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Five Great Verses From Al Qur'an or The Recitation

Updated on July 21, 2018
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Alex is an active member of his church, a student of philosophy, and he has visited many holy houses of worship.

Photo of a Copy of al Qur'an



Al Qur'an, or in English - the Recitation, is perhaps one of the most well-known of the books of poetry from the Middle East. For millions of people, this book is sacred scripture. It was said to have originated on tablets which were given to the archangel Gabriel who, in turn, recited the book's verses to the prophet Muhammad who memorized these verses. Then, Muhammad would recite the verses from the book to his followers who memorized them as well. As the prophet could not read nor write, his disciples wrote the book on a paper format after his ascension*. Here are five awesome quotes from that book!

*I think it is worthy to note that the prophet of the last dispensation for us latter-day saints - namely, President Joseph Smith Jr. - is also often said to have ascended to heaven.

Al Qur'an 4:148

GOD does not like the public utterance of hurtful speech, unless (it be) by one to whom injustice has been done; and GOD is Hearing, Knowing.

Al Qur'an 4:148

This verse really stuck out to me. I am a latter-day saint, and our prophet Thomas S. Monson once said something very similar. He told us not to use harsh words in one of his many speeches. This particularly rings a note for me, because after I sobered up I was given promptings from Heavenly Father to quit using certain words. I wasn't sure what all the reasons were, but I obeyed. Now, I have much more context and a great amount more understanding as to the why I should watch my mouth and safeguard my tongue. This all also reminds me of the Epistle of Saint James, wherein said James asks that we mind our tongues and similar such things as this. The Mazdaasnians, also known as the Zoroastrians, have long minded their language, based on the teaching of their prophet Zarathushtra (Zoroaster). I can testify that we will receive many blessings after we have continued to keep our words clean. In Christ's name; amen.

The Kaaba or Sacred Mosque in Mecca


Al Qur'an 94:8

And make your Lord your exclusive object.

Al Qur'an 94:8

I find this verse to be very interesting, as it can relate to many faithful peoples. Many of us take time here and there to make the Almighty the center piece of our meditation. This is definitely something that can be stated of many Hindus and Christians. I think that recognizing such commonalities can be excellent for diplomacy. I have difficulty in stating the benefits to concentrating on GOD and his mercies, and I feel as though this is something that must be experienced directly. Our relationships with our Heavenly Father is very personal at times.

Al Qur'an 16:115

He has only forbidden you what dies of itself and blood and flesh of swine and that over which any other name than that of GOD has been invoked, but whoever is driven to necessity, not desiring nor exceeding the limit, then surely GOD is Forgiving, Merciful.

Al Qur'an 16:115

This makes me envision memories of reading the Torah, especially the book of Exodus. The proper diet of the Orthodox Muslims or Muhammadans is referred to as "Halal"; the proper diet of the Orthodox Jews is called "Kosher". These diets are very similar, but one thing they both vehemently share in common is the absence of pig meat. Pork is forbidden to these peoples. Even us Mormons have quite similar dietary rules; all meat is to be eaten in moderation.

Al Qur'an 71:10

Then I said, Ask forgiveness of your Lord: surely He is the most Forgiving:

Al Qur'an 71:10

This verse touches me deeply. It reminds me very much of what Jesus the Christ taught, he who is often cited as stating that those who ask will receive. We are given such wisdom as this in the Synoptic Gospels and in the Gospel of Thomas. Saint James also makes the same claim, when in James 1:5 he reminds his readers that those who are lacking should ask of the Almighty to end fill them and end their lack. I testify that prayers to Heavenly Father, supplemented with a firm faith in our savior Jesus Christ, will always be answered; amen.

God's Predominant Name in the Arabic-Speaking World

Al Qur'an 17:44

The seven heavens declare His glory and the earth (too), and those who are in them: and there is not a single thing but glorifies Him with His praise, but you do not understand their glorification; surely He is Forbearing, Forgiving.

Al Qur'an 17:44

I have long been fascinated with the seven heavens described by many of the Muslims or Muhammadans. It relates me to the teachings of my church, wherein we are told about the various kingdoms or glories. These kingdoms or glories are abodes for the resurrected beings of our world. I cannot say whether or not these are referencing the same thing or not, but I find the whole thing to be interesting still.

Concluding Remarks

Heavenly Father promised the prophet Abraham many things concerning his descendants in the book of Genesis. The Arabs and the Hebrews are Semites; both groups are descended from father Abraham. Throughout history, Heavenly Father has sent many prophets, angels, seers, and revelators to many nations. That all being minded; we should not ignore the prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of GOD be upon him). I am aware of the difficulties that exist for many of us who so vehemently remember 9/11 - but, I testify that with patience, understanding, and love for one another comes a great many blessings for us and the other. I end these thoughts in the sacred and holy name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Source Information

All English quotes from the Qur'an are based from a translation by Maulvi Muhammad Ali, which translation can be found in the link below. Mr. Ali's translation was published in 1920 and is in the public domain.

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