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Financial Stewardship In Marriage

Updated on July 21, 2013

• We Own Nothing


But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. (1 Tim. 6:7-8)

Selfishness unchecked silently says this or that is mine when in reality what we have in this world is only loaned to us by God. Practically speaking something belonging to a person can be treated entirely differently than something that has been loaned. People are more apt to treat what is theirs with a greater or lesser respect than something that is borrowed. Since what has been borrowed must be returned in the same or better shape it was when received, it is given special attention so the cost is not transferred to the borrower. Proper stewardship in marriage must start with a proper mindset about ones relationship between God and the resources he has placed in one’s possession. When a couple understands that God is the owner of their money, 10% or the tithe is deducted from what comes into their possession to give back what he demands according to his Word. He could have said like some creditors do, give 20 or 30 percent, but he only asks for 10% so that he can bless the other 90%. Contentment is something that only God through godliness can bring. Contentment is not based on how much money a person does or does not have because there are millionaires who are not content and feel as though they need to make that one last business deal to be happy while on the other hand those who may not “have as much” feel as though only a large amount of money can make them content. Money can buy the best doctors but cannot bring healing; money can buy a beautiful house but cannot buy a home (family relationship). Godliness with contentment paves the way for couples to enjoy where they are in life until they get to where they are going in God’s plan and purpose for their life.


What is the great gain that comes from godliness with contentment?

· Godliness itself

· Learning to trust God and not ones bank account

· Learning to be wise with what one has and not wasteful

· Seeing God provide through favor which is greater than money


The rich young ruler in Mark 10:17 had everything going for him but he was not content with what he had. He was young, rich and had a very important position (Ruler) but lacked godliness. This is why he ran to Jesus asking him what to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus told him to sell everything that he had and give to the poor and come and follow him. But he walked away sad and grieved because he had great possessions. Actually the great possessions had him and the two emotions associated with death “grief and sadness” was the consequences of his choice and actions. Wealth within itself does not bring contentment, but Godliness with contentment is the reward that comes from trusting in and following Jesus instead of trusting in riches.

The Power of Stewardship 3

Learning to trust God and not ones bank account


Godliness with contentment means that one has learned to trust God instead of their bank account and that is great gain. Bank accounts fluctuate causing an emotional roller coaster while Jesus and his Word remain the same. Hebrews 13:8 declares Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever.

•Learning to be wise and not wasteful with what one has

Godliness with contentment teaches the importance of being wise and not wasteful. After the miracle of the multiplied fish and loaves Jesus always instructed to pick up the leftovers because he was wise and not wasteful. He was wise and not wasteful with his time because he declared that he must work the works of him that sent him while it was day because the night was coming in which no man could work (John 9:4)

· Seeing God provide through favor which is greater than money

Godliness with contentment is great gain because it has proven that Gods favor is greater than money. A person who is content with such things as they have understand that there are some things that money just cannot buy and it takes the favor of God. For example favor brings healing when all resources have been exhausted like in the case of the woman who had the issue of blood (Matthew 9:21). She spent all of her money on physicians only to get worse, but she said within herself if I may but touch the hem of his garment I shall be made whole. She tapped into the power of God with her faith and received the favor of God for her healing.


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