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Finding the Spiritual Satisfaction in your Work

Updated on December 19, 2015
By Svilen.milev via Wikimedia commons
By Svilen.milev via Wikimedia commons

Everyone has dreams in life but what holds us back from achieving our goals is fear. Fear can take many forms on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Can you remember being 6 years old and being asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? How did you respond? Did you follow your dream? Most people don’t and I’ll explain why in a moment. During readings this is one of the main hot topics of discussion that insight is needed for.

Most of us go on and live someone else’s dream and make them successful but at what expense? For example, you work for a small office. The office is owned by a family. You have rules and procedures and yes you are compensated by them for your work on a monetary level. But do you walk into work each morning happy or sad? Most people just do what they have to do to get by and others actually care and take pride in their work. Let’s focus on those who are unhappy. You may not feel comfortable in the environment but most people just whine and complain of how dissatisfied they are with their co-workers or bosses. That’s just a small tiny piece of the puzzle. The whole thing here is that your soul recognizes this is not your life path and there is no progression or room for advancement. This is what makes an employee dissatisfied and makes you feel very unhappy when it comes time to sit back and reflect.

Many of the answers you seek are already within. The movers and shakers are the people who take their life by the reigns and make their dreams come true. What will put you outside your comfort zone? It could be that you always wanted to be a singer and you knew you were good at it. You always command everyone’s attention but you have stage fright and space out when performing. Therefore you retract and take a different route. You push your dream aside and work at something else. Most successful artists, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and singers just knew what they wanted to do and did whatever it took to be successful. Things will not change because we wish for them to change. Things will never just miraculously happen, well, sometimes they do! But for the most part you must be the change and follow through.

From a spiritual standpoint you must ask yourself what is it that is making me miserable and either move on from that situation or individuals and gravitate towards what ultimately will make you the happiest. Here’s some common characteristics of someone who is spiritually unhappy with their job.

  • You will find yourself having trouble getting up in the morning and get going. Your soul just feels it to the core.

  • You dread walking into the place of business and especially participating in projects.

  • You will find that you are more of an outcast and don’t really mesh well with the environment.

  • You will stay quiet and observe all the conversations taking place and the gossip spread.

  • You most likely spend your lunches away from the office or you will go to the breakroom and stay there.

  • You constantly look at your watch or the clock to see if it’s time to leave.

  • You constantly look forward to Friday because every day is so hectic and stressful.

  • You start making excuses like calling in sick or just finding an escape route from going to work.

  • Arguments between you and co-workers may spark out of the blue due to clashing of attitudes.

  • You prefer to work by yourself rather than with a group of co-workers.

  • You are very self-sufficient.

  • You leave the job feeling very drained and irritable.

  • You find yourself constantly complaining of your job to others and family.

  • You bring whatever energy occurred in the office to your family and it starts to affect your loved ones.

  • You like the job from a financial standpoint but not the environment.

By MOs810 via Wikimedia commons
By MOs810 via Wikimedia commons

With that being said these are most common ways of knowing what needs to be changed in order to progress towards what makes you happy. The longer you stay at a place or in a position that makes you unhappy, the more damage we do at the soul level. It can affect you physically as well. Most people will complain of hypertension, diabetes, etc. Because stress is such a major component in our physical body it can be serious if you don’t find ways to release the stress. Stress essentially is negative energy in your aura that needs to be removed and cleansed. Many spiritual individuals will wear certain stones to help balance this out or will meditate daily before work and maybe after to find their happy place.

Below are some common characteristics of individuals who are following their dreams and are happy with their jobs.

  • You don’t look at your job as a job but more as a passion.

  • You take pride in your work and are happy each day.

  • You often tell others how happy you are and details about your job.

  • There is no stress levels and when you leave you feel GREAT!

  • You are ecstatic to participate with a group of co-workers and work on projects as a team.

  • You often come up with great ideas for the team at the office or place of employment.

  • You contribute and maybe improve the culture of the business by incorporating fun days.

  • Co-workers look up to you for advice and often feel great. There’s lots of laughs exchanged.

  • There is absolutely no gossip and anyone trying to do it will be told that’s not allowed.

  • There are celebrations in the office, pot lucks, parties, and etc.

So many of us are constantly stuck wanting answers to when we will move away from the situation if we are dissatisfied. How can you make changes?

  • Network is important you must align yourself with positive individuals in the same career you want to be in.

  • Ask questions that’s the only way you will learn and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

  • Make a list of your goals and look at that list every single day. Remember you can manifest what you desire. Look at the bigger picture and see yourself there. The universe listens but you must put one foot in front of the other.

  • Take risks even if you are not sure. Again whatever takes you out of the comfort zone will be good for you spiritually speaking and of course for your career.

  • Quite being discouraged by other people younger than you who are more successful. Stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on you. You are not other people you are YOURSELF.

  • Have faith that others will support you too. The universe is full of lightworkers and beautiful souls. With that same faith, step out and interact and meet new people.

  • Quit holding on the past and all that has hurt you. Look at the present and future. Take one day at a time.

  • If people pay you compliments be humble and accept it. Often when we don’t see it ourselves others do see our full potential and encourage us.

  • Mentor others and give insight when and where it’s needed. Remember to give a little kindness and being selfless is pure LOVE!

You deserve to live a happy life and enjoy what you do for a living. Start today and make a list of your dreams. Which one do you feel more driven too and what can you do immediately. You will notice the universe will send you signs. There could be ads that appear, people who you interact with mentioning it, television programs discussing it and etc. You will see doors begin to open and your life will be completely changed. However you must believe in yourself! Thank you for taking time to read my latest article and blessings in love n light. X


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    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 19 months ago

      Great hub! As a life coach, I often talk to my clients about the ideas you mentioned above. This is the perfect hub for this time of year - we are about to enter 2016 and what better way to do so than to look at our lives, evaluate what we would like to change, and then go do it! Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 20 months ago from london

      What a powerful Hub! Your observations of problems relating to the daily grind at work are so astute!

      Yes, we need the freedom for the Soul and so much care is needed, especially in dealing with stress, and maybe even more so, when we begin taking it to the family circle. Important Hub. Happy Christmas, Raymond.