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The Importance of Trees

Updated on October 9, 2013
A Fairy Tree or at least in the photographer's imagination.
A Fairy Tree or at least in the photographer's imagination. | Source

Sacred Oak in Pennsylvania

The Sacred Oak, more of a nickname there but still it is sacred
The Sacred Oak, more of a nickname there but still it is sacred | Source

The Importance of Trees in Life

One of the things that are important in life that you don't know that you will miss so much until they are gone are trees. They are something that holds the world together. Without them there would not be the same balance in nature. You can't tell what the season is at all without the trees.

One of the worst things about selling your land I think is about the trees. The trees very well may be cut down also when you sell a farm or other property. That is why "The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov is so sad. They start to chop down the cherry trees when the place has been sold. It is a bad feeling to have trees go.

I just saw another item about trees for the Mohawks. When they were having the trouble at Oka about the land dispute, part of it was about sacred pine trees growing there. The trouble was about a burial site on the land and the town of Oka wanting the land. It would make it worse to lose sacred pine trees there. All of the trees are really important to the Native Americans and they love them.

Other people love trees also. I think there are trees that are sacred to people from about every country. It started as history began and people had trees to look at and wonder about.

If you don't have trees around, you can feel as if something is missing in your life. I know in cities they still have parks with trees in them. It just is not the same as in the great outdoors where you see all of the trees. Still it is something to have trees there in the park. People need something to look at as they go through their day.

One of the saddest things can be not finding a Christmas tree. Every year around Christmas there is a big race to find a Christmas tree. If someone cannot find one or it is not that good, the person loses out. It is a bad feeling.

We used to be able to go out on the farm and find the tallest tree that we could for our Christmas tree. We had the pick of many acres and trees to look for it. Later they sold a lot of the trees. It is a very bad feeling not to have it all anymore so you can go back there.

Tree Protest in Massachusetts about Willow Tree

Disputes About Trees

The tree dispute on the video above is about a willow tree in Massachusetts. It was on private property and being cut down. The neighborhood did not want it to go. They were all upset about it.

There have been many disputes about trees being cut down. One of the latest ones was in Los Angeles. They had some trees there in a district by the Los Angeles Airport there. They were bringing in one of the shuttles from the space program. They were going to cut the trees down to make room for it. Many were upset about the trees being cut down. There are not really that many trees that you see in Los Angeles. it is naturally a desert area.

Druid Grove

probably oak tree it stated
probably oak tree it stated | Source

The Yew Tree in Britain

Abraham's Oak


Trees in Other Countries

Trees were of course, sacred to the Celts. One of the trees they thought sacred was the hawthorn tree. The Celts gave different meanings to all of the trees. The willow was another sacred tree. The oak was a very sacred tree and held in the greatest esteem.

The hawthorn is called a fairy tree in Scotland and other countries. The oak and ash can also be favorites of the fairies. People are still afraid of angering the fairies in Ireland over the trees and their circles, etc.

The video here is showing the yew tree. It is in many churchyards in Britain. It was a sacred tree to them. It was sacred before the Christians came to the area.

Another tree shown here is in Thailand. It has colored strips on it. They are to send messages for the sacred tree. They are also wishes.

The Dance Trees in Germany were considered to be very important trees also. There they are making a connection between the Earth here and Heaven above. It is part of what trees do. You are part of the Earth as you look at the trees. Also the tree reaches up and you too reach up to the sky.

The milo is a sacred tree in Hawaii. They were forbidden to be used by commoners in the olden days in Hawaii. It was also sacred in Tahiti and used near religious places.

The acacia tree was sacred a long time ago in Egypt. It was also a sacred tree to the Hebrews. Noah was supposed to have made the arc out of it. Then it had meaning also for the Christians as is shown in the link on it here. It is thought by some to have been used for the crown of thorns for Jesus. It may also have been used to make the cross.

There is more info on sacred trees and the history of them on the links.

Wishing Tree in Thailand

Wishes on the Sacred Tree
Wishes on the Sacred Tree | Source

Milo tree of Hawaii

Milo tree
Milo tree | Source
Milo flower
Milo flower | Source

Finding Your Own Tree

You can find your own tree by if you are lucky finding a tree in somewhere that you know. You can buy a tree also if you like.

For many, it all goes by memory. That is something also. If we just have a memory it is something for us to remember always. A picture can certainly help to remember a favorite tree. It is all that some of us have in the way of trees.

There are also paintings. There are some beautiful paintings that have been made so that we all have something to remember them by. It is a whole world that we can just see there and enjoy forever in a sense.

Trees are something that we can teach our children to remember and to preserve. They are something that we need in life. They are an important part of the environment. The trees being cut down in the Amazon now are changing what is happening in the world.

The Fairy Trees

Hawthorn | Source

Fairy Tree

I am not sure if this is in Ireland but it is an Irish name.
I am not sure if this is in Ireland but it is an Irish name. | Source

Redwood Trees

Armstrong Redwoods
Armstrong Redwoods | Source

Clearcutting in California

Martha's Vineyard Pagoda Tree


Cherry Tree Heaven

Cherry Trees
Cherry Trees | Source

Movies about Tree Protests

"Clearcut" with Graham Greene

There was a movie called "Clearcut" with Graham Greene from 1991. It was about a protest in Canada with native people about cutting down the trees. It is for a lumber mill. It was a fictional story. Graham Greene plays a character that is native and is helping the lawyer there. He is really a nature spirit. It goes a bit far about him getting back at the guy that wanted the trees cut down. I think it was not seen widely, but it was a very good movie.

Clearcut means that they have cut all the trees down in an area and nothing is left. It is what they do when they want to build in an area a lot of the time.

"The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekhov

The family in Russia has fallen on hard times. They need to sell their estate with the cherry orchard. The cherry orchard is a symbol to them of everything good in life that they have lost. The people that have bought the house come in and have people cut down the cherry trees.


This hub is evergreen. The trees will be around for a long time to come.

I think you can just feel the life of the trees from the pictures.

Tree of Life


Would you want the tree in Massachusetts or elsewhere to be cut down?

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    • FullOfLoveSites profile image

      FullOfLoveSites 3 years ago from United States

      Amazing trees. Progress is not really bad, though I hope it should help in conserving our natural resources and beauty. So that future generations will live to see those awesome works by nature such as trees that have stood the test of time and been even considered as sacred by others.

    • profile image

      MysticMoonlight 3 years ago

      It is such a shame to see and hear about the slaughter of trees. For me, they are sacred and it breaks my heart to see them go. People should protest, people should care and seeing that people are speaking out and up for something like this is heartwarming. I love your photos in this Hub, very, very beautiful. Keeping this topic in people's minds, like with this Hub, will hopefully reach out those who ordinarily wouldn't give a second thought, to speak out when they see or hear of trees being cut down in their areas to try and do something about it. If trees are being cut down in your area, plant more. If you own property, plant trees on that property so the chances of them ever being cut down is minimal. Thanks for this topic and information as it is something dear to my heart. The importance of such information is critical for change.

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