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Find out the unity in the diverse world situations!

Updated on March 17, 2016

United around the world

We are all united in the SELF!

Holding something involves effort but giving up is easy. If we want to hold a hanky in the palm, all the fingers must clutch it tightly which is a clear case of effort. Just open the fingers and let the hanky is let down. Now you have become free. Desires are nothing but acquisitions. Yes, most of the desires revolve around some object, some person or some ambition. As long as you hanker for the desired objects, it is pressure to the mind. Leave them; relinquish them from the hold of the mind and instantly one become free.

Pleasures and grief do not emanate from objects. It is the minds feeling. The mind feels, ‘if I acquire this new gadget which is the latest in market, I will become immensely happy and satisfied. Hence the mind goads the body to acquire the object of desire. If you could afford it, you go to the shop and purchase it, paying the cost. You bring it to the house and show the gadget to all. You start using it. May be for one or two days you are exited. On the third day, the gadget is kept in the shelf. Yes, objects never satisfy us or give us happiness. It is only when the mind reacts to the possession, one becomes happy. In many scriptures, it is clearly mentioned that the real happiness arise from your inner self and not from possession of certain things. If the object is really capable of granting happiness, then all those who are in possession of the object must remain happy but this is not the case. It is the involvement of the mind to the object makes one feels joy.

Same analogy could be applied to wealth and properties. For instance, the bank employee is handling daily many lakhs of rupees. Is he happy? No! It is not his money but he is employed to keep track of the various transactions involving money. The same employee may have in his bank account few thousands of rupees. He can claim that money as his own. When he thinks about his bank balance, he becomes happy. Hence, it is the mind which causes pain or pleasure. The mind stamps each event as good or bad, pleasure or grief. If one is able to withdraw the mind from objects or persons, he can remain in peace and happiness. Hence the involvement of mind causes pain and pleasure and not otherwise.

It is our own experience in the world that permanent happiness can not be obtained by more and more acquisitions. There are many billionaires in the world. Even in third world countries, there are rich people amazing lot of wealth and property. Just ask them one simple question, ‘are you happy’? He will frown at the very question. He will narrate the myriads of problems in his health, business and partners. He is assailed by the income tax people, thieves, relatives who eye on his properties. Though he may sleep in air conditioned chambers, he will not get a peaceful sleep. He becomes addicted to sleeping pills. This is the condition of most of the wealthy people around the world.

It is god’s decree that the wealthy is deprived of peace and happiness. Sometimes, one may be extremely rich but he may not have children! After his death, what will happen to his entire properties or wealth? If he is prudent, he should bequeath the properties in charity to the orphanages, free medical and educational activities. In the past, we had many rulers who felt the need to cater for the poor citizens. Hence, they constructed public wells, choultries to feed the needy poor and free hospitals to dispense medicines. They had provided roads with fruit bearing trees on the edges. Like that, kings of the past helped the poor citizens and travelers.

What is the philosophy behind sharing our resources with others who are not related to us? It is the feeling of oneness of Self. Self pervades the entire cosmos and there is no place devoid of the self. In fact, all are one but flouting different forms as dresses worn by us. We do not dress every day with the same set of cloths. Every day we wear different colors of shirts and pants. Likewise, the soul drapes itself with different bodies. Same soul but in different bodies and this is the fundamental unity of entire human race. Hence Jesus proclaimed, “all are One, be alike to everyone! Until we realize the truth of oneness of entire creation, we will suffer grief and pain. Every thing is Self, everyone is Self. When one visualize the self in everyone, there won’t be any grief or pain to him! Only in differentiation, unity is forgotten and everyone justifies diversity!

Be united as One!


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