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First 'deserve'before 'desiring' anything from God!

Updated on March 31, 2017

A real prayer!

Deserve and desire!

We always seek happiness, prosperity and auspiciousness in our life. There is nothing wrong to seek happiness and prosperity since human life mainly depends upon these two. But, the pertinent point is, ‘do we get it as desired by us? Unfortunately, our happiness is very much restricted. Instead of happiness, we face suffering and grief! Why such things happen? There is one thing to desire and the other one is ‘deserved’. Do we deserve happiness? How we deserve things in this world. For everything in this world, we have to pay a price! If we do not possess the qualification, how can we deserve for something? For instance, there is an advertisement in the newspapers calling for candidates to fill up vacancies in hospital. They prescribe a degree in Medicine from approved Universities with minimum cut off marks as well as a minimum experience in some hospitals. If I want to become one, I should possess a degree in Medicine with the prescribed experience! If I don’t possess the prescribed qualification, how can I apply for the post? This is deservedness. O.K. but which qualification is required for prosperity and happiness? Sathya Saibaba taught his devotees to ‘help ever; hurt never! Why? If you help others, you are really helping your own self. Whatever we do with others recoils upon us for sure!

Letting go is the best decision!

How can we deserve happiness?

Our ancients have prescribed ‘charity’ as a means of happiness. We are affluent and we get timely meals or food. There are millions of people in the world who retire hungry in the night! They hardly get one meal a day! The newspapers depict such terrible condition existing in several African countries. There is continuous drought for many years and there is no source of livelihood for them. In addition, there is political unrest, racial discrimination, incessant wars and mass killing of innocent people by many hardhearted terrorists and rulers. How people can live happily even for few moments in such an atmosphere? Those who are affluent can definitely provide those people with food, clothing and medicines. No doubt, the United Nations is bound to help such people. But unless rich countries contribute to the coffers of UN, the agency can not undertake any useful work.

People possess only business mentality. What I will gain by helping the distressed? This is the question put forward by narrow minded rich people. They have forgotten the laws of universe. Whatever goes up has to come down! The more you share your resources with the have nots, the more you will be blessed in the Kingdom of God. Such people deserve happiness on earth. This happiness has nothing to do with the cheap sensual pleasures enjoyed by the worldly people. The more one sacrifice here, the more bounty he is going to enjoy through God’s grace. We might have read about the “Ten Commandments” of the Lord. If one wants to live a happy and peaceful life, he should follow the commandments and lead a virtuous life here. Many of the readers may state that good people are the recipient of more troubles than the bad one! Yes, I too agree that good people are often tested by the Lord, whether they preserve their moral standards in spite of provocations of the senses? We drive nail in the wall to hang some beautiful portrait. Once we drive in the nail, we try to pull it to test whether the nail is firmly embedded in the wall to support the portrait? Is it cruel to test? Even from kindergarten levels, children are often subjected to test so that their standard of learning could be assessed. Only, when God subjects his devotees to many trials, we argue how the compassionate god subject people to troubles and tortures? It is out of love; God tests us and not out of anger! God is Love and he really wants everyone to reach back to him, since we all have parted from him only!

Two vital questions!

God has his reason for not granting all your prayers!

We cannot go near god by rational exploration or logic. God is amenable to love and not to intellectual gymnastics. In fact, our mind or intellect is very weak instrument in the quest of god. Love alone could reach him. It is not the worldly love which is full of selfishness and greed! God desires for selfless love of his devotees. We should never bargain with the Lord! Nowadays, many people visit temples, churches and mosques with a wish list of many perishable items. We pray to god for health, happiness, prosperity, children, houses and cars. We go there to plead him to grant us more profit in business, a beautiful wife, obedient children etc. The list is endless! We assure God that if our desire is fulfilled, we will donate some amount to the church! None goes to god to seek him. Here I remember a story. Emperor Shivaji had a preceptor named “Ramadas”. Once, the Emperor visited the place where his preceptor lived. Since his preceptor was in prayer hall, he waited for him. Meanwhile he heard his guru Ramadas praying to the Lord for many things! Instantly the Emperor left the place. Ramadas was enquiring why he abruptly left? Shivaji told him, “I came to you to seek some blessings but I heard that you have many desires and you were praying to the Lord! Then I thought, instead of approaching a seeker, I myself can directly pray to the Lord to grant me the things I need!

As long as we are in need, we are also beggars. Only when we become content, we become full and there is no further need to seek anything from anybody! We may pray to God for many earthly gifts. But God will look whether you deserve it? He won’t grant the item, if one does not deserve. Children pester for ice-creams or chocolate from their parents! A wise parent won’t grant that wish. The parents are aware that the health of the child will be spoiled by eating chocolates or ice creams. God is aware what is harmful and what is harmless for the spiritual health of his children. Hence he won’t grant things as per our wishes. Then we blame God that he has no mercy towards us, he is cruel etc. No, out of love along God avoids granting us perpetual joy through worldly things! Eternal bliss could be obtained only in His Kingdom and not in the trash and tinsel of worldly riches!

Unless we deserve, we cannot achieve our desires!

Do you think that whatever you wish could be fructified?

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