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Finding A Happier Place

Updated on August 17, 2011


All Rights Reserved "Kindred Spirits" photographed by SM Rodgers Featured in Legacy of the Skull Master
All Rights Reserved "Kindred Spirits" photographed by SM Rodgers Featured in Legacy of the Skull Master

Journey toward Happiness

How many times have you looked into the faces of the ones that are around you, and you told them they were special in some way. Today I had to go to the post office to mail a letter, and I saw a familiar face. Living in a multicultural world , then I only see people trying to survive. I looked at the lady behind the counter, and she told me to have a good day, and I responded back at her with, "I am glad to see your smiling face. You make me feel good today." Immediately the postal worker responded back, "I am not having such a good day." I looked at her while taking one minute of my time to say... "You need to find your happy thought', then I reminded her of the movie about "Peter Pan", and how it encouraged me to find a better day, a better place, and I feel that the actor Robin Williams in his character makes us remember that very thing. Now if we take it into life, then we can see how our lives are so difficult sometimes that we forget everyone is in the same boat. We all are fighting finances, relationships, surviving economy, and many of threats of losing their job. When we make one day special for someone, then we feel it blossom back inside of us. I shall never forget the feeling that inspired in the lady, when I said "find your happy thought" just like Peter did in the movie. If we realize that our attitude does affect others, then we can take a new outlook on life itself. This world will never get better unless we make it do so. The people like the postal workers that are out pushing the mail back and forth to help us get it delivered, and we need to realize they are worried about the threat of closing post offices all across America.

I left the post office feeling like my day was just a little bit better. Then I visited my usual neighborhood gas station, and I met up with another friend who is also about my age. She began to talk about Medicare and Social Security, and how she felt about what was happening to us, then I was back where I started again with the worry of our society in trouble. Both of us share a little bit of life, and then we both go on about our business, but she never fails to say have a " good day dear". The lady honestly cares about me, and she is Asian. The one thing I found out about life in Oklahoma City is that race, color nor creed matters. It is being an American that matters with the ability to share our experiences and meet on a common ground. I like being here and knowing my friends and my neighbors, and my community service people are human like me. We all try to make each and every day matter no matter what.

How can we take this concept of finding a better place in our mind. Our minds are filled with turmoil, worry, and somewhere in there is a little peace that comes by creeping up on us. The way we must do this is to find a place where our minds sees peace of mind and happier days. Somewhere inside of us there dwells this time or place or event. When we are having anxiety, or when others around us have it, then we need to help them realize everyone has to take a moment to make peace of mind. What did it hurt me to spend one minute of my day making another person feel special. I can say it put warm fuzzies inside of me to see that smile upon that ladies face.

Now is the time to take back this country by taking back our faith within each other. We watched for days the drama upon the stage of Congress and within the White House, but we must realize that it has not just happened. This has been going on for decades, and now it is peaking out at us. Who was at fault? I can say that the American people should all take responsibility for allowing wars to be fought with tons of money going out the window by the billions every week. We still never fought to help our own poor and our own people with jobs, and until that changes, then we will all be eating beans, or in the old days of the depression they would eat biscuits and coffee syrup. Folks something has to change and it might as well be our attitude and how we treat our neighbors and our community in general.

I have talked to many young people in the mid twenties or younger. None of the ones I spoke to believe in God. The ones that do in a church or living in a world to themselves. You would be shocked how we have lost so many young people. Why has this happened you ask? Think back, when one person stood up and said take God out of our schools, our country, and off our money. Why would we see anything but a society of those without faith. They do not want to be in a church of worship. Why do they see this as hypocritical? They see that society sits in a church and yes they are having worship, but what are they doing? Some we know have sinned 6 days out of the week, and not cared about one single being other than themselves. The foreclose on homes, collect on those that have lost their jobs, and shout take away Social Security and Medicare from our elderly and disabled not to mention threaten pensions of our Veterans. These same people go and give their money to buy themselves out of sin. Many of these churches do not get beyond their own doors. Yes I do believe in family based churches. I believe more in the concept of God, and Jesus. Then there are Evangelist who get people to sell all they own, because the world is ending and it has not as of yet. I have a problem with that attitude, but I was brought up in schools where God was mentioned, prayers were allowed but not forced on anyone as well as the pledge of allegiance to our flag. I am not perfect and definitely not without sin myself as is all of us. Part of taking our country back is finding out that we are destroying ourselves by making Money the god of all Evil. All our country is going to do is come down unless we realize we must care about everyone in this world we come in contact with. When does a church look to help the homeless, or help others find jobs, or take people in need to doctor, or visit an elderly person in a nursing home. There are many people out there needing happy thoughts. You can bring that to them with a reminder that you care and be special in that person's life. Speak the words... "I am glad you are here, and it is nice to see you." Religion is about God, and God is about people. As a child I learned the words "God is love".

My hub is not meant to offend organized religion, but to tell you why we are losing our young people. It was the day that we allowed a non believer of any religion to deny the right of all of us to have any in this country. Our youth looked upon us with the removal of God from our society. Our government, our people, and all involved allowed this to take place. You wonder why Social Security is threatened and also Medicare. God was threatened until he was annilated from being spoken of. That is a freedom I am not wanting to give up. Come together people and change our world. Think for a happier day and find your better thoughts inside to share with others.

I also heard another shocking event in school, but it happened just like the removal of God. Society removed our creativity from our children.No music, no dance, no creative drama, no creativity to express ones self. If you cannot be creative of mind and think creatively, then you have developed a society of children that are held back and taught the test not intelligence. They are not being taught to think but to conform. It sounds to me, that society is losing our freedoms, and the first was our religion,and the second is the right to think for ourselves. We have become a country that many people are not proud of. Think where you want this to go, and the outcomes of poor decisions, and lack of caring about each other. I say get out of your churches and take back your people. Give them hope, and values that were set out, when this country came to America as oppressed people in need of a country and hope. Get out and tell someone you care that they are there doing their job,and put pride in our people once more. I am not talking about just my own religion, but it is a right of all people to believe as they would want to. It is the oppression of a right that destroys a country. It makes a dictatorship and yes you have no freedoms of choice, and first to go is your rights.


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