini in that it is trying to communicate, and is actually pretty certain you can understand what it is trying to say. Aquarius also has a high capacity for language.

The Pisces Puppy Wants to Dream a Whole New Reality into Existence

Pisces dogs are sweethearts with a little bit of magic to them, like having two different colored eyes.
Pisces dogs are sweethearts with a little bit of magic to them, like having two different colored eyes. | Source

The Pisces Pupper: Born February 19 to March 20

The Pisces dog is a total dreamer. They may sleep in the laundry, they may sleep in a closet, they may sleep anywhere unexpected. The Pisces pup is mysterious and beautiful. They are extremely loving and loyal dogs. They are very sweet and sensitive. They like things to be clean and not too overwhelming. A minimalist household is great. A house with a lot of imagination is great. This dog may want to get in your craft and supplies box; they'll want to watch you bake cookies not just because they want the food -- but because the process is interesting to them. (Don't give dogs chocolate of any kind, even if they are begging.)

Pisces is a great cuddler. The dog will always remember your face. They'll get along with cats great and do many an odd thing to impress you. These sweet, lovable pups can sometimes be really shy (or manic). Take them outside for some nature, keep music and art around to keep their minds active and engaged. They'll be happy with gifts, and may try to open wrapped presents you give them. The dog is sincere, sometimes scared, definitely scared of storms, and always wants to be in the know. This one is the ultimate sweetheart. It will miss children greatly who grow up and go off to college.

The Pisces dog is like an extra parent to children. The dog is very tolerant of a great deal of things -- not one who is super happy with change.

Dogs and the Zodiac

Energy Level
Special Traits
Needs adventure and daily walks
Highly intelligent, can be offended
Selectively friendly
Loves adventures, great in cars, love new tricks
Highly trainable
Needs time to play in a backyard by itself
Smart, but not necessarily anything earth shattering
Likes its family and herd
Great at picking up scents, loves certain blankets, great for leisure
Generally trainable
Smartest dog on the chart -- far too self aware
Can be highly select and particular
Super crazy smart, loves tricks, loves new ideas
Can learn anything for dogs, but doesn't always like authority
Moody doggo
Moody and doesn't always think things through
Really wants everyone to love them and adore them
Can be pet for hours on end, loves children and elders
Basic training, yes. Trying to do something advanced, no
Lots of energy, wants to play
Thinks he is a smarter pup than he probably is -- happier to just play
Alpha dog
Will enjoy adventures forever, will be staple in family, must be adored
Mostly trainable
Dog wants a real job and not just play time
Smart enough to get a job, not smart enough to just play
Loner dog
Great therapy dogs, great police dogs, great firefighter dogs, great at hardwork
Can learn anything
Could sit in your lap all day and be just fine
Likely to attend a book club without having read a single book
Desperately wants to get along with everyone
Great for watching TV with, great buddy and little sister, wants everyone to be happy
Okay at training
Depends. Do they have someone they need to attack for harming their master? Lazy many a day. Really dislikes some people.
Alpha dog, highly selective
High loyalty to family. Would stop a burglar
Needs extra work
Trying to have fun in its own weird way
Sporadic intelligence
Fun-loving for all!
Does not run out of energy
Mixed bag
Pretty lazy
Sagacious, wise, wishes he could pontificate
Only wants to be by master's side
Okay if things are pretty mundane or boring, has depth like a grandparent
Won't destroy things but won't learn new tricks
Smart and understands you more than you probably like
Great social dogs, mix well with everyone
Can do things beyond the normal scope of a dog, and very friendly
Highly trainable
Lost in its thoughts
Highly creative, but not necessarily smart
Big sweethearts, great for most
Great snooze buddy. Has amazing dreams you can't see
With treats, yes, trainable

© 2019 Andrea Lawrence


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