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Short Story: Finding Oneself ! video...

Updated on February 8, 2012

Finding Oneself!

Just before I rise this morning, I had such a dream last night, I caught myself asking me this question about which is better?

Enjoying those dreams, where one comes out triumphant over all , exactly like the one which I had this last night, or enjoying the beautiful feeling I receive while sharing them, with those within the perimeters of those mediums, I use to convey .

Today I am compelled to write about “Finding Oneself” the everyday human being will easily spend the remainder of his physical life, trying to find himself. I expect to hear: Well what do you mean Sky9106?

What I mean is quite simple, but what's difficult, is why does it always seems to take so long to find oneself ? We do enjoy the stories leading up to the conclusion, they are always inspirational, exciting and convincing.

But I realize that is where one will then understand more of oneself, by asking why does it usually go about taking so long?

Questions like :Why am I alone, and single? Why am I not rich and wealthy? Why am I this and why am I that? I can spend the entire day just naming all the possibilities of this awesome question: Why?

The question why for me? I can surely say, that it’s not because I got the answers, to all the why’s , but rather because I have now grown to understand that these are the roads which so many of us continue on, we keep riding on, even while we see and know that it leads to nowhere.

I have grown to realize that it you were not one of those fortunate few, who were born to parents that were strong in their convicted belief, and have taught you their children, those ways that are without question and failure. Then you are one of those I mentioned above, who will be guaranteed a place on that same line, many others are trying feverishly to find themselves, in places and on grounds, where it’s all but impossible.

I have mentioned this same statement several times before, on this site. That as a child if you were given a guideline to travel through this life, and of course I mean from your parents. Then you were actually taught the beliefs of your parents. That’s why you will so often hear the words “Chip off the old block” you are walking in the footsteps of your parents who ever always so often were also walking in the footsteps of their own parents.

Now those of you in my generation, if these things were taught to you before, then here you are now still wondering why you did not go that way they did? Your answer should be: That means it was not your truth to go that way. But you were to go that way, while improving on the ways you learnt. But here is what usually happens. That selfish human way, usually gets the better of us , it's a product of the forces of Evil with its only intent , bent on destruction. You rebelled against your parents, and in doing so in most cases, you rebelled against :

The Most High God, and the conclusion you rebelled against yourself.

Here is why: You have broken that connection to a successful and proven way of life, with no plan for facing the consequences of now. What are you replacing it with now much less, in the future. You have rebelled against the foundation of your own life, not to propose something stronger and better, but for nothing. Also because those great parents of yester-year believed in the way of their parents, most will never know what hit them.

It’s the reason I so often say, regardless of whether it's modern day or whatever day, but the true way is the only way. Respect for ones parents could easily translate to respect to oneself and God.

The Bible has never changed, from the day I first knew it till now. I never watched then go in and come out making corrections. I see them trying to simplify, make easy, but little do they know, that in doing so, still requires the assistance of the original. They must go there for reference. This thought led me to this very important part of my meditation this morning as I said:

Everything that was conceived, was alive and it grew. So if it’s no longer here with us, then it died. That what I believe! So remember as you read, that’s this is my belief and my thought, so if you feel it then you too, can think about it .


I believe that everything in this life is alive, it was born and it will all also die. As I sometimes watch, and listen to many scientist as the give their analysis and belief in different things. I know that I will have to take the bitter with the sweet, and by doing so, I will find my own ways make sense out of it all.

Everyone on this earth believes in something, some are just too ignorant, rebellious and selfish, to come out and say it’s God they believe in, call whatever name you wish it will turn out to be the Most High God, because it is what it is! And it is so! But my only hope is that, all those exercising, selfishness and ignorance, will soon come to their senses.

Since it’s possible to live in Mom and Dad’s house, and boldly claim that it's yours also, yet still be at war with them. Then it’s possible to be living on God’s earth, depending on all its resorces, and using all his gracious mercies, and still refuse to acknowledge that he exists. Everything in his house came by magic. Oh yee wretched man!

But here is my message the earth itself was born, and it will get old and die. The energy inside that keeps it alive will soon be too much for it to carry, if you can’t see this, I understand! But let it be known that I see it in everything else around me on this earth, and you saw it too. It all came from the earth and one way or another, and one time or another, the earth will claim it and "Time" will also claim the earth. Whether you are on it or not.

I don’t have to see to believe, because I was once not here also. It’s all in the quest for you to go out and continue the search that at this point seems to be inevitable, for one to start:

Finding Oneself!


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Always welcome Caroline . And trust me when I say I remember just how you sounded when you answered before , I understand. You have to quickly cut your little slice and protect it until it automatically understands your presence. When that happens you would live in unison with yourself , you will be an unshakable team, eventually an unmovable team unless it's going your way.

      Thanks for reading and God bless.

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 6 years ago

      Very inspirational and beautiful Sky. Reading this made me feel better about how life is. Thank you for sharing.