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Five Second Delay

Updated on October 18, 2017
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A true full five seconds ~ is it that difficult ~ sometimes it is...

In this timing often it is difficult to decipher those who have surrendered. We lack the luster of our change. To be a light in this world, one must fuel their fire. How often are we confused by the contradictions of life and limited in our glow? We can limit by judging those around us rather than bathing them in the light and love of Christ.

Who are we but sinners ourselves? If we do not admit our faults and imperfections, we lie in the belly of sin plummeting into the quicksand of expectation and judgement. How dare we claim to love a forgiving and just God and in the same breath not be reaching to pull another from this plight?

We are a strong body when united in the acts of sainthood. When we realize that by God's Grace and His grace alone are we not left to wallow in the sin of man. We together can be a force, but a positive force is not limiting. A force of good or bad draws power and strength from its masses. We need as true Christians to be that kind of force. We need to stop the madness of figuring out our differences and seeking our likeness to our creator.

As a single entity of this force, you can remain strong in your own convictions. God remains the authority and true conviction does not come from us but only by the intentional conviction of Christ.

We waste so much time trying to decide who is and who is not acting the right way. Waste is part of our negligence. Covering our realness is a mistake. People around us seeking this same acceptance spending way too little time working to be like Christ and taking, at least, five seconds to go to Him first!

Why can’t we remember a five second delay?

It’s not always easy to claim a behavior of trusting and to want to show that which is good. Compassionate or plain loving. One can wake to the world with beauty and acceptance and then in an instance shake loose like a tree in a storm. Torn between one way and another.

The harshest storms can bend the trunk of the tree and this same storm tries its best to knock one. The steadfast tree trembles and loose pieces of itself. As each tiny twig jimmy's loose, the tree acts helpless. The strongest of trees withers and its bold branches pull down almost frowning. The eyes of the tree scan the surroundings and hopelessness slips into its strong core. If a woodpecker is left to attack a sturdy tree and left unattended, it could damage the sturdy stronghold it had claimed and roots may uplift.

So, what if our trees shake? It is the spirit of the tree that is forever and we don't contain it in one place or destiny. It is how one stands on the premise of, I will not sway, you can take my branches, you can take my leaves, but my heart surrenders. My heart did this long ago and no storm can take the spirit of my JESUS from within me.

With each attack, one must seek Him first and all will be made new. It is every broken twig and fallen leaf that is important and He will use them to build you up. Our Father uses everything, and He provides constant tenacity and strength in our storms. Our surrender comes through faith and complete trust in Him. We must shoo away the woodpeckers and schemes that come against us to remain strong.

Life is like the tree in the storm. Yes, we shake and we tremble and we lose a few pieces here and there, as the attacks come, but nothing can take away your soul that is surrendered. What if we impart a five-second delay to our thoughts and actions? What if every time we shake or tremble and give energy to our storm we say, “STOP” and count to five? Better yet, what if in those five seconds we say, “I SURRENDER ALL TO HIM.” See, five important words, five seconds, how about that for a five-second delay?

Now it is so true there will be moments when it is tough to remember in the flesh to count one two three four five and to state "I SURRENDER ALL TO HIM!" This is why we have sisters and brothers in Christ to count us down and pray us through. But if we are the body, why aren’t His arms reaching? Why are His arms not healing? We are the body of Christ and we can change the world through any storm, up and over any mountain, in any raging situation as long as we remember the five-second delay. We all need help in this earthly body as we succumb to the distractions, but by the blood of Christ, our trees remain firm in the flowing of the Holy Spirit through our solid trunks our soul our center.

We battle the flesh

See Romans Chapter 7 Torn Between One Way And Another from The Message Bible

Referenced above is Romans Chapter 7 of the message Bible, one of my favorite passages. It is about being torn between one way and another. In the flesh, we live a life of temptation and attack. It is the sinful nature we rage against. It's not that one does not desire to do what is right, it's just we can't do what our heart desires. The proverbial "the mind is willing, but the flesh is weak." How true this statement is and Romans chapter 7 is such a wonderful passage addressing this truth. I suppose if we as Christians became a true Body of Christ, and we became the arms that heal, the hands that reach and the strength to hold one another up, and holding one another accountable. Well then, nothing could have power over our desires to follow Christ and to work to be more like Him each day. In all circumstance God is always there, never letting go and yet we lose our grip. How very lucky our we that His grip never loosens.

We can be a Body of Christ that is always reaching, always loving, always seeking the desires of God. Do not be fearful as God is a forgiving and loving God. Be approachable and imperfect stronger than any attack or circumstance. Be a light that draws many to it. We can do all of this if we remember the five-second delay, five empowering words.

In life we will battle the flesh and the will of sin, but as we already know there is strength in the word of God. There's knowledge of revelation for His desires for His kingdom. We are to surrender all and that is tough in these bodies we inhabit. We will fall short, we will need to regroup, we will need to go to Him. Even then the attacks will come and we as a Body Of Christ can trust in Him who is the way when there is no other way. How amazing could life be if we could use the five-second delay to trust in God and His plan rather than go to our flesh-bound fears and reactions? So when we are at the end of our rope and thinking there is no one who gets it, we will remember Jesus does. He gets us. has us and holds us in every way and every day. Set things right on the cross when His flesh pierced for our sin. Our God is ever present in this world of contradictions and He is the way to freedom from the chains of sin now and always. He, is the reason to remember to count to five and surrender!

How it could be if we start to remember to cue our five second delay and help remind one another daily

Have you ever wondered how in the violent storms some of the biggest and boldest trees have been literally uprooted? They are left to lie scattered and displaced as they have succumbed to the attack of the fierce winds? They are then broken down into firewood and kindling or some other form to be dispersed to the world in need of fuel. The tree that stood so prominent is moved away and yet it remains in the memory of those it presented itself to. How about that Christians? Does this analogy remind you of anything? I think it does, the CROSS. Jesus was placed on a cross. He suffered for our sins; He died and rose again, so we could live in Him and He in us. He is everything the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and His tree was uprooted yet His Holy Spirit lives eternal. We need to be a tree for Christ one that shares and one that remembers the cross. One that tries with everything to be like Him always imparting the five-second delay of surrender.

Imagine Christians who live so strongly for the building of His kingdom as a body of Christ. Imagine the fuel they could provide as their trees stand on this earth. Imagine their tree one day, after many attacks of this earthly world being broken down and used for fuel, for the whole body of Christ. It is then the spirit of the body will soar to the heavens, home to their Father in Heaven. So let’s help one another with our five-second delay and keep looking up! Bring on the attacks because, we are the body the BODY OF CHRIST and we will not be swayed; we are on a five-second delay.

Do you want to be part of the Body of Christ, Can you Hold On to Surrender?

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© 2013 The Stages Of ME


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    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 4 years ago

      Thank you dear Blossom hope your summer has been wonderful, thank yo for reading and your lovely comment.

      God Bless

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      A lovely and insightful hub. Thank you for writing and may God bless you.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 4 years ago


      Thank you for you beautiful comments. I have been so blessed this Summer to see young people on fire for Christ. I pray their fire is continually fueled as I pray the same for all of us. We can all better ourselves in His word and we will do quite well if we continue to take the few seconds to go to Him, always first. God Bless you my friend and will write you very soon. hugs

    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 4 years ago from Michigan

      Excellent and Praiseworthy words with which to glorify God with our lives. The five second delay filled with five words - I surrender all to Him gives breath to our allegiance and declaration of trust in the one who has redeemed us and lives in us.

      Storms will come and our leaves will tear away at our sense of security - but we know that ALL things work together for our Good. Jesus said so. As you say .. you can't take Jesus out of the trunk .. He is firmly planted in my trunk .. I mean heart. Trees are temporary on this earthplace but eternity will reveal a whole new tree for you and me ... one that will walk the streets of gold and worship the creator and redeemer forever and ever and ever. Amen

      Kathy, You are really good at writing stories utilizing analogy - I still remember your hub called, "Dear Dirt, I have a Mop." So many truths stick when taught through creative story.

      Thanks for a great tool to grab hold of when the storms of life hit us. voted up, shared +++

      Blessings and Hugs!