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Floundering, Fallen & Forgotten Faith - Tossed To "Todays" Tangible Technology.

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 08/13/09

  What has happened to the Faith of the Christian these days and why? Please allow me to say at the outset that I too have suffered from some of the things I'm covering here, this isn't a judgemental writing. It's a sad one though, in a time so often when miracles happen, people of Faith seem surprised, often even trying to explain it away logically. A time when many trust and believe in Doctors & medicine, companies & organizations and some people & institutions and their ways more than the Word of God and the Promise of the Savior Jesus Christ.

 Not to be misunderstood, I'm not saying we shouldn't go to a Dr, I'm not saying we might not need a prescription here or there, but it seems like we put more belief, faith & trust in all these ways of the world over our Holy Lord God, how did we get here? Is it just the advancement of sin in society, the furthering of the fall? I mean for all of the medical technology we have we still have more rampant illness than ever before, more regular and set-in incurable illness. We trust investors, banks and companies with our monies more than Gods leading guiding and direction. Have we forgotten how fallen man is and how much and how often mankind will let us down? How likely we are to get stolen from, lied to or misled?


 When the chips are down though, man can people get to their knees quickly, asking God to deliver and redeem them, to fix, mend or repair all the things that they've likely screwed up themselves. Ala-Carte Christianity, I think they call it, so selective as to whats acceptable and what's intolerable. Then the accusations start, when it's all going good we can be real good at patting ourselves on the back for our great achievements, but when it turns and blows up in ones face right away it's "God, why did you let that happen".


 I've got to tell you, I'm really over and past the people asking and saying, "why would God let something like "that" happen". How rarely these same people ever give God an ounce of credit, acknowledgement or recognition for all the many good things that happen in the world everyday. Sorry, let me reel it back in, I'm getting off track a bit, this writing is supposed to be about Faith and Trust in the Truth of God in Christ. I guess I get confused as different polls and surveys put the number of professed Christians at up to 80% of the population of the USA, yet I don't see that in the actions and deeds of the country - this isn't a political statement, it isn't directed at anyone specifically, it's just a very real observation of the "facts" not adding up. I realize that there are now many "hybrid" & faux forms of Christianity out there now too, which likely skew the numbers. (see my writing, "Why Does God Allow" for more on this)

 So what is the answer? How do we draw back as a whole to true Faith? Can we? How uncomfortable are people willing to be fr their Faith? For anyone who read the story of the 2 Iranian Christian women (sisters) imprisoned over there in Iran for the past 5 months, wow, you wouldn't think in this day and age people would still be persecuted for their Faith. Praise God that for these 2 girls it means something to them, their lives and futures hang in the balance, yet they will not renounce what they believe in, not in word, nor in writing. They've been offered freedom if they'd just "say it", would we be that strong for our Faith? 5 months is a long time, do we trust God enough to continue to sit in prison? - IN IRAN especially!?!

 Thats Faith! Maybe thats why some have become so "wishy-washy" in this country, we don't have to fight for it, we don't have to risk persecution for it. Freedom is a good and blessed thing, but i fear that it can also take away our appreciation for what we have in it. It seems that all the comfort that has come along with freedom & prosperity that it may well have taken away some passion for our Faith. It's certainly allowed us to rely on "self & mankind" more. Throughout history this was Israels problem as well, God would bless them with much and then they'd lose sight, get comfortable and complacenet and then get "knocked down" again. Same scenario there too, when it was going good, they were getting good at patting their own backs, losing sight of God in the blessings, but boy when the peril came "OH GOD WHY" - "where are you?"

 OK, in fairness we can't help it and neither could they, it's that sinful fallen nature of man(kind), but this era & generation is supposed to be so smart right? So can't we figure this all out? I mean I realize that without todays technology and machines we aren't capable of making things that were produced thousands of years ago, long before all that "technology came along, but still were "smarter" now right? Folks, this is one great example of a reason to trust God over man, hu(mankind) is getting dumber not smarter with time, it's the progression of sin, it's the advancement of the flesh. We become an evermore deprived, depraved and degenerate society too, the more we pull God out, the more we make room for something else? Hmm, I wonder what that might be, I mean in addition to our own egos, instincts and arrogance.

 It doesn't seem like all that long ago that we as a society took a handshake as a "signature" on a deal, I sure don't see to many people hoping to that program anymore. The deceptive and criminal element has definatly prospered to a point of very few people trusting their fellow man anymore, YET so many will still rely on this "untrusted element" over the reigning God whom they claim to believe in. I'm convinced part of it is simply people needing to see the "tangible being", but if you truly feel the indwelling of the Holy Spirit you should have no trouble believing. God isn't "logical", nor is Faith, the old saying "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" could apply in many ways today, it's really all about where they go. So, as the going is getting tougher for everyone, and by virtue of that were all getting tougher, ask yourself, "When the going gets tough (which it likely already is) where are you gonna go?" Or what will you turn to and rely on, how solid or strong is your Faith, how deeply and truly do you believe?

 WHO do you really Trust? Where is your Faith?, AND what is it in? Do you think "you" have the power, or are you putting stock in some person, group or organization? Even as to your Faith, do you have the personal relationship with God in Christ, or have you left the guidance and direction of that task in someone elses hands? Do you freely and confidently Trust and Believe by Faith in the Word of God, Christs death, atonement and resurrection? Do you Trust God, His Word, Promise(s) and the Bible? If so, will you let that override and take standing over the worlds "logical" ideals? God Bless You All & have a Blessed day.

In Christ



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